Many of us have figured out how to dress up our Pinup Couture outfits for special occasions or fancy nights out, but continue to struggle with creating a more everyday, casual look.  (Now be forewarned, you will never really "blend in" while wearing Pinup Couture but you will definitely not look "costumey" either.)  

Here's a quick pic of me wearing the baby blue Deadly Dames capris (size large..we'll get to that later) paired with the Deadly Dames Vamp Top in Zebra print (size small).

The Deadly Dames Vamp Top is made of a thick cotton type material and is not see-through at all.  It is extremely comfortable and has a zipper that closes down your back, giving you an amazing fit!  The adjustable straps make this top ideal for a wide range of bust sizes, so just make sure your mid section fits the measurements on the size chart and you'll be good to go!

The Deadly Dames capris are made of high quality stretch bengaline and are very forgiving in the hip, thigh, and tummy area.  I should have bought a smaller size but loved them so much I got them in Large as soon as they were available.  And it turned out ok because they still look nice and leave me plenty of room to grow!  They are very high waisted which is nice for ladies with a longer torso, and have a cute slit on the back of each leg which looks cute and makes it easier for ladies with thicker calves.  You will definitely be comfortable in these! My only recommendation would be to wear nude undies to avoid others seeing any cute patterns or designs you may be wearing underneath. *wink wink*

You can dress up this outfit by pairing it with a cute set of heels like in the first picture and doing something creative with your hair and make-up (ahem, ignore that part in the picture, heehee.)

 You can also wear this outfit for a day of running errands, meeting up with friends, or chasing your kids around by pairing it with a cute pair of flats.  The picture on the right is the perfect example of this: my dog was on a hunger strike and I was trying to get her to eat while trying to look graceful for my picture, haha, didn't quite work out but you get the idea! You'll still look cute!


One more must-have item for the woman on the go is the Pinup Couture Doris Top in any color.

I have the Doris top in XS.  The small would have been more comfortable in the tummy are but the bust area was too big, so I exchanged for an XS and eventually worked my way into it.  No matter what your bust size is, this top will make you look AMAZING!!!! It is made of stretch poplin so it will lightly tuck you in in all the right places and has a zipper down the back to easily get it on and off.  The neckline gives you all the oomph you'll need and more!  It is very versatile because you can wear it with all types of skirts, shorts, jeans, or capris and still look like a knock out!  If you're afraid of being too revealing at first (you'll quickly get over that), you can wear a tank top under or some other type of cover up to be more discreet.  But practice smiling in the mirror before walking out the door because people will be looking at you (in a good way) and you won't want to ruin your look with a confused or angry expression.

Well that's it for now, hope you find my reviews helpful as you integrate Pinup Couture separates into your everyday wardrobe. Have a nice weekend!





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That's a great idea!
Thanks! :D

The pants have more stretch in the hip/thigh area than in the waist so I would say to go by your waist measurement so that you can sit down comfortably. In bottoms I can usually fit into a small if the material is stretchy but they feel tighter in the waist so I prefer medium so I can move around better. I got the blue capris on sale a couple years back and they only had size large. I tried them on and they were not as fitted as they are supposed to be but I thought they were close enough since they didn't look too baggy. (In the last picture you can see how the material has lots of folds. There wouldn't be as many if I were wearing a smaller size because the leg part would be more filled out. Also they are stretchy so I could pull on the material and stretch it out a little more than an inch wherever I pulled if I wanted to, even in the waist.)  I recently swapped these with another PUG fan for a pair of black ones in size medium and those fit tighter and lower on the waist.

you have such ultra long legs....and you look stunning in these pictures. Im so jealous I dont think I could pull this off in a million years. Congratulations 

Wow, thank you! I was so nervous to post pictures =/

Aww, thank you! I had a lot of fun writing the review because I was able to share information I would have found helpful to have read myself. I'm thinking of writing some more now since I feel more brave, haha.

I really like your review !!! Makes me wanna buy a capri & a doris top ! I already have one vamp top & I love it to pieces ! 

About the capri's sizing... I think I might need to order up too. I wear a small in tops & dresses, even most skirts... but I have very full hips & derriere (LOL) compared to my waist ( 27 in waist... 37 in hip bones area...39/40 on lower hips !).

Do you think a size medium would be comfortable ? Im not used to wear "pants"... I wear leggings most of the time :). 


Hi Viola,

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, I don't get alerts regarding new responses so I just happened to see this now by chance =/

But anyway, I think a Medium would be good for you.  Try the medium first and exchange for a large if it feels too restricting. The material is stretchy though so wear them around at home to get used to them before deciding to exchange for a larger size. =) 



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