All right, let's break it down and be honest.  I have 2 Vamp tops (Tiger and Peach), and 2 Vamp dresses (Baby Blue and Black), and compared to many of the ladies who shop PUG, that's nothing.  There's a reason why every time a new colorway gets released in this Deadly Dames staple the fans go crazy to get their hands on it.  Simply put, it's a stunner, and worth every penny.  Really, they should charge more, because when you compare overseas-made lingerie price-wise and construction-wise, the Vamp is just so much more detailed and sexier than the sexiest Victoria's Secret lingerie.  

The bust is basically constructed like lingerie in that it is padded to give you the perfect shape and the adjustable straps make it so that a wide range of bust sizes can wear this beauty.  The waist is nipped in and curves out to highlight your waistline and hips.  I wear mine with a minimally padded bra, and even with my 32" bust (I wear all of my Vamps in an XS), this dress/top gives great cleavage.  The dress has minimal stretch, but I would stick with your normal size if you want it to fit you like a glove.  The measurements are spot on, so stick by those and you're set to go (for reference, my waist is 24", hips 33", lower hips 37").  

The tops are perfect for a more daytime look.  They can be worn with jeans if you want to be a bit more casual, or dressed up with a pencil skirt or some highwaisted pants.  I prefer to wear mine with a pencil skirt, or in light of my most recent acquisition, my peach Vamp with my new Pink Atomic Skirt from Pinup Couture.  I love wearing my Tiger Vamp with either my LB Black Label Pencil Skirt or one of my Dixiefried Perfect Pencil Skirts (the Gold especially with the Tiger Vamp).

So ladies, do yourselves a favor and if you haven't tried out the Vamps yet, put one on your next order.  My absolute favorite PUG dress is my Black Vamp Dress, my second purchase from PUG, and I was floored by how much it accentuated my curves and how I had finally found clothing that was truly made for women.  It's my go-to dress for feeling great.  I even wore it to the new Pinup Girl Boutique opening because really, what else could I pick?  I didn't get a photo from that night, but here's a shot of it from my roommate's James Bond party...

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You look great!! Love that look.

Couldnt agree more! I have about 8 Vamp tops and in my next order I will include a couple of dresses, it is truly beautifully constructed and as you said, every PUG lover need to acquire these. Cant wait to see how the dresses will fit! :D

PS: You have a gorgeous vintage figure!

I love vamps. I need them ALL.

I'm developing quite a vamp addiction too.  Two dresses (tiger and red/black dot) and two tops (blue and black).  Though, in comparison, I'm really just a *wannabe*. I'd love to see a top in solid red, white or better yet both.. to go with the floral pencil skirts I bought this summer. 

If I had more places to wear the dresses I'd own them all.  As it is, they get worn out for groceries more than for a night on the town.  LOL

And a James Bond party?  I'm totally jealous!

P.S.  I still love the peach on you.  Really complements your skintone. 

I have a medium Vamp dress but it's a bit loose on me. (34D-28-39) I want to get a vamp top and wondering if I should go with a small. I feel like the straps are adjustable enough I'm not really worried about the bust, but will I be able to fit at the waist (is 28" pushing it in a small)? Is the top more sturdy through the torso than the dress?

Thanks, Ali! I have the leopard dress and looking to get the tiger top. I'll go for the small Tiger, and will see how that one fits before I order the black.




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