I don't know how to start this discussion honestly. I'm always curious when I look through all your photos and read your bios. No one really talks about what they do for a living. I guess I wonder this because I work such an obscure job that I always imagine all the PUG enthusiasts are well known celebrities, or powerful business women because you are all so beautiful. 

I work in the offshore oilfield, 6 months a year I'm offshore on a barge or a boat and usually there aren't many girls. I wear steel toe boots, a hardhat, and pants. I never wear makeup and my hair is always in a ponytail. The other 6 months out of my year, I'm usually in a dress with full makeup and my hair done. 

So I guess what I'm asking is what do you guys do for a living? 

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Wow, that sounds like an interesting lifestyle. I work for the Army. I served 4 years Active Air Force as a dental tech, then 6 years Air National Guard, and I recently switched to the Army National Guard and ship out for training next month for over a year. I'm training to be an EOD tech. That's Explosive Ordnance Disposal. My motto is "I was born in the military & I will die in the military."

Other than that I am also a single mom to 2 awesome boys, and model for fun & occasionally get paid. Obviously I wear a uniform majority of the time and jeans @ t-shirts while running around with my sweetpeas. But I LOVE Pinup style and I always like to glam myself up for fun.

Do you ever have any issues with the boys in the military and you doing modeling? You often hear how harassing the military can be for women, just wondering if it's an issue for you... And I bet your boys love it! My 13yr old loves that I've decided to go more vintage and started doing pin-up. He doesn't care what it's called, he just thinks I look awesome (which is as high a compliment as you can get from any 13yr old! I'll take it!)!

lol, When I hear anything negative about me serving my country I just ignore it. My dad was in for over 24 years and that's the lifestyle I was raised around. I know it can be hard on my boys like it was for me when ever my dad deployed, but my parents are supportive & help me raise them especially when I'm away for training and deployment. My boys love me and are proud & want to serve one day too. They are 8 and 6 so it's part of their lifestyle.

Oh my boys like my pictures. They think I look beautiful. I love their compliments. I dont do nudity so anything I do is tastful and I get to take them to shoots all the time, they are so well behaved and the photographers love them too.

That is awesome! My son has (and probably will go) been into the military since he was little too. And now that he's living with his father, who is former military, I know what you mean about it being a lifestyle. We have several family members - extended - that serve. I just know that being in an all boys (or boy-dominated field) comes with certain issues (because I've been on that side of it). So happy for you!

Thanks, ;-) As with you!


I'm retired, but half my time I live on a narrowboat - living in waterproofs, weeing in a bucket etc etc so when I get the chance to dress up I really go for it....although in the summer I have been known to work the locks in full pinup rig (pouffy dress, Hells bunny petticoat, little white cardigan and lace gloves) lol. Interesting that you work on an oil rig in a Male dominated world I wonder if that's what attracts you to the look - I know that when I went out in full regalia the other day the men on the marina were fairly staggered!

I find it so much more fun to throw people for a loop when they have an expectation of how you are, how you look, etc, and then they get to see that you are so much more!

When I'm filling out paperwork of anysort I put down Domestic Engineer... a.k.a. Housewife...lol  I've been a SAHM for 10 years and I love it.  It was tough to get used to but I don't want to go back to normal work anytime soon.  I also do a little photography on the side, mostly kids/families and the occasional wedding.  I'd love to get into Pin-up and classic cars but the market for that is low in my area.

This is such a lovely, fun thread! I am currently earning a double Master's in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. I hope to be able earn my Doctorate as a Military Psychologist in the next 6 years. Currently, while in school, I'm working in retail and have been for the past 8 years. As I have been reading all of the posts, I have become more inspired to take my love of vintage and pin-up from the inside to the outside. I am a shy person and tend to hide my love to dress up nice, because I don't on a daily basis. Seeing all of the beautiful and confident women in various jobs on this site has really helped me to feel more empowered as a woman. Well wishes to everyone here and never give up on those dreams that you have!

Great idea for a topic! I am currently a Production Assistant in the video game industry (my NDA prevents me from specifying where, but with some very easy internet searching it's easy to figure out :P). I've been in the games industry since 2006 and I love it!

However, I do admit that it being a predominantly male environment, it's easy to default to jeans, tshirt, flip flops, and ponytail. I make a concerted effort to not fall into this habit, so at minimum, I have to "dress up" once a week. Luckily I do this often enough that people don't ask me if I'm celebrating something anymore :P.

On the side I am the Community Marketing Director for a local designer/boutique called Fleet Collection. My day job as a production assistant isn't particularly creative, so I exercise my creative muscles outside of work with Fleet. They have some amazing designs, please check them out!

That's enough about me, I'm excited to get to know more of you lovely ladies!

I also work in the video games industry. I used to work for a publisher, but they went under. I'm a freelancer since a couple of years and do various things. Like organizing booths on major trade shows and organizing various game related events. I also write articles for a magazine for people working in the Dutch games industry. I agree with Ann. Video games is a predominantly male industry and a lot of women working in it do the jeans and t-shirt thing. But I pretty much stick to my own style. I do wear jeans, but 40s style ones.

That's awesome Alessandra! It's always awesome to meet other ladies in the industry, since there are so few of us. What publisher did you work for?

I'm sorry to hear that they went under, but glad to hear that you've been doing freelance work and have been able to stay in the industry :). Are you going to Gamescom this month?




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