I have been one of these girls that wants to lose 10 pounds before I purchase any clothing.  Because of my distorted way of thinking I basically have little to no clothing.  So I made an executive decision in my life.  I don't give a shit if I weigh 200, 250 or 150 pounds.  I am going to love myself just the way I am..period.  I bought the deadly dames capri pants in hot pink bengaline.  I literally hurt my back trying to get them on.  So I hung them up in my closet and they have been taunting me since April when I purchased them.  I recently lost a few pounds so I decided to try them on.  I sat down and said a little prayer to the clothes god.  I donned my spanx body transformers and the show was on.  I put on some lively music and squished myself in these fabulous pants.  Goal achieved.  Now, with that being said I have yet to wear it out on the town.  I just can't find a special enough place to wear these pants.   That is the next project on my ever ending to do list.   

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thats funny, I too do the same thing.  I have been losing weight recently so I dont want to spend money on clothes that i'm not going to fit into soon.  I have a few "goal" pieces that I am working to fit into.  I have lost about 25 lbs since the beginning of february, almost 30 total.  I have about another 25-35 left to lose, we'll see when I get closer how I feel then.  But I did the whole "I want this when I lose X amount of weight" even before I was actively trying to lose weight.  Now that I have a definite path and goal set, I don't think it makes sense to buy anything now.  When I have reached my goal I want a pair of those pants, they are fabulous!

Congratulations on the weight loss.  It is certainly not easy to lose weight.  You must post pictures of yourself in your "skinny" clothes.  Thanks for responding, Cela.

Miss Stacy Blaise

I'm sure you look great Stacy and congratulations on fitting into them!

It is always the best feeling when you manage to get on that 'too tight' pair of pants, even if you do squish yourself in it is still progress :)

Thanks...but with the zipper in the back I couldn't lay on my bed on my back and zip them up....LOL

I too have trouble with the weight issue and not wanting to buy clothes. I have 2 wardrobes full of original vintage and I can't fit into them. It's so depressing! And I don't need to lose too much, just 7kgs would do it. I keep setting goals for myself, like I'll lose it before I go to Bali (been and gone), I'll lose it before I go to the States (supposed to be leaving in 2 weeks). It ain't happening. So I disguise my size with bigger looser tops then feel like I'm very un-PUG. Eugh!!!!

i am in the SAAAAAAME boat, i've been out of a job for a while now (i was a server and on the move all the time) and now i've gained weight, and theres a box full of beautiful clothes, that i've spent hard earned money on, sitting on floor. i keep saying to myself "i'm gonna lose weight" "i'm gonna work out", and then i become lazy and nothing happens. i lack motivation and therefore, i wear baggy, loose (ill) fitting clothes and feel very out of touch with my once put together style :( 

Motivation is everything but where do you find it or what creates it? I've struggled with this weight for five years and it goes down a little then back up, then down a little. But not down enough that I can fit into the clothes I want to.

I just say you will have to embrace your body....(easier said than done).


and a congrats to you, miss stacy, on fitting in those AMAZING pants :) i'm sure there was a little dance to be had once they were on ;) haha

Yeah....it was...Lol

It's so important for you ladies to know that you are all gorgeous no matter what shape or size...Your beauty isn't determined by a number on a clothinglabel.

Having a goal is fantastic, if you wanna lose weight more power to you but don't forget and ignore your current self as she needs love too. Don't think that just because you are a certain size that you cannot wear something...Everyday is special...Not just the vision of your future self...Don't forget your current self...




I know but it is so hard to do....but I'll try....




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