I have been one of these girls that wants to lose 10 pounds before I purchase any clothing.  Because of my distorted way of thinking I basically have little to no clothing.  So I made an executive decision in my life.  I don't give a shit if I weigh 200, 250 or 150 pounds.  I am going to love myself just the way I am..period.  I bought the deadly dames capri pants in hot pink bengaline.  I literally hurt my back trying to get them on.  So I hung them up in my closet and they have been taunting me since April when I purchased them.  I recently lost a few pounds so I decided to try them on.  I sat down and said a little prayer to the clothes god.  I donned my spanx body transformers and the show was on.  I put on some lively music and squished myself in these fabulous pants.  Goal achieved.  Now, with that being said I have yet to wear it out on the town.  I just can't find a special enough place to wear these pants.   That is the next project on my ever ending to do list.   

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Jessica, you hit the nail on the head. When will we be satisfied? I can answer for myself and say when I look like I did previously before the weight gain. I can cope with not being my perfect weight, acknowledging that at this age and stage of my life it isn't realistic, but just deal with being the other side of 60kgs when I'm only 5"3".

All of you are beautiful just the way you are <3

'Beauty' has a lot to do with how you feel, less to do with a specific number, and I like that few people advertise their goal or current weight (no prob if you do, I just like that I don't often see it here), as what's 'over weight' to one person might be someone else's perfect size :)

My motivation: personal training. I recently lost weight and am really happy with where I'm at now. I've been a member of several gyms, and just never ended up going regularly. Personal training is expensive, but I decided my body, confidence and health were worth it, so I do 2 hours of PT a week, and then this also makes me go the gym in addition to that because a) I feel fitter, I know I'm not going to sit around panting the whole time, and b) if I don't do at least a little exercise outside the PT times, the training isn't as effective and I don't get as much value for money. I know I'll go to PT, because I don't want to let my trainers down (isn't it funny - we worry about letting others down more than ourselves!) and the gym can technically keep the fee I've paid for that session if I don't go (I don't know if they would be that mean, but it's a good motivator!)

Dilemma, you're so right about the personal training. The last time I was really happy with my body and was fit and healthy was when I was doing 2-3 PT sessions a week. I loved it although I hated the gym and didn't go outside of that. I'm the best 'gym-joiner' around. It's like a charity, I join, give them money then never go. LOL

But PT is very dear with each session costing me $50. I loved my trainer and loved how it made me feel. I loved weight lifting and watching the weights get higher and higher. I loved how I felt emotionally as well at this time. But it was a time in my life when I had more disposable income and could indulge myself with a Personal Trainer.

Those days have gone and I'd be happy just to have some of the motivation back again.

OMG.  I have given to so many gyms and NEVER go...It is a charity...maybe a personal trainer may be a good idea.  

Hunny, you can wear them any where, I dress up all the time, weather where at a car event or just a weekend cruz, enjoy your beautiful self... :)

Thanks for the replies yall....Make sure everyone is taking the advice given.

Miss Blaise

There is a wonderful online magazine by Iman Woods, who is a local pinup photographer here in Colorado, it is called Stark Beauty Magazine, their Facebook is here Stark Beauty Mag. I love this magazine because it is all about real women and how amazing we all are no matter our size, shape, creed, etc. Also, Iman Woods is an amazing photographer and artist specializing in vintage pinup style. Just thought I'd share.

I've been in this boat for so long it's hard to take the jump overboard.

I've learned that I'm a 'social' type of exerciser.  I need a workout buddy to keep me accountable.  Sadly I don't have any friends that live close that could workout with me let alone go walking with me.

I'd love to be able to just 'love my curves' but I just can't seem to do it.  My curves are not proportionate which makes it hard for me to dress them without looking like a sausage spilling out of it's casing some days.

You look GREAT!!! That picture alone would be motivation, for me. 

Music is a big motivator for me, when it comes to exercise. I dance a decent amount as part of my workout. Make sure you are enjoying your workout, because that is the only way you will keep doing it, and never let yourself get bored. 




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