I don't know how to start this discussion honestly. I'm always curious when I look through all your photos and read your bios. No one really talks about what they do for a living. I guess I wonder this because I work such an obscure job that I always imagine all the PUG enthusiasts are well known celebrities, or powerful business women because you are all so beautiful. 

I work in the offshore oilfield, 6 months a year I'm offshore on a barge or a boat and usually there aren't many girls. I wear steel toe boots, a hardhat, and pants. I never wear makeup and my hair is always in a ponytail. The other 6 months out of my year, I'm usually in a dress with full makeup and my hair done. 

So I guess what I'm asking is what do you guys do for a living? 

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Woot for neurosciences!

Wow.  Everyone seems to have such interesting jobs.  Me - I teach in a Primary School in NZ.  I have 7 year olds.  So nothing cleavagy for me or too short.  Usually I wear jeans & a top but I am slowly changing this.  Although we don't have air conditioning or central heating so on the hottest & coldest days I don't tend to experiment (or on days when I know we will be doing messy things - don't want paint etc on my PUG).  I am in whats called a Decile 3 school.  Decile rankings are based on socio economic factor with 10 being the highest & 1 being the lowest.  I have taught previously in Decile 1 schools & it can be pretty heartbreaking.  I love my job although some days you ask yourself why.  Its def not 9-3 or even 5.  It can take over your whole life if you let it.  I am in charge of all the PE and sports in the school - which I find hilarious.  If you had told me when I first trained that I would be in charge of PE I wouldn't believe you.  Its been good for me though, its taken me from an area I wasn't confident in & is turning it into a strength.  Every year our school has a big focus on the Arts (Music, Drama, Art)  this year we are doing wearable arts.  I hope to god I am still sane at the end of this term.  The kids love it though. 

As someone who has worked in that socioeconomic field as well, the fact that you can continue to do it day after day is awesome. congrats to those kids. love to see some of the wearable arts that they come up with!

I'm a pediatric intensive care nurse and respiratory therapist.  I live in scrubs for half the week, so it's fun to actually dress like a girl on my days off.  I've dressed vintage since high school.

wow, you have a tough job. i hope that it's rewarding for you!

It must be amazing to work in a field that makes such a huge difference to people's lives. But I'd imagine it's a very high pressure environment! A friend of mine is a surgeon, he wears fluorescent shoes with his scrubs to express his individuality and to bring some levity to the work-place ^_^ 

What a fun thread. I love hearing what people do. I work as a medical secretary for two spine surgeons at a world reknowned spine surgery center. While I could dress somewhat PUG at work I don't daily. We can't show cleavage and no open toe shoes. Not to mention I don't want all the attention from my coworkers. Seriously it was like front page news around here the first day I wore a dress to work (I didn't wear dresses when I was 80 lbs heavier). So while I dress abbreviated PUG once in awhile I am usually in dress pants and a top. :-)

doesn't it suck that you have to take into consideration how your co-workers are going to react? i mean seriously, grow up!! anyway, been a secretary (my admin job) in a medical office...not so much fun if the bosses suck (i hope yours don't!). Hopefully i can find you some cute alternatives in my blog. ;)

Luckily my bosses are all cool. My coworkers don't give me grief about it but its weird having people come over to look at me because they heard through the grapevine what I was wearing haha. I try to find some work friendly retro inspired things at Forever 21 so your blog is great for me. :)

This thread is awesome! Such a wide variety of occupations for lovely ladies what I do isn't even half as interesting. As for me, I'm a part time cosmetics counter girl and full time mom. 

Being a mother must be one of the most interesting occupations that exists, every day must have new challenges and rewards ^_^

^ What she said!




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