Hey ladies,

My new juicer is coming on Monday YAY.Is it sad how excited I am about it ? LOL

I was wondering if anyone had any really good juicing recipes ? Especially anything heavy on KALE or other dark leafy greens, they're my fav. Any recipes or tips will be appreciated, as juicing is new to me. Thanks :)

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1) I'm SUPER bad about following recipes.

2) I'm really broke, so I often don't have all the ingredients for a recipe, anyway.

3) Here's what I've found works for me with juicing:

-I start off with whatever fruit I'm going to put in (because I DO care about how it tastes) Apples or Melon work really well because they are high in liquid- and generally inexpensive

-Then I add the "sweet" veggies- I try to use anything COLORFUL I can- Beets, Sweet Potatoes- raw or cooked, Carrots, Summer Squash. Carrots are a perennial for me because they are ALWAYS cheap and available.

-If you are into adding things like garlic, onion, or other smelly but nutritious foods, I do it at this point, because you can taste it and get a decent gauge of how it's going to affect the flavor.

-Then I add the greens-  I use whatever I have around, and usually ALL of it. When I'm juicing, I'm usually making enough for 5+ servings, and so I add AT LEAST a pound of spinach, mixed greens, chard, or kale. I've found that the greens seem to affect the taste of the mix less than any other part, so you can really load them in! Especially if you used beets and carrots! 

4) For breakfast, (at about 7 AM) I like a little protein to start the day. I add a 1/2 cup of fat free greek yogurt and I'm full (and ENERGIZED) until 11.30-12 PM

I bought the cheapest black & decker on amazon- it works fine- but the opening to put food in is TINY so it takes a while to use (especially with leafy greens) and because it's small, the motor is small, so you have to go slow- which isn't a problem because of the tiny opening.

I would recommend getting a more powerful one, but it works fine for me, and it was about $35.

hey, kat! i know i already asked you about "fat, sick & nearly dead", but i'm kiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of obsessed with it, so i'm bringing it up again! haha i haven't tried juicing yet because i can't afford a decent juicer right now. but the movie's website has a bunch of recipes.
keep us posted on how it goes! :)

haha! yeah, between juicing and kale chips, you have to be ready for battle when you try to buy some.

Good morning!

I hv a juicer, and love love love it!

There are so many recipes & it's easy to become overwhelmed.  I started by copying Tropical Smoothie Cafe's Blimey Limey (it's my fav), and my version has become our household standby.  Simply Spinach/kale, pineapple, ginger, lime & oranges. Maybe an apple, although I don't see their nutritional value so much.  

And I always add some pulp back in, as I can't bear to toss it.  Some I freeze, use as a frozen smoothie when I really don't want to go thru the motion of juicing.




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