Hi Ladies,

I'm going to a formal wedding in August and have decided on the Ava, since it is the quintessential glamorous and wedding-appropriate dress.  Of course, now is where the indecision really rears its ugly head - the myriad of color choices!

I have thus far narrowed it down to 3 potentials: gold, jade, and red.  So I am seeking advise on what color you think would look best on a pale eastern european with brown-black hair (natural hair is dark/dirty blonde)!

1. gold - I have always steered away from gold thinking it would wash me out, but I love the gold Ava, it is such a classic color. also, may have trouble accessorizing this since i have no experience with gold and don't have any gold jewelry.

2. jade green - this color looks amazing on redheads, naturally, but just not sure how it would work for me

3. red - the safe color for me because it's my favorite clothing color, would be easy for me to accessorize, and i have a good idea of how i look in it.

I am going to order 2 out of those 3 colors  - hopefully will keep both and use it for different occasions, unless I really don't like one or the other.

thanks everyone!

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I would say order the red for sure because you obviously feel the most confident in that color and have the accessories. For the second color I think either the gold or jade would look great on your coloring. I personally love green so I would lean toward that color but I agree the gold is very striking and not a common color. I've had both the jade and plum Ava and got compliments on both. Good luck!

I *really* wanted the eggplant but it's sold out in XS!

I would have never considered the gold before, but i saw Aoife24K wearing it in one of her pictures and she looked so amazing that I started wanting it.

I'm just lucky that this is the toughest decision I have to face this week!

Aoife looks fabulous in the gold Ava, this is true. I agree with you about the gold though - for me, I have so very little gold jewlery (I'm allergic to it, oddly enough, lol) that I almost always steer towards the cooler silver colors (and I'm a redhead, so that works out very interestingly at time, lol). I think the jade would look fab with your coloring (and because I lean towards it myself), and I agree with Amber that you should definitely order the red because you know you can rock it. I would go with the jade for the wedding... It struck me almost immediately because it's unassuming, and you don't want to outshine the bride or the bridal party on that day (that would create a whole other scene). I think the jade is beautiful and becoming, while being the unassuming one as well. Hope that makes sense! Glad this is your toughest decision this week, lol!

Thanks Desilu, I appreciate the input.  I agree with you...what's fabulous on some is not for all. Although I love the gold I don't think it's practical or would work for me, so I am going to order the jade and red.

I'm sure the jade would look great on you with your coloring, but so would gold for that matter but we like what we like.  And yes, you have voiced my concerns about the gold/red ava, which is that I'm a little apprehensive about the red, lest it seem that i'm breaking the cardinal wedding rule of "upstaging the bride (or looking like i'm trying to, anyway).  

And also, it is indeed so odd that you're allergic to gold jewelry! I suppose it all works out if you're not a huge fan of it anyway!

I have the red Ava, and I think the Jade is gorjus, but remember that if you have a Gold dress, you don't need gold accessories.  All silver jewelry (especially if it sparkles with a yellow gem) will look great as the two metallics complement each other, plus a lot of bright colors look great with gold.  Purple, royal or navy blue, and even a summery pale pink would look really nice with the gold fabric :-)

Jinja Out




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