Do you participate in any subcultures or activities that value the pinup aesthetic? Where do you go to get your pinup on?

So, I went to a burlesque show last night where I was initially enchanted to see members of the audience wearing pinup style dresses and hair flowers . . . but my enthusiasm faded when every single one of those girls got up on the stage for the curtain call and it turned out they were wearing it because they were in the show.  I guess I was hoping to find other people who wear pinup who aren't wearing it because they're in a show but just for everyday reasons.

It got me thinking and I wanted to ask this group some questions -

Where do you go to show off your pinup style? Do you just wear it anywhere, or primarily to specific events?

Do you participate in any subcultures or activities that value the pinup aesthetic? For instance, rockabilly, swing dancing, classic cars, fancier spaces in the queer community, burlesque, modeling/photography ... maybe some things I'm forgetting?

Has anyone experienced such a thing as a "pinup style group" or pinup subculture that meets in real life? If there is, what does that look like? If you haven't experienced it, what would it be like/what would we do/etc?  The only referent I can think of is Lolita meetups, where girls into the aesthetic meet to do activities together in their Lolita dresses and take photos.

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I wear pinup style anywhere it's appropriate to wear a dress. I normally don't wear it to work as I work in an industry that's very dressed down, but to dates with my girlfriend, nights at bars, etc.  I spend a lot of of the average weekend in pinup dresses and sometimes other dresses - if I go out on Friday or Saturday night I'll wear a pinup dress, I'll wear one to Sunday brunch, etc . . .

In terms of subcultures, I'm active in the queer community and I attend burlesque shows.

I haven't experienced a pinup group in real life but I think I would like to start one!

Believe me, if there was such a thing here as a "pinup group" I would be setting up meetings every day! I just moved to Utah and there is really nothing like that here, too bad I don't live in California, it seems that is where most of the gals on here live. I did find a rockabilly page on Facebook for Salt Lake City and I attended a car show, but I was disappointed that not too many people showed up, but I check that often for social gatherings.

I try to incorporate my pinup look into my daily basics, even if I wear jeans I try to pair them with a cute polka dot cardigan. But I do wear my PUG dresses when I go out to the mall or grocery shopping or if by some miracle I get to go on a date with my husband. I am currently staying at home with my kids so I don't have much of a social life! But mostly I wear PUG for me, not for anyone else, I feel pretty when I dress up so somedays I don't need an excuse to put on a dress!

Hi Katherine,

Check out the groups on here and start a group for the girls in your area if there isn't one on here yet. I'm part of the "Ladies of Los Angeles" group and we post up information for local upcoming events that others might be interested in (car shows, etc) and try to set up dates to get to hang out as a group (shopping, tea time, getting drinks). Our gatherings have been pretty small so far but you gotta start somewhere! =)

I actually do run the pinup group on here for the San Francisco Bay already!

Where do you go to show off your pinup style?  Everywhere!  Well, everywhere I can, which given the small amount of stuff in my wardrobe at the moment isn't very far :(  But I need little excuse to get dressed up :D

Do you participate in any subcultures or activities that value the pinup aesthetic?  No, but that's probably more to do with where I live than much else...being "different" is seen as a pretty bad thing.

Has anyone experienced such a thing as a "pinup style group" or pinup subculture that meets in real life?  I haven't :(  Though I wouldn't be surprised if I were to find I'm the only person in my local area who's really "into" pin up

If you haven't experienced it, what would it be like/what would we do/etc? I don't know, but I quite like the ideas I've read here and the follow-up here

I'm sure there's live burlesque in philadelphia or pittsburgh at the least, Brandi - it's getting more and more popular across the country! It might not be in some of the smaller towns in PA though .... I am spoiled for choice, there was a surprising amount of good burlesque in Atlanta and there's good burlesque in SF; I've also seen it in Seattle with my friends up there.

Well as much as I wish I could be a pinup everyday this just isn't the case :) Aside from my burlesque shows (I'm always donning the pinup look there) and a Halloween party this weekend (1950's Swimsuit Pageant Contestant) I usually wear my pinup look to get togethers with friends for coffee, birthday parties, my swing dance classes (that's a must) and theater.

I went to a show that took place in the 1940's once wearing my Heidi in Royal Blue and I was mistaken twice for a cast member, I loved it :) Sometimes I'll just through on a dress and do my hair up quick in a bun if the weather's nice to go for a walk or to run some errands. It's always fun to see people turning their heads to look at you from the corner of their eyes :)

I'm still hoping to organize a get together and meetup for the Great Lake Pin-Ups group one day, fingers crossed :)

I try to dress up as often as possible, I wear PUG or other repro and vintage dresses to work and sometimes to school.  Most of my clothes are vintage, repro or gym clothes lol.  I do some modeling and pinup contests at rockabilly festivals and car shows.  I am not particularly active in any subcultures, though I do enjoy the rockabilly scene and would love to try burlesque but I'm scared :)

I really want to try burlesque myself!

I've attended a local burlesque show a couple of times & ALWAYS go all out with the 50s pinup look (I live in the UK & am not a performer by the way!). But the vast majority of people who attend do not make such an effort which is a little disappointing. However, it means I always get picked out for best dressed (I won last time in my Bettie Page anchors circle dress) so there's a plus side to it I guess!!

I am involved in a lot of "non-mainstream" activities. One example of such an activity is Balkan folkdancing. Quite a number of years ago people would dress all "ethnic-y" to folkdance events. nowadays that does not happen much anymore. Anyway, I digress. I think that what I want to say is that I try to mainstream my pinup/retro look. I wear this style whenever and wherever possible. And I love that I am usually dressier than most people when I am out and about. And even at dressier occasions, I still stand out for being dressier than most people. Since dancing is so much a part of my life I guess that one thing that I do in which the pinup/retro look is encouraged is when I go swing dancing. It is so great to see both women and men who are actually dressed up!




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