I don't know how to start this discussion honestly. I'm always curious when I look through all your photos and read your bios. No one really talks about what they do for a living. I guess I wonder this because I work such an obscure job that I always imagine all the PUG enthusiasts are well known celebrities, or powerful business women because you are all so beautiful. 

I work in the offshore oilfield, 6 months a year I'm offshore on a barge or a boat and usually there aren't many girls. I wear steel toe boots, a hardhat, and pants. I never wear makeup and my hair is always in a ponytail. The other 6 months out of my year, I'm usually in a dress with full makeup and my hair done. 

So I guess what I'm asking is what do you guys do for a living? 

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I am so loving this thread.  I have been a RN for 22 years.  I have mostly worked in the ER and hemodialysis clinics.  Currently I work at a chronic pain treatment center that specializes in people with all types of pain.  I work on the side that writes the pain medications.  The other side of the facility does nerve blocks.  I am attempting to become a freelance writer and I am working on a book now.

Miss Stacy Blaise

My husband and I own an online retail store so we are together 24/7/365. Luckily we like each other!

Really? Do you ever feel like you want to kill him? I couldn't be with my husband 24/7, he would drive me nuts! I look forward to him going to work! The house is more chaotic with my toddler running around! Besides I like to get dirty, and creative with my toddler, and my husband hates the mess!

The kids are grown and on their own and we can go for hours without talking. He was single for many, many years so he's very independent and even does all the cooking! Not that we don't have our moments and I do look forward to time apart now and then :)

This is a cool topic, seeing so many different ladies with a common interest. I'm still figuring out life and what I want to do. 22 trying to save up money to move out of my parents house. Trying and failing thanks PUG :P I've been working in dry cleaning for the past 2 years. Yay free dry cleaning. I get to wear whatever I like. Living in Arizona and basically working in a sauna I like to stick to the bear minimum, without looking like a whore. So I stick to basic shorts and a breezy tank top. And save my pug for nights out at the karaoke bar. Also not helping with saving money.

even though you can't dress PUG, you can always do the hairstyles ;)

What a fascinating array of occupations, backgrounds, interests, ages... I am a writer and a translator. My novel, The Speed of Life, came out earlier this year. Another one will be out in a couple of months. Writing is a solitary business, and, no, I don't put on lipstick and heels to do it. The lipstick would just get smudged over tea cups, pencils, and sleeves. My downstairs neighbors would hate me if I paced in my stilettos.  However, when I have public readings here in San Francisco, or attend attend any public event, I enjoy looking elegant. Heck, I enjoy it even when I run out to the grocery store. Besides, in a city obsessed with its flower-power past, Birkenstocks, and has a cultivated disdain for combs and make-up,  a beautiful, body-skimming dress and a confident stride in a pair of red-hot heels definitely commands attention. I've also found that my PUGalicious feminine outfits mask my shyness on stage. I have been complimented time and again for my poise and self-possession when I perform in public. "It's not me," I want to reply. "It's the Joanie, the Erin, the Natasha, the Burana..."

First of all, congrats on your newly published book! I checked it out on your link and it seems interesting. Is it satirical or more on the serious side?

My birth name is Lucy Anabel Legros, but I go as Lucy Lorelei. I loved my first name and I loved Marilyn Monroe's character's name, that's how I was Burlesque re-born if you will...

I am a 21 year old Burlesque Showgrrl. I'm very passionate about my 'profession'. I performed publically for the 1st time June 7th 2012 in Timmins, Ontario. I'm the only one in my town who does this. When I'm ready (when I have all my personal affairs in order)  I wish to move to Toronto where there is an actual Burlesque Scene.

Everywhere I go I get asked where am I going which can be annoying, but I do get compliments and I often get asked where  I get these magnificent clothes.

I have a dream to model for Pin Up Girl Clothing one day, when I have a better portfolio, when I have more experience.

I also have a dream that I intend to fofill, to be as successfull as possible with my Burlesque and Pin Up Modeling. When not looking for oportunities, I write my memoirs and poetry. I have one book finished, but unpublished.

I also live with my husband who has HIV but his viral load is in complete omition. We try to educate people as much as possible. We are trying to raise money for this cause. I must say it's rather difficult to do in such a small minded-gossipy-backwards-hick town.

Thank you for your time.

-Lucy Lorelei for more visit my website.

Lucy, you are too cool! I'm glad to hear your husband is in omission! I've been seriously considering getting into burlesque. Do you have any advice?

What a fun and creative job you have! I've worked in warehouses so I know what you mean, it was always fun to see my co-workers clean up so nice after seeing them every day in jeans and t-shirts.

Neat idea!
I have a B.A in Public Administration and I'm currently an office manager/executive administrator/ accounts payable for an oil company in Texas.
I don't do much in my spare time as my husband is currently deployed which makes me rather boring when I'm not working.




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