I have been finding items to add to my vintage collection lately; mostly by way of vintage purses and gloves.  I wanted to share my two purse finds. I first found this small black compact purse. On the inside is the entire kitten caboodle. I was AMAZED at how perfect it was on the inside. As you can see, even the lipstick tube is in tact. When I opened the tube, I was amazed at how clean it was. It reminded me of Dita Von Teese, and how she fills her vintage tubes with her own lipstick.  I can now do that, if I so choose to! lol

The next one is a gold lame purse. I couldn't believe how perfectly in tact this purse was as well.  It even came with its own circular mirror on the inside. They were both from estate sales that happened to be at the same antique shop I haven't been to in years, and it seemed as if both of them had never been used.

Now, all I need is a gold lame dress and some gold lame gloves! And I'll be one rockin' gold lame chick! haha! It may be too much gold lame, but I don't care. LOL! If I find it, I WILL wear it all at the same time. HAHA!


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I love your purses!!! The gold lame one is awesome!! You totally need a gold lame dress. (Side note: My mom made me  black and gold lame dress when I was like 8 for Christmas. The skirt of the dress was cut on a angle and the bottom part was the gold lame. We went to this party where all the popular girls were and they totally hated me because I had on an adult dress and they all had on Laura Ashley dresses. I still have that dress all these years later.) 

I just won two auctions on eBay for some lovely purses. One is black and the other is white. Very simple ones. They are from the same seller and I messaged them to combine the shipping since I won them both. And I haven't heard back yet. The shipping was way more than both of the purses combined. I know people try to make up for low bids by having crazy shipping prices. I just hope they message me back soon.

And I won a hat. Now, the hat is also kind of simple but I have a really hard time finding hats and gloves that fit me. I have tiny head. My winter hats are purchased from the kids section. And my fingers are really short but my wrists have widened due to arthritic nodules. So I have to try on gloves which makes buying gloves off eBay not possible. 

I will post pictures of all my newly acquired lovelies once I receive them! :) 



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