Ok Ladies, let's have it:

Where in the hell do I find a guy? I am divorced, and found my ex-husband at work (we worked in different depts at the hospital), so I am hesitant to date anyone from work, not that that's been a subject I've had to decide on lately. Does online dating work for anyone (my aunt met her bf on a bbw site, and now she's living with him, in spite of her own better judgement)? Should I look to date someone at work because I practically live there (especially with the holidays coming up)? I am not a social butterfly by any means - give me a pool table and a dive bar anytime vs a club. I have no idea how to actually approach a guy, and apparently guys find me intimidating (so I've been told numerous times over the years). I would at the very least like to start dating again, but have absolutely no idea how to go about it... So help, please!!!

Thanks ladies!

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I'm in the same boat! I haven't dated in over 2 years and I'm ready!! Are you local to L.A? We should be eachother's wingwomen! 

I've tried a few sites. Ok Cupid was good, I went on a couple hilariously bad dates.But site wise I like it the best of the ones I tried.It had the best set up.

Plenty of Fish I hated. It was full of gross, broke ass guys looking for a booty call.

I just signed up for eharmony I figure if someone has to pay a monthly fee they are a little more serious.

Hey Natasha!

Yep, in Baldwin Park, which is in the SGV part of LA. I'm on OKC, I like it too... and I've gotten a few messages, but unless they're more than "Hey you look cute! Whatcha doing?" I don't respond, that's not worth my time. The guy I'm currently talking to is only interested in friendship, which works for me, because I'm sloooooowwww....

Are you going to the Yardsale? If you are, look for me - I'll be there!!

Best of Luck, and feel free to share (I will too!)! I figure at least we'll have some laughs!

Jenn =)

btw... he's no longer just interested in friendship. ;) when things click, they click.

The common interests are the biggest thing and we are asubculture, so it will always be difficult finding a match. You either look within the scene, or be prepared to educate someone. I'm too old and too jaded to do that again! I was lucky this time but I've kissed a lot of frogs to find my rockabilly prince. Good luck girls and keep us updated. Date stories are hilarious!!!

I started out attempting to give a few pointers about dating online, I met both my ex-husband and my husband online, neither on a dating site, then I realized on my third paragraph of typing that I was writing my own biography instead LOL.  I'll just say that there's some absolute ass-hatted, dingle berries out there trolling online for a nice, lonely woman who might be able to support them in the style they'd like to become accustomed to (*cough read that to say ex-husband cough*), but, there's also genuinely great guys who are worth their weight in Swiss milk chocolate (much more valuable than gold).  You just need to know what it is YOU are looking for out of a relationship, as well as being willing to ask the hard questions early on in meeting someone to find out if THEY are looking for something similar.  Those who bolt and run, obviously aren't the Swiss chocolate type, those who stick around to find out what there is behind the profile picture, chat with them, ask them about their lives, about their goals,  what their biggest regrets are and what their most fantastic dreams might be, there's billions of people on this planet, there's bound to be one who not only will love you despite your idiosyncracies, but because of them.  Best of luck!

p.s. for those unfamiliar with the term "ass-hatted" .. it is reserved for those who stick their head so far up their arse end that it looks as though they're actually wearing their ass as a hat upon their shoulders! 

lmao off (*cough read: my ex-husband did the same thing cough*). went on a fabulous date last night. everything is clicking more than it was when we were on the phone (we've been talking for about a week now), and he gets me, which is awesome... it's been way too long.

It's time for an uptdate, Jenn! How's it all going in the dating world?

I actually met my boyfriend through my sister. Her boyfriend is friends with my boyfriend. I always say that you find someone when you least expect it. Thats what happened with me. I didn't want a boyfriend and bam! Someone great showed up :)




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