Well, yesterday I had my birthday. And the honest truth is that I turned sixty years old. I am not fooling. I guess that a combination of good genes and lots of hard work have kept me looking pretty good. I have not had any "work" done. But I do "work out" on an almost daily basis. My skin care regimen is pretty basic. I try to follow the mantra "moisturize, moisturize, moisturize". I have been primarily a vegetarian for more than 40 years. I have a profession that I love. I always try to maintain a positive outlook on things. And I try to treat those around me with respect, kindness and lots of humor. And I have a wonderful spouse, family and friends who support me.

My mother died when she was just 62 years old. The last couple of years of her life she suffered from cancer. However she seemed to only get more beautiful the older she got. Maybe I have been blessed to have some of those magic beauty genes that my mom possessed.

I think that I might be neglecting to mention one very important ingredient to what makes me the person I am today. And that was deciding that I am a glamour queen, a pinup girl, a retro loving lady. Finding Pin Up Girl helped me achieve the look that I envisioned in my mind. I lived a very long time before I arrived at my current look. And in fact it was discovering vintage clothing in thrift stores that got me started on this journey. Of course my pinup clothing is not only from PUG. I also have actual vintage clothing and I have clothing from other repro manufacturers. But PUG makes up the majority of my pinup wardrobe. I love how it looks on me. And I love how well it is made. Oh, and I love that it is manufactured here in the USA. Besides the clothing, the second most important part of PUG is PUG Style. The friends that I have made here have inspired me, helped me and supported me to become the person I am.

A couple of months ago I bought myself an early birthday present, a photoshoot. I have done a few photoshoots before. The first one that I did convinced me that I had made the right decision about choosing the glamour gal look. I am not a paid model. I guess that would be obvious when I mentioned my age. I have paid for all of my photoshoots out of my own pocketbook. And they have been worth every penny that I have spent. All of my other photoshoots were done by photographers who specialize in pin up shoots. This time I just bought a package from Amazon Local Deals. That package was quite inexpensive. But I figured that there would be more money involved, and there was. So in fact this shoot cost me around the same amount as all of my other shoots. The photo studio was at a local mall. I had a good photographer and a very good makeup artist. But I think that I will just skip the name and location of the place. They get enough business without me mentioning them.

I decided that for this shoot I would be wearing only Pin UP Girl Clothing. As I would for any shoot, I brought more changes of clothes than I would actually wear. I came with ideas and then I asked for input from the photographer and the MUAH as to which outfits to wear. Let me start off with this purple number, the Erin Dress in plum. I like how it looks. I usually wear size XL in most of my PUG clothing. But I might have been able to go down one size. Anyway, here is the dress:

Next I will present a few photos of the dress that I absolutely fell in love with, the Micheline Dress in Tiffany Blue. This was a dress I bought from a seller on eBay. I love it so much that since then I have bought another during one of PUG's online sales. I have mentioned before how I was kind of afraid of wearing figure hugging clothing in the past. I am not afraid anymore!

I love how the following two pictures taken on this elegant couch came out:

I was not sure if I should do it, but I decided that I would try to do some pics with me wearing a PUG swimsuit. And I must admit that I liked the way that these turned out. I also bought this swimsuit via eBay. I had it in my closet for about a year. I never have had the nerve to wear it in public. Oh, since I bought it via eBay I am not sure exactly which PUG swimsuit this is. It might be an early version of the Marilyn. I am sure that someone out there will know.

And finally I will show you perhaps my favorite photo from the shoot. I am wearing the Micheline but of course it is an extreme close up. I love how it captured that special feeling I had at that moment a combination of playfulness and sexiness. I am very proud of this one. I hope that I am not sounding too vain.

Of course I have more photos from this shoot but I wanted to show you the ones that I thought were the very best. I am happy that I am at the point in my life so that I can spend money on myself in order to look my best. And that money allows me to do these shoots every once in awhile. And I guess that I just wanted to show that being sixty and being sexy are two words that can go together.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been supportive of me. I have tried to be open with you about who I am. Being sixty is not the only thing that makes me rather unique here. I will not talk about those other things this time. But if any of you want to know more about me, I certainly don't mind sharing my story with you. Just write me and ask. Again, thanks to all of you wonderful PUGsters. Thanks for helping me be the glamour girl I wanted to be.

Oh, just a quick note. I don't intend to take over the blog posts here. I have been posting a lot recently but I promise to pull back a little.

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Comment by Katherine on October 21, 2013 at 4:30pm

I really like the Micheline on you! Also the swimsuit photo in the traditional pinup pose with the red heels in the air. SO nice.  Happy birthday, and I'm glad to be your friend!

Comment by Laura Byrnes on November 25, 2013 at 2:06pm

These are great! And I believe you are dead-on about a positive attitude having everything to do with looking hot as you get older. I feel that unhappiness and negativity shows in ones face. Not only that, but your attitude informs every action and choice you make. If you feel great, you will look great too. If you fell terrible, well...

Comment by Aoife 24K on November 25, 2013 at 5:33pm

Thanks so much Laura. Your comment means so very much to me.

You know, I have met most of the other PUG team members. And I owe so much to all of them for helping me find the right clothes to express the person that I am these days. But I also owe a lot to you and the ideas that infuse PUG with a special spirit.

One more thing, this past Saturday I was able to meet Ari Seth Cohen, the fashion blogger and supporter of older beautiful women. I was truly inspired. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to check out his blog  and or to buy his book Advanced Style. I will be writing about this here on Pug Style in a little more detail.


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