Who are you? Where do you hang out? What's your life like, both in terms of being a pinup and outside of it?

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Hi I'm Cela and I'm a pinup.  ;) I live in Reno.  I am a full time student and a full time mommy.  I have been into pinup for about 7 years and vintage since I was like 3.  I do a little bit of modelling, fashion shows, pinup contests, etc.  I don't have a lot of time to "hang out" and I'm mostly a homebody.  My daughters are finally getting old enough to be a little self sufficient so I can do fun stuff for me.  I am set to graduate with my BS in Neuroscience in december and hopefully start medical school next august.  This would explain the lack of time for "fun stuff."

I would love to meet so girls that are closer to my neck of the woods, a meetup would be so fun.  We could go hit up some of the vintage stores in SF and maybe the MAC Pro store, I've been wanting to make a trip up there :)  I am taking the whole summer off of school, i'm pretty excited since I've taken summer classes for the past 3 years.  I'm in need of a break.

Thanks for replying to this! I would love to hit the stores in SF with you :-)

Hi!  My name is Sarah Jo and I love the pinup style!  I live in Sacramento and have a wonderful husband and 2-year old son.  I'm a bit of an old soul and have always been fascinated with the style and beauty of the 40's and 50's.  I've just started to get into fashion and makeup...  And started to experiment in trying to dress up like a pinup.  I gets a little expensive...  lol  I also enjoy very much being a mom and a karaoke enthusiast too!

Hey ladies! My name is Ash. I'm a doo wop swinging chick. I'm stoked to have found this group. I was just thinking to myself how great it would be to have likeminded friends to hit car shows with. I'm a server at a restaurant and part time student in san jose. I would love to meet you all! I'm down for whatever. This sounds like fun :)

Hi I am Sabrina. I live and work in the San Francisco bay Area. I am currently an administrative assistant in San Francisco. I am also a historical actress and costumer.  Pin up style is a fairly new passion of mine, one I discovered after my divorce, though I have always loved the vintage looks of the 1940's and 50's. After work I usually hang out at home and work on one of my hobbies or projects, on the weekends I spend a lot of time on the road and in Sacramento.  I am looking into going back to school for a possible career change but I am still not quiet sure what I want to do when I grow up. ;)


Yay! I am stoked that this group now has more members! Welcome everyone!

Hello ladies!

I am Lizabette. I'm North of Sacramento, in Chico, CA area. I'm always on the go go go and can usually be found in East Bay area, Vacaville/Dixon, most weekends or random cruise nights in San Francisco. I've always adored the pin up lifestyle and goes great with my current occupation. My bf and I are both very heavily involved with the automotive industry and try to go to as many shows possible. Hope this is a lively bunch!

Hi, I'm Kaitie and I live in the Sacramento area. I've been into the pinup look since high school (so for about the past 10 years) and when I found PUG back in 2010 I was ecstatic. I've only had 5 dresses and I'm still trying to get into the "swing" type dresses, but I have found work staples in their pencil skirts and everyday love for their Vamp Tops! I'm a secretary at a doctors office in Sac, so besides their skirts, most of my PUG is for after work. I need more places to wear my pretty dresses! I could justify buying more that way haha.
I'm trying to get better at doing pin up make up, I can do a basic look OK, but I CANNOT do anything to my hair. So that's the current challenge haha.

I need to get better at makeup and hair too. Welcome to the group!

Hello ladies! I'm Christy and I'm a wanna be pinup. =)   I've always loved the look, but never had the time, money, patience or confidence to actually try it. Until a year ago that is, when I bought a few dresses and realized how fabulous they make me feel! I have a closet full of dresses now, but just bought my first couple PUG dresses this month, and they're definitely my favorites! 

I live in East Sacramento with my fiance and my 16 year old son. I'm not exactly a party girl, I mostly hang out on my back patio with family and/or friends and a nice glass of wine.

I'm 42, and I've never really cared much about 'girly' stuff like hair and makeup. So I'm really behind the curve and trying to learn as much as I can now! 

Nice to meet you.



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