I loved the latest discussion about what we all do for work. It's so interesting to learn about other people from around the world. Now we all here have a love of PUG style, I'm keen to find out what other interests we might share!

My ♥'s are:

  • My cats - Sassy & Shrimp
  • Cupcakes - Appleton Bakery is the name of the home business I wish to set up properly one day with of course a real retro theme. I already have my retro style business cards but hoping to kick it off properly sometime soon.
  • Burlesque - I went to the Crazy Horse in Paris a few months ago and really enjoyed it. I love burlesque and meeting people with this interest. I don't actually do it myself but if I loose the weight I'm bothered about never say never!
  • Make-Up - Red lipstick and black eyeliner are kind of a trade mark look for me when going out!
  • Changing my hair colour and BIG hair! I have literally had my hair done again yesterday, bright ginger now! I'm working on getting the perfect ginger colour for me even though naturally I'm light brunette. I’ve been every colour going except a natural red head look which I think works well with the PUG look.
  • Shopping of course but not so much over the last few months as it costs money which I don’t have! Any suggestions on where to shop cheap/how to continue the look on a budget would be great!
  • Movies and Music – Massive film buff. I love going to the movies. I have a huge amount of DVD’s and have Sky movies on all the time!
  • Walking - I enjoy going to the local woods and getting some fresh air! I volunteer looking after stray dogs and walk them when I can.
  • Travelling as much as possible – next trip I am going on is next year to LA to visit family and explore more of California. Can’t wait for this! Talks of an Auz/New Zealand trip too and New York would be a dream for me!
  • Cannot believe I am admitting to this…celebrity gossip! I buy all the trashy magazines and look up news online. I don’t know why I have always liked catching up on what’s going on!! Shocked by the Rpatz news at the moment!! I’m a massive Twilight fan too.
  • In a contrast to the above I enjoy my sports - boxing, ice hockey, BMX and rugby. Of course I am enjoying watching the Olympics at the moment.

Share your hobbies and interests and see what other people here from around the world like to do in their spare time!

Leanna x

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Great topic!  I love my puppies!  I have three Italian Greyhounds - here is their picture (Vinci, Charlotte aka Chuck and Basil):

They are a miniature breed and weigh between 10-14 lbs.  Vinci is almost 9, Chuck is 5 and Basil is 13!  They have such great personalities.  We also volunteer for our local Italian Greyhound rescue organization and have fostered well over 20 pups in the last 6 or 7 years.

We also love going to the theater and trying new restaurants - Minneapolis has many of both to offer.  We enjoy watching movies and even though funds don't allow us to be too extravagant we love traveling.   I am intrigued by the paranormal and love all the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures shows so on my vacations I always hit up somewhere reputedly haunted - so far I've been to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA; the Myrtles Plantation outside of New Orleans, LA; Virginia City, NV and most recently the Stanley Hotel (from The Shining) in Estes Park, CO.  :-) 

And of course I love shopping!  I love going shopping with other people and helping them put together outfits.  I would love to be a personal shopper.  

They are adorable!! It's cool we both have dogs in common! And films and eating out, the me all over lol. Real interesting about the ghost hunting! So interesting learning about other people! :)

Ohhhh Gettysburg! Totally on my list. I really want to go to Alcatraz and the haunted lighthouse in FL that Ghost Hunters went too.
You must be talking about the St. Augustine light house it is amazing I was just there 2 weeks ago they have a ton of ghost tours and such but the light house it by far the best I go every year since my sister lives about 20 minutes away and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the paranormal!
Yes! That is THE one!

Being a housewife I've had a multitude of hobbies over the years. 

The big ones...

1. Photography, it keeps me sane and helps with a little extra spending money

2. Reading,  I always have a book in my hand!  Hubby bought me a Nook a couple years ago and I really do love it.  Still have my real books though because nothing beats an actual book in your hands.

3. Camping,  we love going on trips and seeing new places!

4. Cooking,  I love to cook!  I just despise figuring out what to cook. 

5. Cupcakes.  I don't know what it is about them but I love them.  I love baking & decorating them but I rarely eat what I make.

6. I love classic cars.  I grew up in the Autorama circut in California and spent some time turning wrenches with my dad.  Hubby bought me a 62 T-bird last year and I can't wait to really make it mine.

7. Christmas..yes Christmas.  I love Christmas!  We host a Holiday Cocktail Party every year so I start planning and thinking of ways to make it better and scouring the antique shops for decorations.

I also bounce between sewing and scrapbooking when I need to feel like my hobbies are productive...lol

Yay for cupcakes!! I also love throwing parties. We have a yearly murder mystery party and a yearly Halloween party. We also had an ugly Christmas sweater party one year too. :)

Hmmm....I wonder how a Happy Hostess group would go over here to share ideas, recipes and such?

Couldn't resist the idea!  Happy Hostess group is up :)

So it seems we have a few cupcakes fans (me included!), alot of ghost hunting fans (i did visit Alcatraz on my last visit...totally awesome!), animal lovers, alot of film buffs (particularly horror whereas I'm an action/comedy and rom com kinda gal).

Rachel your message was blank?!

Oh nice topic! :)

the bulk of my hobbies and interest center around animals. I volunteer with a local rescue group that focuses on Spay/Neuter/Trap and Release for the ever growing feral cat population where I live. I sometimes foster, though we recently just adopted our 7th cat Alfie Cornelius, fostering is likely out.

I love horseback riding- I've been familiar with riding and horses from about age 8, but in the last 5 years have been focused on riding and I absolutely love it.

I also really like traveling with our next trip being our honeymoon next summer :) I love video games (most nintendo based games), Harry Potter, old disney movies (i.e. bedknobs and broomsticks/swiss family robinson), star wars (huge star wars nerd) and shopping.

my dad and I are huge Pittsburgh Steeler fans, and have helped my fiance get into it so Sundays Mondays and Thursdays from August-February are dedicated to football.




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