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Well there are some things that I have been wanting to post and I think that posting it to my blog is the best way to get the job done. I guess that first I will start with a little background. And for those of you who don't know me, I will tell you the big thing first, I am transgendered. Yep, that means I was born as a male and I live as a male most of the time. But I have a very strong feminine aspect to my makeup (and I am not talking cosmetics here). I have not had any of "the surgery" and most people only know me in guy mode. But as you can tell by my photos, I try to present myself in the best possible manner when in female mode.

So, how did I get into the whole pinup girl thing? Well it started slowly. As I started to build a wardrobe for myself I often frequented thrift stores. Of course I picked up lots of clothing at good prices. But I found some really wonderful vintage clothing. I began wearing the vintage clothes with some regularity. And I got feedback from people telling me that I looked like Hollywood actresses of the Forties, Fifties and Sixties. Somehow, at some point something clicked in my head. I decided that I was in fact a glamour girl and that was how I needed to present myself. A few things happened. I started to explore the internet to find reliable outlets for vintage and vintage repro clothing. I joined pinup site (not PUG Style). I had my first makeover, asking for a pinup look (MAC). And then I had my first photoshoot. All of this took awhile. It was not an overnight transformation. But it was an evolutionary process. And slowly I became the pin up loving woman I am today.

Now I will bring PUG into the picture. I think I found out about PUG through Yelp when I was searching for retro clothing stores. That was sometime last year. Then I found PUG Style. I have learned so much from my sisters here on PUG Style. And most importantly, I have made some very good friends. And these friends are just so loving and accept me for who I am. You all know who you are! PUG Style has also alerted me to lots of tips and resources. And I found a very, very wonderful photographer through this site.

Now it is time to share some photos. I won't post anything here that I've already shared. But first off I want to show you my newest in the flesh friend who I met through PUG Style. Her name is Chacha Billy. We met via the Ladies Of Los Angeles group. But we met in person this past Saturday at the Second Annual Vintage Yardsale put on by some of the PUG staff and their friends. By the way, I managed to buy a few cool things at really good prices. But now I want to show you Chacha. Note her totally fantastic manicure.

And I guess that I had better post a pic of me. Chacha was kind enough to take some pics. But I think that I will post one I took later with my tripod after visiting King Richard's Antique Mall. I kind of liked the industrial background and I knew the shade would make for a better photo. I am wearing a dress that I found just the day before at an antique store. It only cost $12!

So now I want to go back in time a bit. A few months ago a PUGster asked about pin up photographers throughout the US and LA was one of the locales she asked about. Well PUGster Emily mentioned a sister photographer Jules of Crownjules Photography. Here is her website: http://www.crownjulesphotography.com/

Jules was having a Valentine's seek special. So I wrote her and made an appointment. First of all let me tell you that the shoot was the most fun of any I have ever done. And now I have done four. She and her makeup artist Kat had me laughing all day and they made me look so darned good. I wore three outfits that day, two were PUG dresses and one was from Vivian of Holloway which I bought in London back in January. When Jules sent me the proofs I started crying, they were just so incredible. In the last few days I got the final edits and I am just absolutely floored by how good they look, how good I look! I just have to share some of them with you.

First off, a couple pics of me wearing the burnt gold Ava dress. I ordered the dress during the black Friday sale. But I wanted to wait for a very special occasion to wear it. The first pic is a full length shot to show you how great it looks and how it accentuates what I have got. The second shot is maybe the sexiest shot I have ever done. I don't know how it turned out so well. But I love it.

And now to my tropical look. Here I am wearing the Tiki Twist dress in orange and red. Again I am totally amazed at how great these turned out. I will just share one for now.

And now finally a couple of pics featuring my Vivan of Holloway dress. I think that it is called the Runaround Sue dress. I hardly ever remember the names of dresses. But in searching right now I think that I came up with the correct name.The first is a full length, housewife drinks some coffee look (before welcoming home her husband with cocktails, a five course dinner and a pleasant surprise afterwards). And then my Jackie Kennedy look. It is amazing what a scarf can do. And the champagne was real! No wonder I had such a great time!

I hope that you have enjoyed this little post. I most definitely have enjoyed writing this. 

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Comment by Aoife 24K on March 25, 2013 at 8:12pm

I screwed up originally on Jules' website. But now I have fixed it. If you are in LA, or will be in LA, I highly recommend that you contact her. I guarantee that you will have a great experience.

And thank you Auburn Hills and Brandi Shuey. I started off writing the blog yesterday and I was naming some of the special people that I have become friends as a result of being here. You two were on that list. But I decided I would keep that list for the future. But since you have said such nice things I just had to tell you that right now. I love you two!

Comment by Jenn Bailey on March 26, 2013 at 5:02am

Love this! I have to agree with Auburn, the tiki photo is amazing. I also love the last photo with the headscarf. Jackie Kennedy is one of my idols, and you just exude her elegance in that photo.

Comment by Jessica McGuinty on March 26, 2013 at 10:27am

I love this post and your pictures. You look fabulous, dahhhhling. :) Thanks for sharing them. :)

Comment by Stephanie Lynn on March 26, 2013 at 11:09am

Lovely! That Tiki shot is amazing! Keep it up <3

Comment by Suzanne Grazyna on March 26, 2013 at 12:23pm

You look fantastic! <3

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on April 3, 2013 at 11:44pm

Aoife I just love your story about how you came to discover pinup, and then PUG itself, and I swear those are some of the best pictures that I've seen all year. Aoife you are just a glow with glamour and grace, thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pics and your wonderful story :)

We're lucky that you're a part of this community!

Comment by Aoife 24K on April 4, 2013 at 5:17am

Thanks Tahitia. And thanks jessica, Stephanie, and Suzanne. I have been remiss in thanking all of you. Being here and having such wonderful sisters is a true blessing.

Comment by Amber on April 6, 2013 at 12:54pm
Great pictures! The Ava in gold looks so awesome on you!
Comment by Aoife 24K on April 6, 2013 at 1:24pm

Amber, thank you. I try to be realistic in life and always look on the positive side of things. But when I can look as good as everyone thinks that I look, I wish that I could look as good as this all the time. I know that it is very unrealistic. And it just won't happen. But a girl can dream!

Getting feedback like this is so affirming for me. I don't know how I can repay all of you. But I do know that by giving positive feedback to my PUG sisters, it makes us all feel good.

Comment by Ms. Natalie Ruth on April 7, 2013 at 9:35am
You look great Aoife! I love the gold ava and the brightness of that beautiful $12 dress! Awesome!


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