This dress is my new favorite, ever!  Although the print is adorable, it is really the cut and the shape of the Jenny that do it for me.  The boned bodice creates a great silhouette and allows the dress to be worn braless if you only need medium support.  Love the fullness of the skirt -- it is just the right amount of pouf.  The fabric and lining contribute to a stiffer shape, so it never looks droopy.  It's kind of similar to the LB Lana in that way.

The straps are adjustable, perfect for shorter torsos like moi.  I bought my regular pug size, but I think the waist and bust runs a bit on the smaller side.  It was a squeeze at first but then it loosened up after 15 minutes and gave me some breathing room.

And then the print!  It is super fun and retro, without being too cutesy.  Sometimes I'm afraid the novelty prints are too young, but this one is very wearable.  Needless to say it generates a ton of compliments.  I bought it in person so I flipped through a few of the dresses before I found one that I thought matched close enough in terms of the diamonds running the same direction along the vertical seams of the bodice.  Of course it would be impossible for the print to match up perfectly, and it looks like an effort was made to keep complementary.  If you're picky about those kind of things I would select it in person.

Definitely a great day dress, where you feel pretty and dressed up but not like a giant goob for being too dolled up for 9 in the morning.  I wore it to work so I layered a black cardigan over it and added my harlequin-ish yellow heels, which I thought worked even though there's no yellow in the dress.  It looked considerably more nightime when I tried it on with the sateen vamp bolero.

Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress in Harlequin Print

I'm going to go for the lavender also I think, because this is going to be my new go-to dress (unless the Jayne is released soon and we fall in love).

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Thanks so much for your great review! I am having a hard time waiting to order the one I want. :)

Thank YOU for reading!  Are you waiting for the tiki?  I saw it (either they had the Jenny skirt at the viva booth or maybe a friend of pug was wearing it) and it is CUUUTTTTTTTE!!

Yes! The tiki is sitting in my PUG shopping cart. I'm trying to wait patiently for the peach Harley to be released and then I will order them together! :)

I hope some people have ordered the tiki print already and will post pictures soon! You saw it in it mainly yellow? Green?

I am loving all the spring colors!

It was mainly yellow, and I thought the pink accents in the print stood out more than the green.  The yellow itself has a green undertone though, it feels very atomic (like the color of a 50's kitchen).

Thanks! I can't wait for it. 

Do you think the harlequin skirt has a better chance of being straight, pattern-wise? Did you see any at viva?

I wonder if I should size up like most people recommended for the Doris skirt.Hmm. :)

Oh yes, the only pattern match-up that is noticeable is along the bodice of the dress.  The pattern is totally even, horizontally, on the skirt. 

I tried on the cabana striped skirt and it was less structured on the tum than the Doris, maybe just because the waistband is shorter.  That's not particularly helpful though, sorry.  Hmmm indeed...

I have been dying to buy a Jenny! (& a Jayne!) thanks for your review, a lavender Jenny sits at the top of my list!



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