Why this is about more than just clothing...

Reading other women's reasons on how they got started on PUG inspired me to write my own story too. 

I grew up with my own sob story. I was insecure. I had a grandmother that was constantly telling me to eat more, that I was too skinny. I was bullied in school quite a bit and made fun of because most of my clothes were 2nd hand or from a local department store. We didn't have a lot of money so my grandmother would bring us home clothes from the 2nd hand place she worked at. My dad would give us $100 a year to shop for new school clothes which as we all know, does not buy a lot, but we were grateful and he worked hard for us to appreciate it.

High school was a love/hate relationship... I hated who I was and all I wanted to do was fit in and not be bullied so I became a chameleon to whoever I hung out with. I had no idea who I was and it wasn't until I had my children years later that I was able to figure it out. 

I was told that I was born in the wrong era. I always loved the older music, watched the black and white movies and so I started to try my own vintage style. It was a challenge trying to find a classy dress that even went close to my knees. I had such a hard time trying to wear something that wouldn't make me look like a 15 year old in high school again. I'm 25 and still get ID'd at the liquor store, and when someone calls our house to "speak to an adult", they don't quite believe me when I answer. For being a mother of 2, this is very frustrating at times. (Though I know in 20 years it will be a blessing so I'm not complaining too much) I found a few items here and there to help me dress the picture I had in my head. It wasn't until I found Pinup Girl Clothing that I fell in love. I hadn't realized how amazing the style's really were back then. I saved up and purchased my first dress and for the first time in a while, I felt like that classy beautiful person I should have felt years ago. This was ME. When I put on that dress, I got positive recognition in so many way. My family saying "That is so you!", and "You definitely pull that off, you look beautiful". Most of all, I felt beautiful without anyone having to compliment me. I found something that made me feel like my own person. I found something that defined my character and my body.

It's refreshing to feel like myself and be completely confident when walking out the door. So for me, pinup clothing is more then just something to put on each day. It gave me a new outlook on myself and for that I am grateful! 

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