I'd love to see all of your Halloween costumes!  Here are a few of mine (along with my gradual 80 lb weight loss):

Marie Antoinette and the executioner:

Dead Miss Muffet and a mummy - those are spiders and "bruising" on my skin.

Broken Doll

Mary Poppins and Bert - my personal fave!

Some Zombie Pub Crawl pics - nerd zombie and 80's zombie.

And lastly the 2011 Zombie Pub Crawl costumes:

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I LOVE those! So creative. Mary Poppins and Burt- that's adorable. What a fun idea for a discussion.

Really love this pics....


I'm in Australia and halloween is starting to get bigger and bigger over here. My husband and I have an annual halloween party which our friends love coming to!

Last year's theme was Zombie Apocalypse and I was Zombie pinup:












And the year before didn't really have a theme, but I was little dead riding hood:























I LOVE halloween! So much fun!

Love it!  My friend is being Little Dead Riding Hood this year.  :-) 

HAHA! These are great! Love it! :0 ]

Congrats on the weight loss.

Thank you!

Have you guys decided what you're going to be for Halloween 2012?  I haven't... my plans for a party (should I have one or go to one) are up in the air yet.  Fall is my FAVORITE time of year so I do Halloween activities all season!!   The first weekend in October we're going on a ghost hunt complete with all the ghost hunting equipment; the following weekend we're going to a haunted house type situation called Fright Farm; and one weekend in there we'll spend an afternoon at an orchard on a date having apple cider, apple doughnuts and a hay ride.  :-)  One of my coworkers usually has a big Halloween party so if that happens it will more than likely be on the 27th.  We have a music venue in Minneapolis called First Ave (Prince filmed "Purple Rain" there) - they have an epic Halloween party too.  Might check that out.  People do not mess around with costumes at that party.   I thought about having a party at our house but I do murder mystery parties once a year and those are so much work I don't know if I want to do another party.  My parents have a party too but usually do it every other year (this year being an off year).  Hubby wanted to do steampunk costumes this year but we may have to delay those til next year - they take alot of planning and work if you want to do it DIY and budget friendly.  :-)

I don't know what I'm going to be yet, but whatever I do I'm coming over to your place! You know how to do Halloween right!! haha :D

I keep looking for the like button under your post Lissie but then I remembered this isn't Facebook haha.

Haha yes I catch myself doing the same thing

2011: Miss Piggy

2010: Queen Elizabeth (Handmade costume)

2009: Minnie Mouse

2008: My husband and I as Mimes



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