Hi there, Does anyone have a favourite shop on the UK high street for finding 'pin up inspired' 50's style clothes? I have found a couple of basics in good 'ole M&S and also in Next. I would look in those alternative shops but they tend to be a little bit 'skulls and tattoo' if you see what I mean!!! (I have tattoos but I dont really want to wear dresses with them on, Lol!)

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It's tough on the high street: although there is quite a lot of 'vintage inspired' 50's looks, I find the trend is for a lot of skirts and dresses to come up very short (i.e mid thigh rather than the knee lenght most of us PUG girls look for) There is a shop called 'internacional' that do some great pencil skirts very cheaply, but for more authentic 40's and 50's look, most of my gear comes from good ol' eBay. French connection have some gorgeous pieces as well, although I say the vintage look they tend to sway towards is more 60's (shift dresses for example). I've very much a pencil skirt/dress girl, and I have gotten quite a lot of pieces in the past from Tescos. I think it really is a case of accessorizing and dressing your outfit. I get quite a lot of comments about what I wear, and people are always shocked when i tell them I'm wearing a £25 dress from tescos!

I second New Look for shoes - I love their range and most of their pairs come in under £30. I agree their build quality is also very good - I've had pairs last me 3 years or so (although with 60+ pairs of shoes they do get good rotation!). Not sure about small 'Sindy' feet (that made me smile!) I guess I'm spoilt for choice with my distinctly average size 6's! I love Schuh as well - they sell a few brands too like Iron Fist, TUK and Irregular choice, which are complete head turners and alternative/pin up orientated too. Style aside, have you tried M&S for shoes? They're really comfy and although not as high as I'm usually used to (If they're below 4 inches, they're flats in my book!) they do half sizes and I believe smaller sizes too (UK 3 I think they start). Shame they're not many stores that sell half sizes anymore either, because a 5.5 fits me like a glove. 
If you struggle in heels, then I'd strongly suggest looking for some wedges or Mary Janes (depending on what part of walking in heels you struggle with) wedges are great (well, and what I'd define as) sensible shoes - whereas Mary Janes help you slipping out of heels. I have a fairly narrow fitting and with stockings and tights, I find myself walking out of court shoes because of the width: so a t-bar or ankle strap can really help.
Ah man, I could talk about shoes forever....



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