Hey guys! Next month I'm going to be going to not only my first concert in a VERY LONG TIME, but also one of my favourite artists and absolute biggest inspirations in life, Lady Gaga herself!

As you can expect from the fact that going to a concert of her's is on my bucket list, I am more than just a little excited about this ;) WEEEEEEEEE!!

Okay now that I've got that out of my system, I need your help. I need to know... (drum roll please)... what PUG outfit and look you would recommend wearing to a Lady Gaga concert.

Now going by the pictures I've researched online for ideas there's a pretty wide range of options of "daringness" open. For outfits I've seen pictures of just every day casual fans in jeans and leggings with an off the shoulder shirt to über fans like these ones from a Tacoma Washington show wearing torn stockings and or bodysuits.

I've seen pictures of fans in sequin bras, leather bras, come to think of it LOTS of bras really. When it comes to hair and makeup styles there are even more looks and styles to get inspiration from. Like I said, there's a really wide range of looks that you can cover at one of Gaga's concerts and still fit in.

I'm looking for advice on everything that you're willing to give advice on, hairstyles (something like 1940's Victory Rolls or maybe something more rockabilly'ish from the 50's), the makeup (dark pinup bordering on gothic or something brighter with blue eyeshadow), whether to go with a wiggle dress or an open hip party dress, or even to go with two PUG separates and if so then what two separates  A Flared skirt and a bustier? A pencil skirt and a cap sleeve top? Even a pair of Capris maybe?

Or what about the craziest most OUTRAGEOUS PUG outfit that you can imagine wearing to a Lady Gaga concert even?

The only thing I know for sure is that I want to wear some kind of PUG to the show, other than that I'm open to every idea that you can throw my way and no idea's going to be too crazy.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and I promise to share pics of what ever outfit you all help me choose :)

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It is best to wear things you don't mind getting ruined to concerts.  How sad would it be to wear an awesome (expensive) PUG dress and end up with someone spilling their beer on you.  I would also recommend flat shoes if you are going to be standing/dancing.  Most concerts I go to involve a mosh pit, so I always  wear tennis shoes (Chucks) and jeans.  I've heard of girls getting fondled at concerts when wearing skirts so I wont even go there.  Have fun!

Oh wow, you see THIS is exactly why I started this thread, for tips just like that! You are absolutely right Cela, I would be very bummed out if anything happened to a PUG dress and or separate.

Tennis shoes are a good idea too, I'll be in the GA floor so at the very least I'll be standing. As for mosh pits... I've never actually been in one. In case there is one though I think I'll just avoid it to be safe, are they a lot of fun?

As for the practical dangers of wearing skirts... that's also good advice. Longs pants it definitely is :)

I'm going to bet you will be safe from mosh pits at a Lady Gaga concert, lol.  I don't think it will be that type of crowd :) but yes they are fun for the most part, sometimes people get a little too rowdy and you can get hurt but the show adrenaline makes it woth it. 

I've worn skirts with tights AND shorts underneath (and ended up not moshing because I was still nervous, sketchy part of town!) but like Cela most shows I go to involve moshing. I think it all depends on how attached to your clothes you are, I guess. I debated wearing high waisted PUG shorts I had gotten recently to that show and ended up not because I'd rather risk ruining a $5 F21 skirt than any of my PUG!

Hmmm... so what you're saying is that I should at least plan for any outfit I end up wearing to be damaged and plan ahead just in case that happens. I know what you mean, I've definitely worked too hard for my PUG to risk it getting damaged.

Are the mosh pits that you've been in usually fun? If there's a pit at Gaga's show I'll probably avoid it just to be safe but I might try to get in on one down the road :) 

That is kind of what I'm saying (although I hate to think of it that way!) I usually go the jeans/shorts and band shirt route (depending on how hot it is!) and always Converse's or flat boots! You just have to be comfortable because you will be on your feet!

Also if you are going to be in close quarters with a ton of people, you need to keep the things you are carrying to a bare minimum because they're not thinking about breaking your phone/camera whatever you have on you and you need to keep it close to you at all times. If you have a cross body bag, that would be ideal!

I have fun moshing c: I dunno if there'd be one at a Lady Gaga show though! Usually fun, some are kinda brutal but nothing too terrible :3

I've never been involved in a mosh pit situation. The only concert I've ever been to (for The Pussycat Dolls/Black Eyed Peas) we got reserved seating and there was no threat of any drinks or food being spilled on me. Should have purchased standing tickets, because the reserved seating was much farther away from the stage, AND the fucking tickets were MORE expensive! Oh well, good show though.

This is what I wore!!! Sorry it's not PUG, but I had heaps of fun making it =) FABULOUS concert, love her to bits!!! 

Jennifer you look AMAZING! That is definitely a classic "little monster" outfit and the sort of thing i was hoping to put together :)

Man, seeing your picture makes me want to go with the outrageous look idea again...

Do it!!! Well worth it, everyone kept coming up to me & asking for photos with me. It was so much fun :) I went to her concert in Auckland, New Zealand & they seemed to have not got the memo about dressing up for pop act concerts. The Britney Spears concert in Sydney was fabulous because of all the crazy dress ups!! All in & crazy I say :)

Well IF I did go with the "outrageous" look idea, it would probably be something like this.

The Harlow Bullet Bra from What Katie Did, which I already have, a black underbust corset like this one from Corset Story, of which I'd still have to find, and finally the Cigarette Pants in Red Stretch Twill Denim from right here at PUG, which I'd also have to order still.

I got the idea for this after I'd first given wearing a bullet bra a try after reading from Margrete's experience with her thread Bullet Bra! With Examples of Wear from a Novice and a girl had said to me "That looks like something that Lady Gaga would wear", but then apologized in case I was offended at being compared to Lady Gaga. I told her that I wasn't of course :)

For hair I think that I'm going to try the bumper bang look like this one here.

I found a pretty  good YouTube tutorial for bumper bangs by Cherry Dollface right here and I think I can figure it out by concert time.

So baring any new outfit brainstorms, that's the "outrageous" outfit idea I have in mind. I'll keep you all posted and let you all know how it goes if this is what I end up going with :)




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