Well this group has gone very quiet. Here is one attempt to wake it up a bit. Today I had a few hours to spare and I did some shoe shopping. As I have mentioned before it is slightly difficult for me to find shoes that fit me. And it is even more difficult to find vintage style shoes that fit me. Over the past couple of years I have managed to get a very nice supply of classic looking shoes. I have managed to do this by doing lots of in person shopping, Ebay and various online shoe retailers.

But one can never have too many shoes... can one?! So today I wanted to check out a couple of repro/vintage style shoes stores. I have come across Re-Mix Vintage Style shoes a few times in the past. But I had only looked at their website. Here is the link: http://remixvintageshoes.com/index.html In the past couple of weeks I had gotten two recommendations about this store and their shoes. One was from my sister PUG Style member Auburn Hills. And the other was from the owner of Besame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez. So I had to go there. I was not disappointed. It is not a large store, but they have a pretty good selection of shoes featuring mainly styles from the Forties and Fifties. Their prices are not cheap. But I have heard that their shoes are built to last. So they are a good investment. And they were having a sale! The sales clerk was very helpful. I could have bought at least 4 pairs of shoes but I settled on two. I can't figure out which style they are from the website. But they fit my feet just perfectly. Sorry to say, I forgot to take a pic of the store. But I did take a pic of the shoes I bought:

After that stop I went to the park area of the LACMA museum. It was a beautiful day. And I thought it would be nice to hang out for a while. I forgot to take my member card with me so I did not go into the museum. But I did take a few pics. This is one:

My final shoe store stop was the just opened Miss L Fire store on Hollywood Boulevard. Miss L Fire is an English brand of vintage repro shoes. Their selection is a little less than what 
Re-Mix has. But their shoes are so cute!!! The only problem for me was that most of what they make are too small for me. I did find a couple pairs of sandals that I may go back to try on again... and maybe buy. I did buy a pair of retro sunglasses while there. I also took a photo of the store front. At this point there is no US website, but you can at least look at their main site if you want to get an idea of what they do.

On average I would say that the shoes in both stores run about $150 a pair. And of course some are a lot more and the sale items are cheaper. I had a fun day. And now I have two more places that I can spend my hard earned money at.

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I just got these today, they are Madden Girl and they were on clearance for $11!! Wooo-Wooo

Aoife, I love those red shoes!!

Thanks Jennifer! I tried to reply to this a few days ago but for some reason, I was unable to.

Well I guess I just joined your group, Aoife!  You are just full of knowledge, fun and cuteness!  Not to mention very nice, very amicable!  I have been reading your posts and looking at your gorgeous and glamorous pics, going with you via your blogs on some of your adventures, you make me want to follow you around!  Thanks for taking us on your shoe shopping trip here, I really like your picks.  I have a huge problem with shoes!  That's it, I need huge ones.  I have been very limited on what I can get, having sadly passed by so many cute ones because they don't come in wide widths.  My size is 10 wide, and since I walk barefoot every chance I get, my feet are spreading even more, they are getting to be a double wide, just like the mobile home I live in.  I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ruth, I believe I live very close to you  I live in La Habra, CA.  I have loved vintage clothes for quite a while, ever since I saw a beautiful 50's cardigan with beautiful beads and "pearls" all over it, lined in a silky material.  I bought it for 3 bucks at a thrift shop.   Never saw a cardigan like that in my life!  Then I saw the beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman, my favorite actress, in vintage clothing. I was hooked!  I got quite a few things from etsy, but I have gained weight since I have had this chronic back pain, so I have not been able to wear any thing I bought.  I am trying to lose weight now, (well I have been trying since 2012) and I have lost about 40 pounds.  I still need to lose another 40 or 50 pounds, it is so hard since I can't exercise much.  Well that's all for now, glad to have joined your group, and a big hello to all of the members! 

Hello! Welcome to the group!

Yes indeed, you do live close!

Well done on the weight loss! But long term weight control is the best way to go... and that is what you seem to be doing.



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