So, picture this: Imagine a closet; imagine standing around, pacing back and forth in a confined space; imagine sigh after sigh; some minor fits; scratching of head, and saying to the closet, “I don’t knowwww!”  Yep…that was me.  Deciding on what PUG item to wear is like picking from all of the beautiful stars in the sky…quite the difficult task if you ask me.  PUG is just poetic like that.  It is as if I have this love affair with every single piece of PUG I own!  Plus, the holidays, for me, bring about more frequent opportunities to dress up and look girly. So, here is my small scrapbook of PUG for the holidays.

It’s A Wonderful Life, Muncie, IN 

This was one of the COOLEST shows I've ever been to and a great way to start off the holiday season.  As an audience member, I was able to watch the behind-the-scenes of a typical 50's live radio show, and we were also able to participate! The radio show was live on the airwaves as the cast members brought It's A Wonderful Life to life not only for the people tuning in, but for the audience as well. As you can see, I got an autograph from THE Stan Sollars! HAHA! (My best friend, Allison, recently got engaged to Stan, and we both joked at how it would be funny to get his autograph as he was part of the production.) And what would a 50’s themed show be without PUG attire!? Naturally I picked some PUG separates.  I wore my black Doris top, which is an XL and paired it with jeans. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of me in my Doris top. But lets just put it this way, I love this top so much that I have it in baby blue, yellow, red, tan, and black and I’m very sad that I do not have the other colors. AND, if anyone has an XL in the lime green and doesn't want it anymore, I call dibs! HAHA!

Jazz Kitchen, Indianapolis, IN 12/13/12

My girlfriend and sorority sister, Brenda, celebrated her birthday at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis.  So ultimately, I decided to go with my sorority colors: maroon and navy blue. The Pinup Couture classic pencil skirt in navy blue bengaline is beautifully designed.  The thing I love most about this skirt is the 2” yolk at the top. I just feel like it accentuates my waist so much better than any other skirts I have ever owned.  This is a 2X.  The Laura Byrnes Daryl Top in Burgundy is an amazing separate.  One thing I love about this top is that you can tie it.  I felt like it contributed to the flattering waistline that I was able to reveal with my skirt because I was able to tie it as tight as I wanted.  I also love the cuffs, the v-neck and the stylish collar that I can totally pop every time I am feeling sassy, which is quite frequent lately! HAHA!  The top is a 2X as well. 

I danced the night away to the best salsa music in town, was among some of my beautiful sorority sisters, there was birthday cake, and they were even giving away free promotional drinks of margaritas with Don Julio tequila! SCORE!  OH! And I almost forgot. Someone declared their love for me on this night. HAHA! Seriously, whenever I wear PUG, weird things happen to where I am laughing out loud.

Montalvo #2 House  Fort Wayne, IN 12/13/12

A Montalvo family tradition for Christmas is that we make tamales from scratch, from start to finish.  This is an all day production.  The production cannot take place without the accompaniment of a fine bottle of tequila, with various shots throughout the process to keep it interesting.  And after a couple of shots, we were all laughing and carrying on and making fun of each other because the masa wouldn’t spread correctly on the hoja.  HAHA!  The phrase of the day was, “Get to work!”  

I made sure to take a picture of my lovely XL Deadly Dames Film Noir dress in emerald green before production commenced.  The material is made of soft stretch velvet that is draped across the bustline and shirred along the sides to not only create a flattering shape but to hide any and all imperfections.  Seriously, the first time I put this dress on, I felt like buttah (but in a sexy, squinting eyes, pouting lips…oooh so sexy kind of way)! HAHA! And, there was no way that I would wear my beautiful dress during the actual tamale making, especially when tequila is involved!  And good thing I did, because the floor and my jeans wore some masa. We made somewhere around 200 tamales. Yeah…when the Montalvo’s get together, we go BIG! Also, I entitled this event “Montalvo #2 House” because in high school, we were known as Montalvo #1 and Montalvo #2. These names were given to us by our fellow classmates because I am older than my twin sister by one minute.

Greenwood Park Mall, Greenwood, IN 12/17/12

Monica, Monica, Monica. Ay, ay, ayyyy! Hot cha cha chaaaa! Yeah, she’s hot and kind of intimidating if you ask me. But I will wear her with pep in my step. I told myself, I will wear her, she will not wear me! So we talked, had a lengthy discussion, and came to an arrangement. HAHA!  This dress is, in one word: magic. I am wearing an XL.  Everything about this dress is perfection. It is constructed with such precision and quality.  It hugs you in as if it is worshipping your every curve to express itself with sexiness and class according to the way your body was meant to be accentuated.  I have not gone to see Santa since I was a little girl. My mom would dress my identical twin sister and me in exactly the same thing, with our hair exactly the same way. So, going there brought back a nervousness I remembered as a child.  It was SANTA!  HAHA!  I told all of the employees that this was going to be a present for my husband who is serving our country overseas and they were beyond extatic to oblige.  We explained to Santa the situation, and he said, “Your husband is going to be jealous!” AWWW!!! I knew that my husband would absolutely get a kick out of this picture and this Christmas card.  I thanked Santa for humoring this military wife knowing that it would bring a smile to my husband’s face.

Katchina Photography  Greenwood, IN

Around the same time I took my photo with Santa, I wanted to do something for me, too.  This is something that I never thought I would do in my lifetime. But Carpe Diem, right?! Right! I met a young and very talented local photographer that was literally right down the street from me here in Greenwood.  She is extremely artistic with her photography to where she paints with the light, which is something that I absolutely adore and love to do myself. I have always been the designated photographer of the Montalvo family, so I’ve had a lot of practice and experience with photos for the most part. It’s a science. It’s an art. I could literally talk about photography all day.  But what she captured was nothing short of a beauty unlike anything I’ve ever seen of myself. And I don’t talk about myself like this, so bare with me here for a moment. This is my Monica in XL again. She really knows how to work it.

Apocalypse Party Fort Wayne, Indiana 12/21/12

As the days were counting down to the Mayan Apocalypse, my oldest sister mentioned that she and her friends coordinated a little get together of drinks and hors d'oeuvres to celebrate the end of the world.  HAHA!  With all the recent hype the media gave the Mayan calendar, my family made up any excuse to have a party.  That's how the Montalvo family rolls. Seriously, we party for any occasion. Someone gets new shoes? We have a party so they can make their debut.  Someone gets recognition for a job well done at work? We have a party so we can talk about how awesome we are.  Someone finds a new restaurant in town? We have a party at that restaurant just to confirm it has been reviewed accurately by sez family member. So, as you can see...when I was told there would be an Apocalypse party, I decided, well...if there was going to be any kind of apocalyptic-type rapture, I had to wear PUG to celebrate.  I went with my LB Daryl top and paired it with some casual jeans and my blue scarf.  This is a 2X.  I knew the end of the world would not come, so I decided to keep it casual.  However, the Daryl top, like all of PUG's separates can be dressed down or dressed up. This is the beauty of PUG's versatility.  The top is light weight, button down, and is perfectly cut with the V-shape at the top to be very complimentary for my bust.  You are able to tie it as tight as you want, so you can control how defined a waste you would like to have.  I am seriously going to be buying a second set of these because I love them so much.  

Christmas Eve Fort Wayne, Indiana

Christmas Eve was the best as it could have been this year with my husband away, serving our country.  He was able to Skype with me and see the family. Ok, so, here’s the thing. My husband refuses to take a serious picture with me. LOL! When and if he adorns a legitimate smile, it is a miracle! Seriously, you should see our photo albums! We made the best out of our situation, even though it totally sucks, but I was extremely happy that we were able to connect during the holiday.  Here I am wearing my 2X Daryl top in burgandy again and also cracking up because he wouldn’t cooperate. HAHA!

New Year’s Eve Times Two  Fort Wayne, Indiana

Now, I say “times two” because my husband and I are in two different time zones. So, I got to talk with him on the phone when it turned 2013 overseas, and I then emailed him when it turned 2013 here in the states.  Anyway, I didn’t do too much for New Years. Some friends and I went to a local restaurant called Flanagan’s and had some appetizers and a few drinks before we headed back to my sister’s house to bring in the new year together.  I wore my Laura Byrnes Black Label navy Pris dress. This is a 2X.  This dress made me feel so glamerous! I also accessorized by wearing my vintage white gloves and had a vintage navy purse.  And I HAD to buy myself Happy New Year hairflair! It cost me a whopping fifty cents, already marked half off when I bought it! 

So, here is the infamous map of Indiana to give you an idea as to where I've been.  As you can see, my travel has been limited. This is due mostly in part by the enormous blizzard we had. 13 inches of snow, plus a few more inches a few days later! Fun times, fun times. Did I mention I did not even own a shovel? Nope. HAHA! I do now, though. Now that I do not need it. Note: Nothing really “epic” happened, so there are no stars on this map like there was in my last blog when I met Nick Waterhouse. HAHA!





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Comment by Jessica Maria Galindo on January 4, 2013 at 6:30am

LOL! OMG, we would totally adopt you, too! ;o)

Comment by Jenn Bailey on January 4, 2013 at 2:44pm

Here's a girl who can rock her PUG for any occasion. Looking gorgeous, I love it all! <3

Comment by Jessica Maria Galindo on January 4, 2013 at 3:11pm

Awww, Thanks Jenn!!! ;o)

Comment by Amber on January 4, 2013 at 3:31pm
Beautiful girly!
Comment by Jessica Maria Galindo on January 4, 2013 at 7:20pm

Thanks Amber!!! ;o)

Comment by Michelle Pia on January 12, 2013 at 5:38pm

Love it! You look beautiful as ever in your PUG. I especially love the picture of you in the Monica taken by the local photographer. Also the white vintage gloves are divine. I want gloves so much!

Comment by Jessica Maria Galindo on January 13, 2013 at 11:53am

Thanks Michelle!! Yes, this young photographer definitely has a style I don't see too often. I think she captured a whole different side of me that I never knew. It's fun learning about myself through this process.

I LOVE gloves. I actually found three pairs this weekend at the antique warehouse I went to this weekend for dirt cheap. I always love a good deal. lol

Comment by Michelle Pia on January 13, 2013 at 3:48pm

I love good deals as well. :You're so lucky to have found 3 pairs of gloves on your antique adventure. I think its wonderful that you're learning more about yourself in this way. The pictures are all lovely thanks so much for sharing my beautiful friend <3

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on January 15, 2013 at 2:22am

You are the definitive Pinup Girl Jessica! I know exactly what you mean about having a love affair with every piece of PUG that you own and not wanting to ever choose one over another for any occasion! I'm glad that there were so many wonderful occasions to spread your PUG over during the holidays.

As always I just loved the chronicles of your PUG adventures and your pictures are fantastic! They're such great and beautiful memories, especially that 1950's live radio play show of It's a Wonderful Life, that must have been awesome to see. I can't wait to read about your next trip :)

Comment by Jessica Maria Galindo on January 15, 2013 at 6:18am

Awww! Thanks Tahitia! I just love my dresses and PUG attire all so much, it's interesting how the 50's have just come back to my life full force. It's as if the 50's styles are surrounding my life every single day in some way; from vintage cars driving by, music in a restaurant, theater shows, name it, it's been ironic, and welcoming. haha!

It's a Wonderful Life was so cool. I thought to put in this panoramic photo just now, to show how interesting it was. The characters would walk up to the mic to perform their parts. The mini orchestra had their sound effects, but in the middle there...there were two men who had various types of items to do sound effects as well. From toy cash registers, to shoes to tap on wood to represent footsteps, you name it, however strange, they had it there to create the sounds for the show. ;o)


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