So I've been having a very strange thing happen to me lately and I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have had the same experience and what you think/do about it.

A few weeks ago I was out to lunch with my husband and niece and a lovely woman came up to our table to compliment me on my look/hairstyle. Then she proceeded to take out her iPhone and asked if she could take my photo. I was a little taken aback, so I just said yes. She then said "I'm going to post this on my Twitter account for my friends to see". She also took photos of my tattoos (1/2 sleeves on each arm). I found the photo the next day and it was NOT the photo that I "posed" for. It was clearly a photo she had taken of me from across the room at her table. Granted she stated in ther Tweet "this photo doesn't do her justice".

Anyway, last night my husband and best friend and I were at The Gathering here in Baltimore (a gathering of food trucks with music and stuff), we were sitting down to eat and my husband said there were two ladies taking my photo again. When I turned around to see, they came over and then asked me if they could take my photo. One asked if I was a movie star (I should have said yes), this time they showed me the photos and they actually turned out quite nice. Then they both said they were going to post them on their Facebook pages. FYI I was wearing the Ginger Dress in Green Atomic Print.

Now I understand the pinup models must get this all the time, either they get recongnized or people just love what they are wearing (and of course they are stunningly gorgeous). But I'm not used to THIS type of attention. I'm pretty much in PUG/Rockabilly/Classic 40's style every single day, and I'm a makeup artist/esthetician so I'm used to compliments on my clothes/hair/makeup. But taking my photo????

I'm starting to feel like people see me as a character and not as a person. Is this the price I pay for my style? Should I just see this as a good thing and not fret about it? Or does anyone think this is a bit strange?

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You seem to be working up a sweat with that? Hey people wanna take ur pics ur beautiful ;D anyway does it really matter what strangers think?

I've never been asked for my photo to be taken - although when I'm rocking the pin up style, I have been asked occasionally if I'm a pin up model ... NEVER have I been asked if I am a model in mainstream attire (maybe 'normal' doesn't suit me :P) !! I guess quite simply, if you're not comfortable with it, then say you'd rather they didn't take your picture!

My favorite shoes are still black patent mary janes.  I have lots of them!  We weren't always a nation of slobs. I wonder why things changed.   

You must look that much extra fabulous! ;-) I've only had it happen to me once that I know of. Oddly enough in Sesame Place, I was wearing my Bettie Swimsuit in Red Polka Dot and I had a sweet lady come up to me and ask if I was on TV and I said no but she still asked to take a pic of me. I was flattered but I think I'd be a bit off put if people randomly started taking pictures of me to post on the internet. 

Oddly enough I had a playground Mom associate tell me something along those lines. She pretty much implied I must think people were going to looking for me if I had to take the time to get so cute to go to the park with the boys. All I had done was faux bettie bangs and a scarf knotted in my hair...the rest of my outfit consisted of a fitted tee, high waisted shorts and keds. I looked at her like she was insane. I can only imagine what she'd think if she saw me off the playground.

I can see where it would be kind of off-putting since you're a person, not a character.

I was at my husband's furniture design show opening last night wearing my vamp top and a full black skirt with crinoline - the photographer of the event kept asking me to pose with the furniture haha.  I felt incredibly flattered!

I went and saw lady gaga (lol i know but the show was amazing)
and all the little girls running around the theatre were asking to take my photo.
People dress up for her shows...I however was not dressed up in the style of 'gaga' 
I was wearing a Blue and white Crop shirt ( I love lucy-esque) with a black p.u.g pencil skirt and 
jailbird top.

I used to be very much like this. I dress in this style because I genuinely love the look and feel. I was ill prepared for the amount of attention I would receive. I will say it has helped my confidence tremendously in the sense I used to cower from the attention and now I square my shoulders, lift my chin and face it head on with a smile.

LOL, my husband & I where at a car show in Bright Australia, when a man with an accent came up & said, Do u mine if I shoot u.... I was very surprised & stepped back behind my hubby, when the man showed me his camera, I started 2 laugh, Oh her picture my hubby said, We have our own Hot rod so I posed with it, at least I have a gr8 shoot of me with the rod now... lol lol

I want to thank everyone for their input and stories about this subject. And you are all correct that being ubber casual/sloppy has become the norm. I talk to my husband and girlfriends about this all the time. I hate when I see people (men AND women) who simply have no self respect to even run a comb through their hair, let alone actually coordinate a (clean) outfit and put on makeup or style their hair when they step out in public. It's so sad.

What happened to the days when men and women dressed nicely and actually made an effort to look decent? I recently had someone come in for an interview for a front desk position with me wearing a jersey cloth long skirt (something you'd wear on the beach maybe) and a grey wifebeater-ish tank top and her hair was piled up on the top of her head (still wet from a shower). REALLY????? I wouldn't wear that ever myself, but definitely not to a job interview! 

I'm so glad that we have this forum and community so we know that we are not alone. It has always been my mission in life to bring a little bit of glamour to everyday life. I guess that's why I became a makeup artist/esthetician/spa owner. My husband jokes and says I'm a "chronic over-dresser" and I joke back that everyone else suffers from "chronic under-dressing". 

So even though I think it's still strange that a stranger wants to take my photo, I'm just going to hope that seeing me dressed in my PUG style just might inspire them to make a little more of an effort with their own being. 

We seem to be uncovering over subjects here about pride in appearance and the such. It got me thinking about my husband and I ... we are polar opposites in terms of dress. I'm always in heels with my face on (hair not necessarily 'done' but always neat) yet my husband is a self confessed 'dress to be comfortable, doesn't care much about his appearance' type of guy. A lot of people say to me a guy would be lucky to have a wife that makes effort and takes pride ... I even had a friend's dad compliment me at a BBQ last week on how lovely it was to see a feminine, ladylike lady of my age, as he never sees that anymore. However, I often feel my husband is uncomfortable when we got out casually (meal, cinema and such) and I'm in a dress and heels. I think sometimes he wonders 'who' I'm making effort for - as he simply doesn't get I dress the way I do because I feel much better in myself being well presented!!

I guess the whole pride in appearance (or not as the case may be) is down to a number of things. I'm lucky that I have a relatively 'good eye'  - I know what styles and colours suit me, and I know how to put pieces together. I take pride in telling people the outfit I put together was bought mainly from a supermarket (I have a lot of Tescos and sainsburys clothes for those from the UK who know what I mean!) - because you DO NOT need a lot of money to look good! Which brings me to my other point of conditioning, and how you are brought up. We were poor growing up, but my mother was always well presented and together, despite not having 2 pennies to rub together for a lot of her life. She was always made up and never stepped near a pair of jeans or sweat pants (being a larger lady) - I guess this pride in appearance rubs off from your upbringing.

In summary, I guess we are all different - I mean it would equally be dull and mundane if every girl dressed PUG - I like to embrace difference, and although my look and shape suits 1940s/50s look, I like to experiment with different looks/eras too. However, whatever your style or preference, I can't see any excuse for not being well presented. We all hear about how looks aren't important and it's what inside that counts, and although a nice sentiment, it's naive to think looks AREN'T important! It's the first thing you are judged on, and the first impression you make.

Anyway - rant over, I know I've taken this off onto a tangent - but I find this thread very interesting in the path it's taken, as it's highlighted a subject that has often arise in my mind and household!




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