I love PUG clothing, but I keep coming across a difficulty. It seems that all the tops are geared towards bigger breasted women. So far I have had great luck with the Sabrina top ( god i want one in every color!) as well as the Lauren top. 

I really wanted a tank top, because I live in Florida, so I purchased the Zooey Top in White. It fit me perfectly in the waist but the amount of extra space in the breasts was ridiculous. I ended up giving it to my bff who has large breast implants and a small waist. 

I am nervous about purchasing any more of their tops. I had some interest in the Vamp tank top and the peasant top, but they all seem large, sagy, or for Busty ladies only. 

Have any of you other Petite PUGstylers had issues with this? Any recommendations? 

I've also noticed that PUG seems to be focusing a large amount of their attention on plus sizes...wish we could get a bit more love!

Thanks ladies.



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Honestly, PUG stuff for me is very geared towards that inverted triangle shape. I am a petite pear (almost hourglass), normal torso and short legs. So everything needs to be tailored. I would love if they gave petites more love, and more printed tops rather than bottom. That being said, I love my Vamp tops, but I am a 34D. I do find them a tad too short, but that's personal preference. The Vamp also has adjustable straps, which may help against gappage. If it fits you right, it's awesome.

Hi Margaux,

you don't say what size bust you have, so I don't know how helpful my reply will be, but I have a modest bust of 34", which usually is at the top end of the XS or the lower end of the S for the PUG size charts.

I love my Zooey tops, but I do use a good pushup bra and 'chicken fillets' when I wear them; I do like the Vamp top but I find that - unlike the majority of PUGs lines - it's geared more towards a rectangular body shape, rather than hourglass (in the Zooey I'm an XS, in the Vamp I'm an S and I'm pretty much the definition of hourglass, including the 10" difference from B to W to H); what this means for me is that while the Vamp fits me in the bust, it's rather baggy around my waist (to the tune of 3 - 4"), of course that's nothing that can't be fixed with a belt or by tucking it in, but it sounds like it might be a great top for you to try, since it's sized for a different body shape than the Zooey.

Thanks for the responses Val and Sam. I have an hour glass shape as well, but I think i may be brave enough to purchase the vamp top. I debate between my Bra size all the time sometimes I am a 32 B other times a 34 B, my mother swears i'm a 34D. It can get confusing. Either way, ...I do believe we petites are struggling more than the XLs.

Jenny skirts and dresses fit me wonderfully. I don't mind the length, I am 5'5 1/2. 26 waist, 36 hips. Mainly i am petite on top with my small shoulders and bust line. I actually prefer to have skirts hit me just above the knee or just below. I prefer the coverage. 

I understand that PUG Designers Laura Brynes and Micheline Pitt are all about offering options for all body shapes and sizes, but I feel like they are getting a bit carried away with catering the the plus size ladies. I think Laura does a great job of designing for everyone, where Micheline tends to design for her own body shape (Jessica Rabbit style, very hot...).

Its nice that there is this group where we can kind of warn eachother about what tops or bottoms worked for our body shape. Thanks ladies.



It sounds like you need to go and have yourself a bra fitting Margaux - but not at Victoria's Secret (her secret is she's no good!!) - try a department store, and if you don't feel comfortable having an assistant fit you, learn what you should be looking for and take a range of bra sizes into the changing rooms.

As an aside, if you're an hourglass shape, you'd have around a 35 - 37" bust, and while I'm not a bra sizing/fit expert I'd suspect that 32B or 34B is either the wrong size because you are an hourglass, or the right size but you're not an hourglass - if you see what I mean?

Try these sites for tips on ensuring your bra fits you properly:




I do see what you mean. Thanks so much Sam!

I just noticed now that if you click on the Clothing tab, the next page that pops up now has options that say petite friendly...maturity friendly, tall friendly, etc. Has that been there awhile? 

That is fairly new. I actually made the suggestion on FB about a month ago that they add section listing styles known to work for petite ladies and they actually put a call out for suggestions of petite-friendly styles on Facebook and used that info to build the tab. Some tall PUG-sters asked that the same be done for them and they did. I was very surprised and pleased that they did it! I am new to PUG and I am not used to retailers being responsive.

As for the topic, I love the Lauren and Sean tops. I need to wear a cami under the Lauren for work but for date night, it's a fave with my hubby! The Sean is good for me since I am smaller-busted. I have worn them with and without push up bras and felt great. 

My other favorite thing is the Lana dress. It's one of the styles that is not only shorter in length but also on the more conservative side so I can wear it for work events. Good bust coverage and structure. 

One of the admins said on FB that they will have more colorways for the Lana ready for fall.

Ah the Lana Dress. I have a similar dress in red that I got in New Orleans from Trashy Diva, very cool shop. Mainly 40s and 50s styles. I might just be going through a phase, but I feel like it would be too short? Looks like the bust would be perfect for work or play though. I am looking forward to the new patterns they are releasing in fall. 

A company that is responsive! Love it. Another reason why PUG has a great following!

I am a bit over 5'1" and the Lana hits me at the knee, which is good for my needs. I have my eye out for more in other colorways but they are scarce on the swap pages. 



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