I'd love to see all of your Halloween costumes!  Here are a few of mine (along with my gradual 80 lb weight loss):

Marie Antoinette and the executioner:

Dead Miss Muffet and a mummy - those are spiders and "bruising" on my skin.

Broken Doll

Mary Poppins and Bert - my personal fave!

Some Zombie Pub Crawl pics - nerd zombie and 80's zombie.

And lastly the 2011 Zombie Pub Crawl costumes:

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the Minnie Mouse picture is so cute!!! :0 D

Miss Piggy is the best!!!  All such great costumes!

The Miss Piggy and the Queen Elizabeth are outstanding! Nicely done!

OMG I love the Miss Piggy and Queen Elizabeth costumes!! I can't believe you made that. A-mazing!!

Emily from Corpse Bride

Gotham Girls: Harley Quinn

Halloween Burlesque show w/ my hubby as ganstersCalavera Catrina


These are awesome!!!  Love the Day of the Dead and Harley Quinn especially.  I love Halloween!

These are amazing!

I'm trying this look this year and I believe I pulled up your tutorial on it a few days ago. Thanks so much... You look amazing!!

Great thread! I love looking at everyones costume!

So here are a few of mine through the years. 

The Bride of Frankenstein licking the jello heart blood off the knife. 

This is me with my niece. I was Magenta and she's the Grudge girl 

Lydia Deets. I was told my entire life I look like her... so I decided to be her finally.


Only pic of dress I could find (don't know who that is he just wanted a pic with me... that's comicon) 

makeup shot I just tried a cross between Corpse Bride and Bride of Fankenstein

Satine Moulin Rouge... outfit not done

And this is just a crazy pic from last year that I love. Not photo-shoped at all!

My man is a priest and I am a possessed
I have more pics somewhere I'll have to find them.

I have seen that pic of you as Lydia on google searches for costumes! Love them all.

The Moulin Rouge pic is wicked, love your facial expression.

My Fiance and I- Zombie Pub Crawl Oct 2011 Whittier, CA

Halloween 2008 We were supposed to be a scary doll & nutcraker lol don't know if we pulled this off or not..

Blurry pic.. dun dun dun..

Thanx for looking, enjoyed all your pix!



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I'd love to see all of your Halloween costumes!  Here are a few of mine (along with my gradual 80 lb weight loss):Marie Antoinette and the executioner:…Continue

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