I've just started to experiment with some vintage up styles and love doing victory rolls and the like, but sometimes when I want that extra 5 mins in bed, or don't want such an extravegant 'up do' I struggle to think if anything and end up just slinging it up or leaving it down (I am growing out really short hair and it is currently that horrible sitting on your shoulders flicky stage!!)...  So, what are your fave easy peasy quick styles that you wear on a daily basis for work or causal? :)

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I'm horribly lazy.. honestly, I have very long (very thin) hair which I don't cut for metal reasons, so I just let it all hang out. Brush it.. that's it. I'm sure I look very "hippie", but pulling my hair back gives me a headache.

Do you have a video or reference for Kitten Ears?  Is it like this video from LisaFreemontStreet?  Bumper Bangs w/ faux victory rolls?

Heres a youtube tutorial :)


huh... I do something very similar with my hair never new it had a name, LOL

Kitten ears, cats eyes, its all very feline for some reason :)

I have the same issue with sleep :) And with all effort put into makeup, the time i get to hair the clock have already ticked away and i have to rush for work leaving minimum time to work on a hairdo.

I have two "everyday styles" one being the mentioned kitten ears, it gives almost the same form to the hair as victory rolls but is much moore faster and easy. My other hairdo is to simply tie a bandana/chiffon scarf around my head and make a cute bow at the top and leave my hair just hanging in the back. Like in my profile pic. Supereasy and cute :)

I suggest hot rollers for the quick and easy do.  All you have to do is turn on them on while you make your tea (or coffee.) in the morning, in 15 minutes they are usually ready to go.  Throw them in your hair and put on your makeup, or get dressed.   Hot rollers take about 20 minutes to set. 

If I'm just trying to do something fast, bangs and a cute ponytail works.  That is actually my everyday look because of my job (I work at a home improvement store.), hair in my face while I'm running up and down ladders or order pickers doesn't help!  If your bangs are longer you can always tease them, then slick them back for a faux pomp. 

I'm super lazy, so often its just a ponytail with my fringe in a pouff (not the technical term!) but sometimes I do fake half victory rolls - so like your doing a half pony, but divide into two and roll each section up & shove in bobby pins everywhere that needs. Can be a little messy at first but once you've done it a few times only takes 5 mins tops.



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