I have a couple of PUG items: dresses, Black label tops, pencil skirts and DD cigarette pants. I do not wear them as often as I'd wish. The DD denim cigarette pants I often wear for regular occasions, such as working or shopping. The Joan top is perfect for work as well. In the other items I easily feel overdressed.

Where do you wear your PUG items/pinup style clothes to? To work, only occasional or every day?
Do any of you have tricks to dress them down for more 'regular' occasions?

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Pretty much every time I go out in public and sometimes when I'm just at home as well. I think with the separates it's easy to dress them up or down... all in how you present the outfit..with accessories and such. Any of their tops can easily be worn with jeans... I do that a lot in the colder months. Pencil skirts...I wear with P.U.G. tops, and sometimes t-shirts or tank tops for a more casual look (this can translate to your cigarette pants as well). Depending on the dresses you have, you can wear a waist cincher belt (I love those) in an animal print or a contrasting color and pair that with some hoop earrings and some cute heels or wedges. Hope I was of some help :)

Pretty much every day! I am a teacher and the kids love seeing me in all my clothes! They love that they are taught by a teacher who is stylish and looks like something out of Cinderella! I just dress down when in school and up when out! If I have a low cut top I just put a scarf around my neck to hide it, I have even worn my netti with dolly top underneath!
Presenting myself well is so important to me. It makes me feel good abt myself it actually makes
My entire class take more care in their appearance. In fact my class is always the smartest and well dressed class in school and I teach in a public school!

I wear a uniform for work so the moment I'm outta there and doing something social I am dressed up.
Unless I'm at home then screw it I'm in lulu lemons!

Most of my PUG dresses I use for photo shoots, or wear when I go out to piano bars and lounges with friends, on date nights with the husband, to weddings, literary readings, art showings and other special events. I wear the shirts, pants and skirts to work, though.

Thanks ladies! I try to wear them more often than I do now. Sometimes I think it's just a waste to wear them around my (little) kids with the greasy hands and all :) Thank you for the tips, Brandi!

You're welcome :)

As often as I can! I am always in my PUG dresses when I go out on the weekends. At first I was apprehensive about appearing 'too dressed up' in my smaller town... but as time went on, I came to appreciate the confidence that comes with looking your best and standing out in a crowd of t shirts and jeans. I haven't yet heard any complaints, and I feel great. I now work an office job where I can dress up a little more than my previous customer service positions, so I take advantage and wear PUG pencil skirts and some Laura Byrnes Black Label dresses. I figure I'm paying enough for it, I might as well wear it as often as I can! 

I love the way you think Kristi! "I pay enough for them, I might as well wear them as much as I can!" ha priceless! As for how often I wear my PUG! I try to wear it as much as I can! It doesn't Mather where I'm going, I either wear a Bettie Page dress, or I wear the separates from PUG. I find easier to wear the separates because they are more casual wear. As for my fancy dresses, I wear them every time I feel like as million bucks! I also wear them to the party occasions, the occasional going out to eat date with my husband and my daughter! And sometimes, I wear them to go grocery shopping! I get a kick out of people's reaction to my 50's attire! ;)

Hi Zoe!

I wear this style every day (petticoats and all!). It is true that it attracts attention, some of it not always nice unfortunately, and that I am "overdressed" by most people's standards...but I don't care!!! The people who do stop me in the street to tell me that they "love your style", the colleagues at work who always say how impeccable and elegant I look, the confidence it gives me and the way it makes me feel makes it all worth it.

I'm a fairly large woman (PUG 2XL) and I have an hourglass figure. I look stupid in what other people call regular clothes. I am a great believer that anyone can look beautiful, whatever your size, if you dress appropriately to your figure, and I find that today's fashion is not made to cater to all women... the bottom line is, I look good in PUG and other vintage/vintage reprods/vintage inspired clothes, it makes me feel beautiful to wear it. If I'm overdressed, so be it!

I encourage you to wear yours all the time: swing dresses can be dressed down with flat ballerina-type shoes and plain cardies/short jumpers in the winter. But, as another lovely said, you paid enough for them, might as well wear them!


Right on! ;) I'd rather be over dressed, than under dressed.

I wear my pretty much anytime I can! Never feel overdressed, let the others around you feel underdressed. If you "own it". no one will give you a hard time for it. ;)

PUG comprises about 50% of my wardrobe now, soon it will be more.  I wear it almost every time I leave the house.  Luckily I work in a office so don't have to worry about getting my clothes dirty or having to run around & get all physical.  My workplace doesn't mind a little individuality so I'm able to wear everything I have, just have to add a cami to some of the tops, or a cropped cardigan.  I always get a good response & have even found people that want to go in on orders with me to take advantage of the free shipping promo.

The only time I've felt overdressed was when my heels were too high but that's about it.  I stick to flats or wedges in the daytime.  Or when I first started wearing PUG, but it's been a while & now I don't think twice about throwing it on in the morning - its part of who I am.  :)




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