I have been looking at some of these deep exfoliation mittens like the Baiden Mitten and was wondering if any of you have tried it out (or something similar). I am nervous about ordering it cause i've always thought that to scrub the skin that hard would damage it. 


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You can exfoliate your skin with baking soda. It's gentle enough for your skin, but exfoliates very well...I plan on adding a video tutorial and posting to my group about it, as soon as I get a chance :) xoxo

I have a box of baking soda in my bathroom that I use every shower!!!

I've been looking at that Baiden Mitten too.  I get ingrown hairs on the back of my arms and its not sexy :) I saw also saw that it fades stretch marks so anything that gets rid of stretch marks is something I want! Let me know if you get it, I'm curious

Hi ladies, I'm a holistic esthetician and I personally (and professionally) do not recommend scrubbing your skin. Our skin cab easily be damaged by over-cleansing, scrubbing, or using harsh drying or exfoliating products. Soaps, scrubs and harsh exfoliants can strip your face of its natural protection, resulting in dry, irritated skin and premature signs of aging. 

Each time you exfoliate (especially with a harsh product) you are removing the protective layer of skin and bringing forth new skin which will then be assaulted by the environment, UV rays, makeup and so forth causing it to die off quicker than it normally would.

Using a washcloth with your cleanser is enough exfoliation you would need. Angelique's recommendation of baking soda is ok if using a very small amount mixed with your cleanser and can be a helpful addition if you have acne. However if you have any redness or irritation, stop using it. 

Body brush your body. Also use a natural moisturizer - I love Dream Cream from LUSH.


I bought the Baiden mitten as recommended by Sorelle from PUP and I like it. I didn't scrub too hard the first time I used it as I didn't want to do any damage but still lots of dead skin came off! Rolls and rolls of it. I laid in the bath for about half an hour and then scrubbed, which I now do on a weekly basis.

I was a little apprehensive to use it on my face but did it softly to start and now I use it twice a week on my face. I don't have acne but I get spots regularly and I get flaky dry skin usually after I have had spots but this makes my skin so soft and glowing. I was a bit skeptical but both a burn scar on my chest and also pigmentation on my face has been dramatically reduced since using it. Obviously this is just my experience, I figured it was worth a go! 

Hope that helps a little!

Nadia x

I'll be honest and say that I don't exfoliate my skin often--only my face, simply because I haven't found anything gentle enough (as Christine was saying, but perhaps one day I'll try Angelique's idea)... But I use cocoa butter oil as soon as I get out of the shower some mornings. Other times, I just use St. Ives body lotion. But I believe the oil makes a difference--my skin is smoother, softer, and seems more even. Try it and I promise you won't be disappointed! Just avoid getting the cocoa butter oil gel--you have to only use a little bit, otherwise, you wind up all oily or "slippery" for most of the day. :)

I use a Clarisonic Brush and it is amazing!!! It removes dead skin, leaves your skin clean and glowing! It also helps absorb moisturizer better since it removes all the dirt and oil.  It cleanses your pores and they appear smaller.  They are a bit pricey, but totally worth it.

Did you ever end up ordering one, Mary? Pinup Passion really has me wanting one.

I just bought one online a couple of days ago! When I get get it I'll try it out and post what I think :)
Coconut oil as a night time lotion regimen at least twice a week works wonders on the skin and also keeps it healthier and softer longer. :)

Hi Mary, have you tried it out since buying it? Are you using it to exfoliate your body or face? I have been using this glove: http://www.skinsentials.com.au/feggari-magic-peeling-glove for a few years now - mainly on my legs to prevent ingrown hairs. If you use fake tan, it is the ultimate skin prepping exfoliator, you can see the skin rolling off as you go and end up with amazingly smooth skin. I have only used it on small areas of my face a couple of times, but wouldn't recommend using this on your face as a regular exfoliator as it would be too harsh. I'd love to know how the Baiden Mitten compares as it's about time I purchased a fresh glove.




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