Ok girls, so I finally broke down and got one of the What Katie Did corsets.  This thing is AMAZING!  It is comfy and the pic above shows it not even completely laced down as tight as it will go.  Such great quality.  I am in love.  This is the Morticia.

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Wow! Really stunning! The lacing and background color are so beautifully done.

Is it comfortable when you sit down, too?

Can you sit at a desk at on office if yuo wore it and/or driving long distance like 2 hours.

Contemplating, but don't want to end up with something that is really expensive and unwearable most of the time....

Well, I think it might depend on how familiar you are with wearing corsets already.  For me, I am brand new, only having worn fashion corsets before this one.

It is comfortable to sit down in, but it only allows you to sit up absolutely straight, so for me I don't think I could wear it in a situation where I am sitting for 8 hours.  It definitely doesn't hurt or poke or anything like that, so in that way it is comfortable, but the boning is not at all flexible.

It is a beautifully made corset, of high quality, and I think eventually it could be suitable for everyday wear, but for myself and probably other newbies, I think it will be best to start out wearing it for a couple hours at a time and working your way up.  

Perhaps some of the more experienced girls here can offer better advice.  

I am thinking of purchasing a shorter one. Well, I am 5'2" to begin with and as long as the boning does not bend, and doesnot poke me inthe legs, I am OK for sitting up straight.

One more question. How easy is it to put on and take off if I were to do that in the morning rush and at the end of the day rush before the gym. - I usually change clothes inthe car while rushing to the gym :P

I'd rather hear this part from a beginner because that's what I am.

Just started wearing a stretchy corset (no lacing). It is really tight, so I am wearing it while sleeping in bed so far. :P Really uncomfortable to walk around in it unless I lose a bit more weight which is my ultimate goal. It takes like a good 2-3 mins to close the hook and eye closures.

This particular corset, the Morticia, is pretty long.  I am 5'6" and it hits me at my lower hip.  I believe the Mae is the name of the shorter version.  I almost got that one instead.  Their website has great info as far as fit.  The Morticia is good if you have a 10" or more difference between your waist and hip measurement, if you do not, it will sort of gap at the hip.

It took me near 10 minutes to get it figured out!  Taking it off took less than a minute though.  I imagine with practice you could get into it quicker, but tightening the laces does take some patience, and you really can't get in and out of it without completely loosening the ties first.  So I would say it would be quite a challenge if you're in a rush!

I bought a shaper recently too, with no boning and I find it much more uncomfortable than the corset.  I was truly shocked by the comfort of this one.  It is very stiff and constricting the way it should be, but NOT painful or pinching at all.  There is also a website called Orchard Corset and they are quite a bit cheaper than WKD if you want to start off a bit cheaper.  I've heard good things about their corsets, but have not tried them myself.

Here's the link to both just in case :)



Let me know how it goes!

I di dhear Morticia is one of the most comfortable corsets there ever. It would fit me, but I think I would have to stand up all the time due to its length. Oh well, our desks at work can rise up to allow standing ;)

Thanks for sharing orchardcorset. I already fell in love with a steampunk number there.

Meanwhile, for tight lacing I have been eye-ing this mean number which is rounded and short ;)


If it takes a bit to get in, I'll have to experiement on Fridays and weekends. It'll be a weird experience because usually I have my belly exposed most of the time due to belly dance practices. It'll feel so covered and hidden :PPP

Seriously this picture of yours here is so perfect. I love it from top to bottom :) Had to tell ya!



Haha, we must make sacrifices for glamour!  Even if it means standing at our desks ;)

That corset is gorgeous!  It is definitely similar to the Mae corset from WKD.  There are some on sale that are about $10-$15 more than the bad attitude one.  You just have to sign up for the mailing list.

I took a belly dancing class recently!  I loved it.  It's so much harder than I expected and I was not super great at it, but I want to take another class soon!

I am so excited for your trip into corsetry.  It's nice to talk with another beginner about this stuff!

Thanks so much for the compliment!  I'll have to post a new picture when I actually wear it out (and get it really tightened!)  I need some serious practice at lacing myself in!

So, I am going a bit cheaper for this first purchase(s).

At orchardcorset.com, they have a sale for 1 but get 1.

Question is my waist is now ~26" and if I loose the last 5-6 lbs, probably be 25".

I want to reduce a bit more, so will go with 22" which means it is 22" if closed shut but I can arrange it to tighten too 24" to begin with and then to 23.5", etc, right?

I don't think I should go below 22" at all...

Also looking at Morticia, there are those hook&eye closures in the front. I thought once you tighten at the back, you justt get in and out from the front??? Is it not that way?

Nilay, I am so sorry, I never saw your previous reply!  Did you get your orchard corsets yet?  I am so excited to hear how they worked out for you.  As Ruth Anne pointed out, I think you chose a good size.  I am a 28" waist and got a 24" knowing full well I probably won't ever get down that low (but it's nice to have the option!)  The average is 4-5" smaller than your natural waist, so you're right in the range.

No problem!

Yes, I did get orchard corsets as they were on sale for 2 for 1! Yes, I understand the quality and difference of a real corset. Mine are short and fit me well. I need to snap a few pictures soon and add it here.

Had them laced by my husband. It was a lot of work and although I did not see Ruth Anne's replu, I did take them out without loosening the laces, I could not out them back on that way :P

I haven't really worn them out anywhere as I had to leave for Las Vegas and I went with the familiar and known and easy to put on put off clothing insead of dealing with corsets. Also being a belly dancer, my mid-section needs to be exposed a lot. :)

In Vegas, I watched the PeepShow by Holly Madison. While the corsets they wore in the show are dance corsets, not for tightlacing...

  1. They were marvellous with all the shimmer, rhinestones and even just as a frame corset in which only the boning was traced with green glitter.
  2. They came right off at a snap...heh heh... well... of course they did! That's why everyone went to see the "peep" show, right? :)
  3. It inspired me to get out there and ear mine. I chose some untraditional colors. Really need to snap a photo once I figure out what I'll actually whear them "with".

Thanks so much for your help.

It'll probably the weekend after next as I have to travel again and belly dance.


I have the leather underbust from Orchard Corset.  Also a long line from leatherotics.  Both have spiral and flat steel bones and both are comfortable.  You can wear them over your normal tops or dresses, I've been surprised what looks nice and what doesn't.  Also what has surprised me is the response I've received.  I live in CA and one would think you could get by w/just about anything and they do.  But corsets are a grey area I guess and it amazes me the response.  I do feel feminine and more confident and can lace it up and take it off pretty quick.  There are videos on youtube that show how to do it yourself.  I have also worn my leather one in the car for a trip and it does help the back when it gets stressed or tired, unless it is a real low back problem.  I do wish I could find more ladies around where I live who also enjoy wearing them.  Enjoy!

Wow absolutely stunning wot a great figre.

Thank you Grace!  This corset equals magic.  Haha!



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