Hey ladies, does anyone out there juice ? I really want to start juicing but I'm having a hard time deciding on a good juicer. I'm looking for some thing that can handle lots of Kale and others dark leafy greens. Seems like alot of them are good at everything but that. Anyone have any recommendation ? Thnaks :)

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Jack Lalaine's juicer totally bettered my health, and I never had a problem juicing anything in it <3

You may want to get a vitamix, they're amazing. You can always use a strainer if you don't want the pulp. I have both, (well actually my vitamix is an off brand...one day I'll have the real thing) but I find the blender much easier to clean up and it handles dark leafy greens much better. I hardly ever use my juicer, but the blender multiple times throughout the day!

Well personally the strainer and blender methond is easier for me because of the cleanup involved with my juicer. Plus, with my juicer, you have to stick everything in one at a time but with the blender you can throw everything in at once...I find I save time using this method, that's why I suggested it :).

You might want to give it a try, it's a lot easier than it sounds, and if you don't have one already, mesh metal strainers are cheap. It takes me about 5 minutes to make juice with my blender (including clean up) and it takes three times that with the juicer.

However, I've never used the Lalaine juicer and thus don't know about its cleanup...perhaps it is easier than mine!

clean up can be a pain, but i put a plastic bag as a liner in the "bin" to catch the fruit, and that helps cute down a minute or two of cleaning

I've got a Breville, it was $400 well spent. It juices and has a different attachment for smoothies. I love to juice beets, I put 1 -2 in every juice I make. The juicer I have allows me to NOT have to cut everything up or remove apple cores, it literally juices everything. Personally, it is worth it to spend the money for a quality juicer, you will waste less and enjoy more. I had a smaller juicer that was some off brand and it barely gave me any juice, needles to say I had to throw it and cough up the money for a quality juice. Breville is one of the best out there (in my opinion). I have incorporated 1-2 juices a day into my diet. I juiced for 14 days with no other food and it was awesome!

Good luck with juicing. I wish you the best in your juicing adventures. :)

I also have a Breville juicer.  Clean up is a bother but I think you'll have that with any of them.   The only thing I don't like about juicing in the cost of the fruits and veggies and frequent trips to the grocery store.  :-) 

hi! i would highly recommend the hurom slow juicer. it is absolutely amazing. its super easy to clean, it extracts more juice and nutrients from fruits and veggies so your juice is super vibrant and tasty. its a workhorse as far as juicing is concerned. i have had it for almost two years and it works just as well as it did on the first day. as a raw vegan, i juice regularly, and i would say its better than any juicer on the market. the fact that its easy to clean is really important. good luck with whatever you choose : )

A really good friend of mine who is a hard core health nut recommends the NEW Ninja. The older model is not nearly as good but the new model she approves, it's similar to the Vitamix but less expensive.

I have a recipe question, can anyone recommend any great recipes? I get overwhelmed on Pinterest sometimes, I'd love home tested ones. 

I'm particularly interested in recipes that involve spices. Most juices recipes I'm finding are strictly fruits and veggies however I've been researching the extreme benefits of spices such as tumeric and the wonders it works on the body. I'd love to incorporate it into my juicing.




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