*Our winner*
Chanel Chakko
"As sleek and seductive as our very own Angelique, for which it is named, this dress will stop traffic.  It has a wonderful classic 40's silhouette with a flowing fishtail hem that will accentuate your hourglass shape (or trick the eye into creating one!)  The fabric is a high quality ponte knit that will stretch and hug your curves while still having enough weight to be flattering and hide imperfections. Ponte is also known for it's anti-wrinkling properties so you can roll this one up in your luggage for out of town holiday parties, vacations and other special occasions. The capelet keeps you covered so that you can wear it to your company holiday parties without causing too many heart palpitations.  The lipstick red shade is a definite showstopper.  This will be your go-to dress this season!"

If you would like to join the waitlist for this new style and be informed the moment it comes into stock click here.


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Ahhh, the essence of she that demands attention effortlessly, as she enters the room in a vixen red dress that compliments her body. Worn tight enough to show she's a woman, and loose enough to show she's a lady! This fabulous curve hugging dress ending with flare at the hem........was all she needed! A true "Pinup Girl" indeed!

Even a superhero likes to paint the town red from time to time, but what to wear?  It has to be a change from the ordinary day to day superhero costume but be unique enough to whisper "I'm different" in case assistance is needed.  Imagine the excitement when the Angelique dress was discovered by our heroine.The Ponte fabric is nearly impossible to wrinkle after a quick trip down Crime Fighting Lane and the stretch means that there is full freedom of movement when fighting one's nemesis. The Fishtail hemline and flattering neckline help keep modesty in check while running, jumping and leaping over buildings.  The modest cape draping off of the shoulders is a subtle hint of one's superhero status and helps during flights of fancy.

The scarlet red Angelique dress pinned tightly to the curves of a beautiful lady, while the fishtail hemline sweeps across her legs as she walks through the ballroom to the middle of the floor. She looks around, caught with a candlestick in her hand. Did she murder the Kernel? Did she use the candlestick? Or was she putting on a facade to fool us all? Are these clues? The only one who knows is the Kernel, and he is no longer here. A smirk across her face she laughs out loud in the mirror across the room, spinning as she feels her capelet back fly up around her neckline. Is this suspicious? Is it another sign of more death to come? The rest of the dinner guests better watch out..

Angelique Red 

Angelique is a gorgeous body conscious dress for the woman that grew up loving fairytales.  

Reminisant of little red riding hood’s red cape, is a flirty Capelet that ruffles off the shoulders,

and a fishtail hem line that creates hip hugging dangerous curves. Made of highest quality Ponte you will

 just love this dress, and be careful, so will the big bad wolf!

A soft knocking at the door, then the jingle of the doorknob. Marcus looked up from his chair behind the desk, eyes barely leaving the top of the newspaper. If Valdez returned asking for another handout, he had another thing coming, he thought. It was not Valdez that sauntered through the cherry wood door, but a lovely, curvaceous woman in red. Her expertly-done black hair rested in shining waves on her shoulders. Claudia from the 11th floor? Wasn’t she normally playing house to her husband at this hour? Marcus, instantly surprised, had no words for the vision of loveliness, and let his mouth hang open a while. Black heels clicked on the newly-installed wooden floor, echoing slightly with each step. A red dress with a capelet over the shoulders accented wide hips and a small waist, leading up to ample breasts which fit snug just under the high neckline. The fishtail hemline of the dress stopped right at her knees, flashing a pair of legs that went on until Tuesday. Claudia and her clicking heels came to a stop at the front of the dark-wood desk, a black gloved hand reaching into her purse for what was probably a cigarette. Damn, Claudia looks fine, Marcus mused in the back of his mind as he leaned in his chair to better take her in. I wouldn’t mind seeing that lovely dress on my floor, though...The moment a pistol appeared in Claudia’s hand, Marcus was instantly sorry it was not Valdez asking for money. Before he could put the moves on Claudia and much less demand an explanation for the gun, the back of his mind, which only a moment ago mused about Claudia’s good looks, plastered itself to the chair, where his body slumped in a fairly quick death. Claudia put the gun away, and smoothed her dress down as if simply pulling a trigger had ruffled her clothing. She turned and left, as simply as she came—minus one bullet.

The Red Angelique Dress is sophisticated in the front, and flirty from behind.  Made of high quality Ponte, it not only resists piling and wrinkles, but drapes beautifully, complimenting the curves of your body, and stretches for comfort, making it flexible enough for daytime or evening wear.  The capelet back teases modest flirtation and and draws the eye towards the sexy fishtail hemline, which flows nicely below the knees and gives your body a very complimentary shape.  The Big Bad Wolf isn't the only one whose eye you will catch in this cute little number.  

Giving thin women voluptuous curves and curvy women style and grace, this dress compliments all figures and makes a woman feel like the best version of herself.

Quintessentially hourglass.  Supremely elegant.  Dangerous yet demure ... and red. Very, very 'red dress'.

The piano man stops playing as you walk into the room. The men at the bar turn and stare, leaving their cigarettes hanging in their mouths. You are the envy of every woman in the room. You are the woman in red.

This dress, made from the highest quality Ponte, will make you into that woman every time you slip into its perfectly draped design. No matter what body type you are, this dress will make men pause and woman want to be you. And wouldn't you want to be the woman in red?

"Angelique, may I have a Peek?"

The door swings open, the music stops, it feels as though time is standing still. It's her...Angelique. She glides into the room, her cape softly shifting across her shoulders as the soft fabric caresses her beautiful figure, lovingly gripping her curves, the flow of the fishtail reminds me of a sultry mermaid beckoning me to sea."Why am I sweating? It's hot, like that red dress she has on. I have to stop staring." This I whisper to myself. I can't help myself..." Angelique, may I have a Peek"?

Angelique dress in red!

A stunning woman walks into a club set like the 1940's & all eyes suddenly turn to her & the gorgeous red ponte knit dress she  is wearing with a matching faux fur stole & red heels & as she keeps walking by to where she is headed & sits down,there is an angelic glow around her & people can't seem to take their eyes off of her or her stunning red dress,there is something about this red dress that seems to catch the eye of eveyone that gets a glimpse of it.

Curves that kill, style that thrills, and a timeless elegance once found on the old sirens of the silver screen.  Knock ‘em out with the Angelique dress in red!  Gorgeous drape, flow and a capelet is all a gal could ever ask for.



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