Pin Up LIfestyle Activities... clue us into what you've been up to

Two of my favorite topics here on PUG Lifestyle have been the ones in which people talk about the type of work they do and the one in which people relate funny on interesting compliments they've gotten while wearing PUG. What I especially love about these two topics is that are ongoing. There are always new people joining to tell us about their careers or PUG veterans telling us about new career choices. And when we wear pinup/retro clothing it is almost inevitable that we get comments from complete strangers. It is always fun to hear about them.

The board here has been a little quiet of late. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the end of summer doldrums. But this is my attempt to get things going again. We all know that we love the pin up look, how it celebrates femininity and makes us look so darned sexy. But all of us share an affinity for activities that celebrate the pin up lifestyle. Be it music, cars, old movies, dancing, crafting, cooking, etc, we all enjoy doing things that celebrate the golden age of female beauty. Why don't we share with each other things that we have done? Wouldn't it be fun to read about things that your sisters have been up to recently? Of course we all have "real life" activities which may not be all that related to our retro world. But it would be so interesting to know about what we are all up to, what kind of fun we have had recently. It could be something as exciting as a photo shoot or as regular as watching an old classic movie on Netflix. But why not share this info?

Of course, I would love to start the ball rolling. Last weekend it was the Labor Day three day weekend here in the USA. There are usually lots of festivals and special events on long weekends. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one day of the Cinecon Film Festival in Hollywood. I saw a couple of interesting silent films, a weird roller skating/cowboyish/Old South movie and most importantly a Forties screwball film called Suddenly It's Spring starring Fred MacMurray and Paulette Goddard. It was so funny! And the clothing that the characters wore, especially the women, were amazing looking. Cinecon was held at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Even though I have lived in So Cal virtually all my life, it is a very weird experience to walk down Hollywood Boulevard. It is a teeming mass of humanity and a very strange mix. But it is indeed interesting!

One more thing to tell you about last night my spouse and I were joined by another couple at the Cicada Club in Downtown Los Angeles for a performance by Jennifer Keith. I must admit that I had never come across this amazing singer before. But she is a total embodiment of all of the female torch singers of the past. And she is just so glamorous looking. Her band is exceptional. And they are great to dance to. The Cicada Club is in a building built in the 1930s. It is just so beautiful to look at. The food that is served is not retro at all. It is a bit expensive but is extremely delicious. The drinks can be very retro if one likes. Most everybody who goes to the club dresses up in vintage of vintage repro clothing. The women are so beautiful. And it is so nice to see men that are really dressed up and looking so handsome. If you live in LA or if you will be visiting I highly recommend a visit. It is rather expensive, especially if yo go for dinner. But it is worth every penny that you pay. Here is a link to the Cicada Club:

And here is a link to Jennifer Keith:

OK everybody, now it is your turn. Tell us what you have been up to. And drop by regularly and keep us updated about what you have been doing.

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Alas I have not been doing many fun pinup things lately.  School started again so that eats up most of my time, but it is my last semester until I graduate so that's exciting.  I took the GRE yesterday, which in the US is the required standardized test that you take prior to applying for graduate school.  I did pretty well, well enough of to be competitive for the schools I want to apply for. 

Last week, my husband and I had a date night which doesn't occur very regularly so it was wonderful.  I had purchased a dinner and show package to one of the local casinos, I live in Nevada where gambling is legal, through living social.  After dinner, while we were waiting for the show to start we put $20 in a slot machine and I ended up winning $76 so it paid for out night out!

I do have a photoshoot scheduled for the 20th of this month, so that will be fun.  I will post pictures when I get them, on here if I end up wearing PUG, just on my facebook page if not.  I want to keep my pictures on here limited to PUG products :) 

I have a fashion show coming up in a couple months.  There is a local gal that started the only shop in my town that carries vintage repro fashion.  She is an absolute doll and I love her to death, I sometimes refer to her as my fairy pinup godmother :) I have been in two of her fashion shows and this one coming is going to be much larger and we are actually charging for admission.  I'm happy to see her business taking off so well. This is the link to the store She said she has been getting a lot of orders from European countries, so that might be something to look into.   I will talk about that when it happens and will definitely post pictures, I know one of the dresses I'll be wearing is a brand new PUG style that I haven't even seen on the website yet, I'm pretty excited.  I have already put a deposit on it, it is fabulous!

This is a great thread, it can be kind of awkward if you have something you want to tell everybody about but don't want to seem conceited ;) this can be a safe place, thanks Aoife for starting it!

Cela, good luck with school. And good luck with getting into grad school. I am sure that you will do well. This is just like us chatting over the back fence, catching up with things. There is nothing conceited about it. We just HAVE to share!

Great thread Aoife!   I think the most "pin up" like thing I've done lately was to buy a cardi and hair clips, the cardi is black snake print on grey & I wanted to see if I suited it (which I do, according to my OH!), and the hair clips are one set zebra and one set leopard print.

I might be sort of, kinda, maybe planning to have a photoshoot done (just for fun) for part of my OH's Christmas present, but we shall see as I first need to get some clothes to have photos taken in(!), and also I'd like to tone up a little bit first too.

I always absolutely love reading your stories Aoife and WOW Jennifer looks and sounds amazing! I bet she was an absolute treat to see live!! Also that club looks just incredible too, it really must have been the perfect venue for Jennifer :)

I really wish I had more things to say about what I've been up but this has been the busiest five months I've had in a VERY long time. I'm working 3 jobs now and I had to miss out on a Labour Day party last weekend which is normally the kind of party where I'd wear all PUG all day long :)

When I'm working as an extra though I have been able to wear a lot of PUG onto TV & Movie sets, mostly long sleeve separates like the Joanie Top and the Perfect Pencil Skirts too. I'm never all that sure how much screen time I get though so I can't say for sure if you're going to be able to see me wearing them at home.

I did just have a photoshoot with my awesome photographer friend where we shot some business casual, burlesque, goth & fetish pics for my portfolio. I got to wear the Gasper Opera Gloves for the burlesque portion of the shoot, I'll share all the pics when they're ready.

I am saving up for the Havana Dress in Olive Green, the Vamp Top in Black and the Vamp Swim Bra and Bottom in White Tiger stripes because the bikini's going to be my Halloween costume for this year, a 1950's swimsuit pageant contestant :)

In the mean time I have been reading up on what you guys have all been up to, you all mean so much to me that even though we're so far apart I'm still happy that we can be a part of eachother's lives through the website here!

Thank you so much for starting this tread Aoife and I can't wait to see what pinup adventures you get up to next!!!

P.S. I'll be replying to your awesome PM very soon :)

Over the weekend my husband and I love going to antique shops and flea markets, he finds odd objects and paints weird stuff on them, like pinup girls or comic book characters. I love looking at all the old household items, like old stoves and highchairs and of course old clothing! We just picked up an old school desk that husband is going to paint and some old cigar boxes. I love showing my kids all that old stuff, it shows them that a long time ago you hand washed all your clothes and put them through a ringer, it lets them know how easy of a life they have now. One of my favorite vendors was The American Homemaker, she is on She has a lot of cute vintage household items, she sold her stuff out of an old white and pink camper/trailer, super cute!

This is a vintage lipstick holder she has for sale, how adorable is that?

Josef Originals 1950s Lipstick Holder

Oh, I LOVE it!! I have a couple of other vintage/antique lipstick holders, so I suppose it is becoming a collection! Thank you for the link - I will have to check it out!

Great topic!

I've been absolutely swamped with stuff to do lately, as my mother has opened up her own whatnot shop (With lots of antiques and vintage jewelry I might add <3) I basically have a constant excuse to go shopping and antiquing now, its so much fun, and I've found some awesome pinup-esque gear in my hunt. (Including not one, not two but three dirndls from the late 1930s, and cute vintage shoes that actually fit my size 8 feet! :D)

I've been thinking a lot about the most popular topic on here lately it seems; a pinup name. The jury's still out on whether or not I'll be able to come up with one that works for me, but its a reoccurring thought in my head.

And the most exciting of all is next month, a dear friend of mine deals in antiques and vintage, and has contacted me about the 1940s fashion show shes holding next month to raise money for the YWCA, I'm headlining as the top model as well as using my pinup wiles to do hair and makeup on the other girls. I'm so excited, its like a dream come true and its for a good cause.

WOW! The response to this has already been quite wonderful! I am overjoyed to have this input. And I just love hearing what everyone has been up to. I think that there is certainly one common activity we all love to engage in and that is shopping. I go to vintage, antique, and thrift stores whenever I have a free lunch time. And the great thing is that you don't have to spend any money at those kind of stores to have a fun time. Just looking at all the interesting items is enough.

My Seattle blog post is relevant to this thread:

Another fun pinup thing I did recently was going for dinner, to see Casablanca at an old movie house, then going to a piano bar, all tricked out in one of my pinup dresses.  I've also been wearing my pinup dresses to a lot of picnics and summer festivals - I wore one to see sing-a-long Grease by the harbor recently with a picnic, and a couple times in Dolores Park.

I saw someone else speak about labor day parties: I wore the Atomic Ginger to ours!

Real life can interfere with fun sometimes. But it seems that you make the most of it. And anyway, I think that pin up is as much about attitude as anything else. If you feel it, you are doing it!

I love it that your daughter wants to "doll it up" also. I guess that she is a vintage girl in training!

Great topic! I love seeing what everyone has been up to, even if it's not super vintagey.

Unfortunately I'm just now getting back into the swing of things after having my paycheck delayed two weeks due to a couple of changes in payment scheduling. But that's all fixed now, I have a bunch of little boxes and packages to send out for PUG Pals and since my second paycheck is coming up on Friday I should be able to do that soon. I went shopping for a new coat and boots and found both in a second hand store (vintage military style trench coat for $25) and lace up knee boots with a 3 inch heel for $45 (they would have been $90-$300 new so no complaints there). We've been warned that this year is going to be really cold weather wise so I figured they were a good investment. 

I've been shopping around for some decent black cardigans but I can't seem to find any that aren't embroidered, covered with frills, or have a pattern on them. I really want to put patches on them so they have to be extremely basic ha. 

I've also found a great tailor who takes forever but is absolutely fabulous. She can make anything! She's also expensive so I'm saving pennies to bring all of my clothing to her. 

I also went to see an opera (one of my friends sings in it) and they were really fabulous. It was outdoors and despite the fact that it's already autumn here, the weather was really lovely. 

I've also been to the movie theater a couple of times this month but that's not really terribly noteworthy. 

Since I'm not on a stint of work-from-home for at least the rest of the year I can pretty much wear whatever I want, it's just kind of sad because no one will see me unless I go to the grocery store 

great reading about everyone else!




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