Hello ladies! Has anyone had any experience with converting a halter-topped dress into one with shoulder straps? I seem to recall a discussion at one point about ladies with neck problems who have trouble with halters, but I don't recall the outcome.

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Zooey circus dress, but now I'm second-guessing myself because the Ginger version of the same is so darned cute...I basically just ordered the Zooey because I can't wear halters comfortably for very long, so I'm just wondering...

IF I decided to go that route, is it easily done?

Does it look funny at all? (in that halters usually are set at an angle to meet behind the neck, so if you straighten them to meet in parallel at the back, will that cause any weird fabric bunching near the join at the bodice?)

Since I'm not much for sewing skills, is it something any seamstress/tailor could do, and for how much might I expect to be charged?

Of course, when Zooey gets here she may drive all lingering thoughts of Ginger out of my head...

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It was $12

The criss-cross back thing.. that's a good idea :)

I'm glad I went for it :)  Halters always give me trouble because I go dancing in them and have to keep tugging the back up all night.

I'm picky about halters. I love the ones by Deadly Dames since they just have s single smooth strap :) The halters that tie in the back, bother my neck.

Even the single strap ones (like on bathing suits) hurt my neck pretty quickly. Definitely not a halter fan, am I!

Well I only have two. My other PUG tops are wearable with a regular bra type of thing, or no bra at all in the case of the vamp.

I am so glad this was brought up!  I have a Ginger dress in black but it has been sitting in my closet due to it being a halter and causing discomfort on my neck.  Now I know I can keep it by getting it tailored to fit in the back



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