Hi ladies

I'm curious to find out what type of bag everyone uses as their everyday bag...vintage? vintage repro? 

Vintage purses tend to be very small, not ideal for someone like me who shoves everything from lunch to a book, cosmetic purse, wallet, phone, etc. into it.  I have 5 lux de ville purses, but I have noticed that recently the quality seems to have gone down a bit.  The magnetic closures on my bag don't work, and my kisslock is a little crooked and doesn't close securely.  I was thinking of purchasing a custom trophy queen purse, but at $200+ it's quite an investment.  

So, what do you ladies use to carry around your every day essentials?

P.S. Aoife - great group idea!!

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Lady K, you have voiced my exact thoughts. I love buying vintage purses. I have quite a few. They are just so darling. But I wonder how women managed back in the Forties and Fifties. It seems like those purses only had room for maybe lipstick. Most women back then smoked. There does not even seem to be enough room for cigarettes and matches!

So far my main retro style purses have also been Lux de Villes. I have two of them. I don't use them everyday so I can't speak to their durability.

This definitely is a topic worth pursuing. Come on dolls, let us know about your purse recommendations.

(BTW I have an idea about posting photos highlighting some of our favorite vintage/repro accessories. Maybe if I get the chance later tonight. If not I will start it up in the next day or so.)

I actually go with a tote bag, like a shopper. It's not extremely vintage but it's cute and it has everything I need in it :) 

I also want a box clutch, but I have yet to find one that is at a reasonable price and cute :) 

Aoife & Auburn - exactly! I love the look of vintage purses, and have several myself but they hardly even fit my keys/wallet/cigarette combo (yes, I do smoke unfortunately) and are only good for evenings. 

Also, Auburn, thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of the Retro Redone shop. Unfortunately her shop is currently closed but I will be sure to check it out when she's back.

Brandy - super cute tote, and I love the leopard print! As every vintage gal does, I'm sure...definitely looks large enough to fit all the every day essentials.

I guess I'm just a sucker for a structured patent leather shiny bag..I did order the Pinup Couture Aeroplane bag when it came out, but had to return it because I don't know what they were thinking by lining the inside with vinyl. It was totally inconvenient and all my items would essentially stick to the vinyl lining.  If they redesign it with a fabric lining, I will be all over that.

oh wow! those are just amazing! I don't know if they still have them for sale but I couldn't resist eBaying them and the Hell Kitten one is going for about $45 + shipping, which isn't bad if they last for more than a year.  Your pictures really make me want one. I have a super huge thing for leopard and only two purses one of which the strap broke last month and I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet. 

Obviously the eBay store I found them on doesn't ship here 



but super cute! I'm definitely going to use them as inspiration for styles when I go shopping for my next bag :) 

maybe it's time to stock up a spare to stuff in the back of your closet for the day these finally break. I do that with on-sale shoes that I really love :) 

I actually have  my eye on the Lucky Me Kiss Locks from Luxe De Ville 


and the SIn City Kiss Lock 


but I haven't been able to validate the cost that shipping + customs is going to cost 

yours is like a perfect combination of the two, the black one is super cute too ofc

Brandy C - I would try Amazon for Lux de Ville - I have bought several from one particular seller (Outer Rebel) and they have been really good with shipment and customer service.

Brandi S - I love hell's belles! I used to have a bag by them when they were still making them, probably about 5 years ago now, but I destroyed it in 6 months.  Everyone else has echoed your sentiment that they are great quality bags, so perhaps I should start considering that the problem is me, and not the bags lol 

Amazon doesn't ship here either ^_^

My every day handbag is by Dooney and Bourke http://www.dooney.com/OA_HTML/ibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp?section=50441.  It is the perfect size, big enough for all of my stuff but small enough that I have to keep it tidy :) It looks classic and goes equally as well with a vintage dress as with jeans and a tshirt.  They don't have the color that I have anymore, it is a peachy orange so it goes with everything.  I felt the need for an investment bag and I got this one on sale.   

Sourpuss makes some really cute bags too, I love the Floozy Bag. and it comes in red, black, and cream.




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