High Waisted Lovin' and Las Vegas I'm a Commin'

Hey everyone again! It's me Tahitia and I just wanted to check in for a quick post-Christmas and pre-New Years hello! I hope the holidays were good to everyone and that there were plenty of new Pinup Girl Clothing outfits waiting under the tree this year!

As for me I, well even though I DID order a few PUG things this Christmas I wasn't in the mood to let them wait under the tree for me to open them up. That way I got to enjoy the outfits before Christmas and review them all in my last post.

What can I say, PUG brings out the impatient kid in me ;)

Don't worry though, even though my ever lighter purse might be begging me to cut back on the orders I have no shortage of plans for new PUG purchases in the New Year, so there will be plenty of product reviews for 2013.

In the mean time, with New Years just a couple of days away I thought I'd take another second to talk about the big Polar Bear Plunge, and of course the very special pinup bikini I'll be wearing in the water...

Hooray for High Waists!

So like I had mentioned in my Black Friday blog post, my friend who was responsible for making my Captain America Dancing Girl costume and my Playboy Bunny costume took up the task of making me a pair of bikini bottoms to match the Fables Sophie Top I bought earlier this year. I just loved the colours and the chevron pattern and knew I had to get the bikini, but sadly only the tops were available in my size when I ordered :(

So my seamstress/clothier friend Belinda once again came to the rescue after digging up an old pattern for a wrestlers boyshort bottoms, a quick trip to the fabric store and one quick fitting later the final product was ready last night. As you can see for yourself they truly match the Sophie Top and do an amazing job flattering my stomach and my toosh. I even had Belinda get in on the picture in the end since she more than deserves all the credit in the world for coming through like the did.

There's really no question, I've really fallen in love with the high waisted style for shorts and for swimsuit bottoms. From the first time I put on a bikini I always wore the medium or low rise styles, since they were almost always in style. I've always had a bit of a belly, but I'm not at all self-conscious about it. I do still like to look my best though in a bathing suit, who of us doesn't right?

FYI in case you're wondering why my hair and makeup weren't done up like they usually are for product shots, I literally went right to my friends Belinda's house after a shift at work because that was the only time we both that worked. Ahhh... busy lives eh? :)

Now thanks to PUG I really can see what the appeal in the high wasited bottoms was for so many women for so long, they cover up your stomachs, they really flatter waists that are higher (case in point mine ;) and even though I'm in no way what you'd call overly modest, I've discovered that it's actually very reassuring to have your bikini resting more than half an inch above your butt crack in places where there are waves nearby ;)

Not to mention that at a pool party or a day at the beach they can double as a cute pair of shorts if you pair it with a nice matching top.

So in short I'll be wearing these into the water in just a couple of days to kick off the New Year and I'll be thinking of all the great things I'm planning to make happen this year. Things like getting to know more of you guys here on Pinup Girl Style, crossing a few of those bucket list items off, and more than anything else...

Viva Las Vegas! Only 88 Days and Counting

Can you honestly believe how fast it's sneaking up on us? Wow! Less than three whole months away from Viva Las Vegas already and I can't wait at all :)

My husband and I have been to comic book conventions before, but nothing at all like this, certainly nothing aimed specifically to the pinup/rockabilly lifestyle :)

I've been reading and re-reading over Billy May's Tips for Getting the Most Out of Viva Las Vegas, and if you haven't read it already I HIGHLY recommend that you do... which reminds me, I HAVE to find some comfy pinup shoes to wear while I'm there... but I digress. I really am hoping to get the absolute most out of this weekend as possible. Afterall, this will be my first time getting to meet fellow pinup fans like this.

So I'm really looking forward to meeting up with a lot of you ladies, having lunch and dinners together maybe going to one of the shows or events together and if the time and money permits even doing a group photoshoot together!

Like I said though those plans can wait for a little bit more. In the mean time, I say it's time for a trip...

Around the PUG Style Blogosphere

That's right it's time for another trip around the PUG Style blogosphere where we look at my favourite posts over the last few weeks or so!

First off Viola was once again kind enough to share with us her newest PUG items in her post Latest Goodies from PUG and just as always it was so much fun to read. The Erin Dress has always been a favourite of mine but it's even more beautiful with a white vinyl belt! I found that the Sandra Dress worked really well with the same kind of belt only in ... too.

It's good to know that a lot of PUG dresses can work well with other PUG belts too :)

Cela Hyatt shared a few of her amazing new dress pictures from her Christmas haul entitled Merry Christmas to Me (love her in the Heidi, Jessica, Vamp and Polka Dot Wiggle dresses btw :) ) and even shared a link to her own personal blog entry If loving PUG is wrong, I don’t want to be right! on her Pacifiers & Pinups blog. She threw in a picture on her site of the cutest zombie heels that you've ever seen :)

Next up Leanna Bruce told us all about the big UK PUG Meet and Greet that they had a little while ago. From the sound and look of things it was an incredible success  with the ladies braving the cold to have an awesome private shopping experience, homemade treats, vintage markets, chocolate tastings and drinks to end a very fun day.

You deserve all the congratulations in the world Lenna for organizing that get together! I wish I had the money to go myself, maybe another year ;) Though you have inspired me to at least think about organizing a get together of us Canadian pinup gals. Whether it's in winter, summer or any time in between, if it could be only HALF as fun as your meet and greet sounds I'd consider it a success :)

Lastly My Svensk shared her Good Morning blog about her day the day she shared it. Even though I've never met My Svensk I really could relate to everything she was talking describing, having to say goodbye to your love in the morning, wishing they didn't have to go, staring down at a mountain of school work and wondering if you'll ever be able to get it down.

It really makes the world feel a lot smaller and closer together just knowing that we all sometimes find ourselves in such similar places in life.

Anyways now that we've wrapped up our trip around the blogosphere, there's only one more thing left to do...

Forum Time :)

So let's all take another look at Pinup Style's forums and what's been going on!

Aoife started a thread on Pinup Nails, I admit that I haven't given a lot of thought to doing up my nails in a pinup style before BUT it is something I should be learning about, especially ahead of Viva so I'm glad that this thread will be here now for a reference when it's needed! Thanks Aoife :)

Speaking of Aoife she also of course started up a Holiday Photos thread for PUG ladies to share their seasonal snap shots. Sadly I had to work all through Christmas so I didn't have any to share myself, but Aoife, Amber, Kym Adams, Marooski and Renee LaRouge all shared some really beautiful and special pictures, so bravo ladies and thank you for sharing your holiday pictures.

Renee's picture in particular made me wish I'd ordered the Heidi in ruby when I had my chance ;) Luckily Aoife said that I can post my New Years Eve pictures there when I can, so at least I will still be able to share my own Pinup Holiday picture :)

Bonnie Lynn Bozell's thread on the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG continued to collect beautiful and sweet stories of compliments from friends and strangers alike, not to mention giving me yet MORE reason to wish I'd ordered the Heidi in Ruby when i had the chance :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they re-stock some time in 2013 :)

I started a couple of threads of my own in the last week. The first one was about the best way to share your PUG product reviews, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinupgirlclothing.com or here on Pinup Girl Style. Brandi Shuey, Latina V, Amber and Cela Hyatt all helped us come to the conclusion that as much fun as Pinup Girl Style here is, it's really a website for the super fans, and that the best way to share your reviews for the casual fan or someone who's new to the style is through the Pinup Girl Clothing website itself.

I think in the New Year I'll start getting in the habit of sharing through all of the above. The more would-be PUG fans that we can reach the better right? ;)

Earlier today I started another thread on which of your PUG outfits goes best for what occasion? I got the idea after reading in the compliment thread how PUG was being worn to so many different types of events and occasions that I was curious who preferred to where what to what and when since by now so many ladies have built up such impressive wardrobes. So far Amber and Jamie have chimed in with their thoughts, and since I started the thread I'll be sharing my own outfit and occasion pairings later on tonight. Stay tuned :)

Lastly the Bucket List thread has really picked up in the last couple of weeks and I couldn't be any happier! Not only are women sharing their own lists of things that they want to do but they're also offering insight and advice when it comes to items on other women's lists that they've been able to do themselves. Jamie McGrath told us about wanting to learn ballroom dance, going on a road trip, visiting Europe and Egypt and getting a dream tattoo. Brandi Shuey (she's been the best at sharing on this thread) talked about getting one of her poems published and going to a renaissance fair, and Latina V. offered some great insight on swing dancing from her own experience about how fun and approachable it is, suggested a few places that she'd love to go visit and even shared her own advice on skinny dipping.

The bottom line is if you're going to bare it all you should be around some non-judgmental people for your own comfort level... he he... "bottom" line ;) 

In Conclusion

So this is the end of another post. I'm going to be back on New Years Day hopefully with pictures from the party the night before and my Polar Bear Plunge pics too so I'll be back before you know it.

I guess that since this is the last post of 2012 I really should tell you guys that, well, people like you, communities like this one and all the support and kind wishes that you've offered really helped make this the best year of my life. Even if you don't realize it, you've made a difference for me. I feel at home here and I wouldn't change that for the world!

So thank you again everyone, and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a...

Happy New Year :)

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Comment by Amber on December 29, 2012 at 9:37pm
I'm sooooo excited for VIVA!!!!! Hope to be able to meet some PUG ladies there. :)
Comment by cela hyatt on December 29, 2012 at 9:46pm

Oh Tahitia , you are so adorable.  I love reading everything you write.  I wish I knew people as cool as you in real life :)

Comment by Viola Von Kitten on December 29, 2012 at 11:21pm
Thank you so much Tahitia !! ^_^

I Love your blog posts too ! & I can't wait to meet you at VLV ! It's gonna be fun <3

I adore your swuimsuit ! The high waist loos amazing & so flattering :)
Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on December 30, 2012 at 9:42am

@Amber I'm excited too!!! I'm sure we'll all find a way to meet up at some point :)

@Cela Hyatt You are SO SWEET!! I wish I knew ladies like you in the real world too, but I'm more than happy to have found you guys here :)

@Viola Von Kitten You are so welcome! I agree that Viva is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

@Brandi Shuey That she is! I've been going to Belinda for my costumes for almost 5 years now and I have no plans to ever go anywhere else ;)

I know what you mean about being jealous about those who get to go to Viva. I was really bummed out last year that I could not go ;( If you ever think that you might be able to make it to Viva down the road I'd definitely love to meet with you there!


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