I decided to do my photo shoot in honor of Marilyn Manson's birthday(January 5). A holiday for the one I call MarieAlice really. She's my darker side, the gothic one. When I first moved to California she was out in full force. My wardrobe consisted of black and red. I was chalk white. I listened to My Chemical Romance and Sum 41. I was often referred to as Creepy Gothic Girl. 11049638_1022945571059543_3886054958378054837_n.jpg

Perhaps because this was the stage where I met most of my Californian friends it seemed only appropriate that it should be the genre in line with my first pin up. My ambitions to be a model are still there, to spite the girls who said I'd never make it mostly. But looks are temporary and they fade. So I figure now is the best time to catch them while I still can. 

When I was a little girl I used to talk to Alice in the mirror. Alice in Wonderland was my favorite fairy tale. Being older and having read the books, I can tell you the original is confusing and sorted. It's glorified nonsense that has been romanticized to the point of becoming profound or making sense. It's not Alice in Wonderland I enjoy rather then the creativity and different takes  on the story or it's meaning that I enjoy. Nothing in this life is truly original. It's simply the same old stories, same old characters, combined and twisted until it's new, fresh and hip again. And I am okay with that. There will be someone every time that hates anything that's adapted. But that's almost hypocritical because everything is adapted. Do you love Disney? Of course you do! But he's the king of adaptions. He's got a take on Alice in Wonderland that I promise to cover by the end of this month. But this week, it's all about my inner gothic girl, and my inner gothic girl loves American. American Mcgee to be specific. The dark side of Alice if you will. Orphaned after her parents burned in a fire, complete with a butcher knife and a blood stained apron. She even looks more like the real Alice Liddell with brown hair and piercing green eyes.

The fact that I love this version of Alice is a miracle in itself. It has so much of the things I hate going against it. For one, I hate, hate, hate, HATE fan fiction. (Oh look at that I just pissed off half my audience.) It just bothers me that original work can be altered so much and the original authors loose everything. There are rare exceptions to this rule for me. Everyonce in awhile you will find fanfiction that is actually better that it's orginal inspiration.  And I do relize that this Alice, this whole concept is really the work of some very creative fan fiction. As I have begrudginly accepted that someday my works, my ideas, will be analyzed and destroyed by English Classes everywhere, and people will speculate that my love of Marilyn Monroe and cats was obviously a cover for my closested lesbian desires, I can kind of deal with fan fiction.

Reason number two--I hate when fairy tales are warped into anything sexual or overly violent. Adults have enough to play with and warp in this world, why steal from children? There were these god awful horror films made in the 80's involving morbid versions of Snow white and Cinderella. There plot lines were sicker then the Brothers Grimm's originals and that's saying a lot. But somehow Alice seems like she was always meant to be dark. Even from the curious way that story came to be in the first place. Reason number three I should hate this? It's based off a video game and they were going to make a full length feature film off of this. Sarah Michelle Geller as Alice and Marilyn Manson as Hatter but it never came to be. I don't know if that's a good thing because I usually can't sit through movies that were games first.But I think this could be a rare gem, like Mortal Kombat good, and I might love it. If it ever does happen  I'll be first in line to see it, happy to being able to wear my full cosplay outfit without judgemental stares from people without it being Halloween or a comic convention. 

The prep for this was incredible.You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find a plain white apron (I had to buy a 3 pack and then alter it with a black marker and discounted zombie blood from last last halloween.) This took me three trips to Walmart to accomplish. But the psychotic joy I get to feel playing my fav video game character? Totally worth it.  I felt complete happiness when I put my costume on and even my boyfriend seemed generally interested.1601998_699330126754424_394302575_o.jpg

However I have discovered I am in desperate need of modeling lessons :/. I mean I suck when it comes to posing. I also hold a bloody butcher knife like a princess. Brandon was yelling at me the whole time and I was actually holding a  real knife. So that just shows you how threatening I am. 902975_699330856754351_1615143229_o.jpg

Our house being old and Victorian worked very well for the photoshoot though. I had to take a carrot and a bow tie off the rabbit but those photos, the ones where I just went with it, turned out to be my favorite. 1486099_699330936754343_996473798_o.jpg

Mittens was only able to pose comfortably for the one photo (his eyes are NOT photoshopped) before he demanded Kraft services and his own trailer.478723_699330483421055_785186658_o.jpg

I guess I could of picked up a mangy stray cat in the park next to our house but I don't think Ring Worm is sexy or would go with my next look.  

Overall though, I think this is a good start on my pin up blog. Question of the week, what fairy tale do you think would make an excellent dark themed adult video game and why? Who knows?American Mcgee might be reading this. 

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