Hey guys! It's me Tahitia here and I'm starting this thread today because I've decided to finally bite the bullet and start my own regular blog. I've been meaning to do this for a long time now and Cela's amazing Pacifiers and Pinups blog and Leanna Bruce's awesome Appleton Pin Up Girl blog have been filling me with all kinds of inspiration.

The themes are going to be the pinup style, retro fashions, swing dancing and everything burlesque. I've been lucky enough to meet some really incredible, experienced and smart people in all of those areas, a lot of you right here too, and I'm going to be trying to interview as many of them once in a while for the blog, as well share my own insight, ideas and the odd how to guide.

Not to mention a rant here or there on whatever's on my mind at the time :)

So this is where I need you awesome ladies... I need a name for my blog. I have NO idea at the moment what to call it and since you all have never let me down when it comes to inspiration before, I thought I'd see what kind of ideas you all have.

Any idea is totally welcome and thanks in advance guys!

Take care and hugs!

Tahitia :)

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Hmmm... I will start thinking. Took me awhile to come up with my blog name too (PinUp at Heart).

- Tahitia's Dream
- A Tahitia Treat

Those came to mind right off the bat.

PinUp Ontario 

'A Modern Pinup" 

Pin Up Belle 

'The Swing Dress 50's' 

Pin Me Up 

Retro Style Modern Charm 

The 50s and Me

sorry, Im a writer, I love names :D  

I love those names too Brandy! Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much everyone for all the ideas so far, I love them all :) You know now that I have this thread started I suppose this might be a good place to ask anyone to share their experiences in pinup blogging or just blogging in general. How often do you blog, what topics and themes typically get the most hits and comments, that sort of thing.

I'll let you all know what I decide to go with just as soon as I figure it out :)

I try to blog at least once a week. I blog more if something is going on (like Viva). I don't have tons of followers but I am ok with that. I blog because its something I enjoy doing and if others enjoy it too that is a bonus for me. I don't necessarily have topics but some blogs do Wordless Wednesday with pics only; some do Five Question Friday. I just blog about what comes to mind. Definitely keep a journal or note pad with you in case you come up with an idea while out and about.

I'm a pro blogger :) so I can probably help a lot with this :),  blogging a minimum of once per week (same day every week) gets you the most followers because they know when/where/ to look for your posts. I wouldn't really advise anything more than twice per week as anyone following who doesn't have time to read a post every day is just going to end up not reading most of your posts. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mid to late afternoon have the best results :) 

and pretty much anything pinup goes over great but Tutorials and pictures especially! Looking forward to seeing your blog :) 

Thanks for the advice Brandy! I'm going to have a lot of interviews with artists like burlesque performers, pinup models, photographers, writers and that sort of thing, with of course lots of pictures like you said :)

The thing about tutorials is that I haven't actually made up a lot that are my own, almost everything I've learned about the pinup look I've learned through someone else's tutorial.

Once or twice a week sounds good, especially on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.

Would you mind if I ask you a few more questions about blogging Brandy?

Okay, I've thought this over and I think I'm going to go with an idea that came to me after reading Brandy's "PinUp Ontario" idea.

It reminded me of one of the names I was thinking of for the Great Lakes Pinup group, so how does "The Great Lake Pinup", or "Great Lake Pinup Gal" or even "The Great Lake Pinup: Tahitia Belle Fille" sound? 

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I started up the Great Lake Pinup Blog over at Wordpress. I only have one post so far, just me introducing myself but I've already conducted my first interview with the talented and adorable pinup model Darla Doherty and I'll be interviewing my burlesque mom and mentor Mz Kitty Demure next!

Stay tuned :)

followed you :)

Thanks Brandi! I hope that you like it :)

I will follow you wherever you go!




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