Pre-Christmas Hauls, Bullet Bra's & Bucket Lists

Hey everyone! It's me Tahitia and I thought that since it's been a couple of weeks I should chime in with a new blog post. Now since I knew that what with the holiday season upon us now my last PUG product review will officially be my last of the year... at least that WAS the plan until PUG had to go and re-stock on those Jersey tops AND the one dress that more than any other I've wanted and have had my eye on since first visiting

It's like Viola said in her Ooops... I did it again ! PUG product review blog, we're all retro vintage reproduction clothing addicts here and there's no cure in sight... not that we'd want to be cured if there was one (btw I loved Viola's blog and will talk about it later) :)

So here's my FOR REAL last PUG product review of the year... for real this time... seriously...

Hooray for Jersey!! 

What can I say about the Jersey Cap Sleeve tops that haven't already been said before? They're one-size fits all but they manage to fit just like any medium sized shirt, they're stylishly retro but also modern, and they can go with anything from gorgeous Dorris skirt to a pair of jeans. In short, these are the most versatile shirts that you will ever own whether they're in pink, red, navy or black.

The best part is that at $24.99 USD they really are the best bargain on in my opinion. Now it might be just a tad too late to order a few for yourselves for Christmas Day (unless you're Orthodox in which case you should have enough time) but they really do work throughout the year in any season, so I definitely recommend picking up one or two if you can!

Below is me in the three I ordered last week, the Jersey Cap Sleeve top in red, pink and black.

Another Jersey that I took a shot at was the Jersey Long Sleeve Mock Neck Tank in Red. Now this really marks a big change in my own personal style, since before discovering PUG and falling in love with the look of the Joanie top I NEVER wore tops that covered my neck, I always found them too restrictive and the feeling was just a little too uncomfortable to wear throughout a day.

The Joanie's changed my impressions compltelty, so since the other Jersey's had fit so perfectly I took a shot at the mock neck version and I do NOT regret it. It's just as form fitting and comfortable as the Cap Sleeve tops and the full length sleeve and neck really give it a sophisticated flare. Paired with a pencil skirt or dress pants you will definitely have one classy outfit for the office Christmas party :)

So the the Jersey Long Sleeve Mock Neck Tank in Red is definitely another buy!

My Favourite PUG Dress... 

So what's the one dress that I had my heart set on getting since the first time I found PUG? Why none other than the Military Secretary Dress in tan of course :)

It's form fitting, it's comfortable, it's the definition of retro and vintage style and I've never seen a woman that it did NOT look head turning, jaw-droppingly good in... aaaaaand since I just so happen to need it for a burlesque routine in an upcoming show (shameless plug alert :) ) too, I had to add it to my basket when I saw that it was back in stock again.

Oh wow Oh Wow OH WOW am I glad that I did!

It was everything that fan every review promised and more! The curvy comfort fit really worked for a curvy gal like me, the colours are a perfect combination, the sleeves are snug but not too snug that it restricts your arm movement, and it gives literally the best cleavage of any PUG dress I've ever had.

Jenn Bailey and the always sweet Brandi Shuey had the sweetest things to say about the dress in the pictures comment section regarding boobs and "power cleavage" (power cleavage, oh I love you Brandi :) ).

So yes without a doubt the cleavage is the first thing you will see with this dress above all else. For the burlesque show I'll be going to this is a major plus, but if you're not looking to show off that much chest real estate then I could see this paired with a shrug or a tank top underneath for a more modest look.

Of all the recommendations I've made here on Pinup Girl Style, this is my biggest and most enthusiastic. The only regret you'll have is that you didn't buy it sooner :)

Either way can you guess what time it is now?....

Around the PUG Style Blogosphere

That's right it's time for another trip around the PUG Style blogosphere where we look at my favourite posts over the last couple of weeks.

Nikki Tremblay told us about her roller derby journey from seeing the movie Whip It to her skills test to be a part of the GTA Rollergirls. I've always wanted to go see a roller derby and any woman brave enough to take part in one is an iron lady in my book :)

Lisa Ann told us all about how for her Luck be a Lady in the Erin Dress , and wow what an awesome story to go along with a beautiful dress. I'm a huge fan of the Erin myself so I definitely second her in recommending this for every pinup girl :)

My Svensk just started a post on her and her boyfriends journey together to weight loss. She has a target weight goal already and My Svensk I wish you nothing but the best of luck. I know from experience that sustained weight loss is a real every day challenge but it can be done, and it sounds like you have a real loving partner who will support you through it. Good luck!

Natalie Paddycakes listed her demands for Santa and Nikki Tremblay had her own wish list for Santa this year, let's hope that both lovelies get everything on their wishlist :) Brandi who is truly one of my absolute favourite pinup dolls on this site had some great accessorizing tips for her Deadly Dames Tie Me Up Dress, and I have to say that every pinup girl should own at least one pair of back seamed stockings ;)

Betty Lou started a discussion on whether or not heavily tattooed models could distract you from the clothes or products that they were modelling. Of course I'm completely biased on this issue since I'm in love with tattoos and am planning to get more, but I think I can see her point that in certain situations the really beautiful and powerful tattoos might be just a bit distracting. It's still up for debate though, but it's a good discussion :)

Now speaking of beautiful tattoos, Micheline Pitt had a great post about the Priscilla, the new and perfect 1960's sheath wiggle dress. What else can I say, it's another must have from PUG that we're all going to want :)

Brandi made a fantastic antique find for a great price with her Boobie Shakers pinup art (a little nude pinup figurine who's breasts are the shakers) and is now actively trying to track down the original maker. Best of luck on your antique hunt :)

Lastly like I mentioned in the second paragraph, Viola shared her Ooops... I did it again ! PUG product review blog and her confessions on being a self-diagnosed PUG addict (I'm one too :) ), along with her pictures and reviews of her many beautiful recent pick ups from PUG. I have to confess that she's now sold me on the Heidi ruby red with cream bow... so beautiful ;)

So now that we've wrapped up our trip around the blogosphere, there's only one more thing left to do...

Forum Time :)

So let's have a look at the best topics around the forum for the last time before Christmas :)

Jenn Bailey asked for our FB votes to help her win a photography contest, so let's all help out a deserving and fellow Pinup Girl in need :)

Bonnie Lynn Bozell's thread on the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG? continues to have the sweetest most beautiful stories that you'll find here on Pinup Girl Style about the kind things that family, friends and even complete strangers will say to someone. Seriously, if you're ever having a bad day or are questioning humanity (we've all been there), have a look at this thread for a great pick-me-up :)

My own thread on Bucket Lists really took off over the last 2 weeks, and big and special thanks go out to Emma Stone and Brandi Shuey for sharing their personal lists. So far we've covered cliff jumping, swing dancing, horse back riding, pole dancing, seeing a Christina Aguilara concert, seeing a live burlesque show, getting a pinup tattoo, going to New York City, shadowcasting with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, being a movie extra, visiting Japan, joining an amateur drama group, completing a triathlon, kissing a dolphin, skinny dipping in the ocean, getting a poem published and going back to a Renaissance Faire.

Wow, we're going to be having some busy but fun times ahead :)

Lastly I wanted to talk about Margrete's thread Bullet bra! With examples of wear from a novice. Margrete bravely took it upon herself to show just what a bullet bra looks like with her collection of pinup tops and went over the pros and cons she'd noticed in wearing one to work and out in public, and bravo to her because this is an amazing look and I have totally fallen for it.

Even when I was first getting into the pinup style I NEVER would have imagined being interested in having cone-shaped breasts, but they really do sell the vintage/retro/rockabilly look and I can definitely see why they were in vogue for so long. I shared a couple of pictures of my own outfits with bra's courtesy of What Katie Did and I definitely encourage any pinup fan to have a look at this thread if your debating trying the look out for an office casual look or a company Christmas party, you won't be sorry that you did :)

Have a Holly Jolly Holidays :)

It really is almost that time of year everyone! To celebrate the coming New Year PUG's hosting a "Vote to Win" contest on their Facebook page here where if you vote every day for your favourite of three posted... you can win the PUG dress of your choice. Any contest that includes the words "Win" and "Dress" from PUG is worth a look.

My vote for today was the Jessica Dress in Baton Rouge and I think I can find a spot in my closet for it if I had to :)

Now before I say bye for now, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. I've been a part of this site since the summer time, and I have to say that this without a doubt has been the most emotionally and spiritually rewarding social network that I've ever been a part of. So thank you Laura, Micheline and all the talented men and women who've made Pinup Girl Clothing the community it is both in the real world and in cyberspace, and thank you to everyone I've met on this site for every piece of advice, wisdom, critique and complement.

So keeping with the Christmas season I thought I'd share with you all this Christmas commercial that just makes me laugh every time I see it. If you haven't seen it yet, it's called the Cup Size Choir by the Canadian lingerie maker La Senza, it's just a bit NSFW but it will definitely make you smile.

I should be back before Christmas to show you the new ultra-high-waisted two-piece bikini swimsuit my friend is making for me for the Polar Bear Plunge New Years Day. I'll also tell you all more about my upcoming burlesque show as it gets closer. The last thing that I want to share with you is a picture my husband showed me from George Takei's Facebook page last night, it was apparently a response to a woman who felt the stretch marks on her body made her unattractive. I really thought it was beautiful and true.

So remember this all my fellow tiger women who are all so special to me now. Wish a stranger a nice day, hug a friend and kiss a special person underneath the mistletoe, and to you, your friends and families, have the happiest of holidays :)

Take care,


Tahitia :)


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Comment by Jenn Bailey on December 18, 2012 at 6:01pm

I just love your blog posts. You are such a genuinely sweet, cool person. And as always, you look dynamite in your PUG :)

I feel Viola's and your "pain" when it comes to accidentally (on purpose...) buying more PUG! I received what was supposed to be my last order of the year today, but ordered more when they posted the holiday sale. My poor wallet is getting so light...

Comment by Viola Von Kitten on December 19, 2012 at 9:21am

Honey I loooove everything you got ! I was tempted by the pink cap sleeve jersey & now I'm completely sold on it so cute <3

That dress... wow... very very sexy ! You're gorgeous

& Yeah for our condition ! :p 

Kiss !

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on December 20, 2012 at 9:54am

@ Brandi Awww you are such a sweet and beautiful spirit! Thank you so much for all the beautiful things that you say :) I definitely hope to have some pictures of the burlesque show and maybe even a video to share next month so keep your fingers crossed :) I'm glad that we both love the Jessica in Baton Rouge, she really is a beauty isn't she? Especially for New Years Eve!

Well I just had a look at the Doris Top like you suggested and va Va VA VOOM! There really is no shortage of amazing PUG things to buy is there? I swear that my wardrobe wouldn't be half the size that it is now without PUG. Thanks and this is definitely another must buy in the New Year!

@ Jenn you are so nice and thank you for liking my pictures. You really are a knock out yourself in your PUG too, especially your turquoise Erin Dress ;)

Ahhh yes... we've all really come down with that condition of "accidentally" buying more awesome outfits well after we've promised our loved ones, ourselves AND our wallets that we won't, don't we?

I won't look for a cure if none of you do ;)

@ Viola Thanks Viola! You'll absolutely love the Jersey Cap Sleeve in pink, it will look amazing with so many things that you have already :)

I agree, the Military Secretary Dress is must have for every pinup girl clothing fan and let's never get cured  from this addiction :)

Hugs and kisses for everyone!


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