I have been wearing PUG and repro for around two years now and have come across a lot of elitist behaviour from vintage "purists" as I would like to call them.

I wear PUG and brands like Bettie Page, Hell Bunny, Stop Staring, Bernie Dexter (and many, many others) but I never wear real vintage. I also like to mix pieces from Target and Modcloth and just about anything that is vintage inspired into my wardrobe. So when I go out, I often get asked if what I'm wearing is "vintage". When I tell people who are into the vintage look I often can't help but note their disappointment and disdain even, when I explain that I prefer to wear repro.

My reasons for not wearing vintage are:

Good quality vintage 50s & 60s clothes are very expensive now that the trend has taken off.

Often, the clothes need to be repaired, and I am no seamstress.

I am yet to find a vintage garment that is my size, and I've looked on Etsy for a while now. Like I said - I am no seamstress, and alteration is around $30 or so, so when you're already paying $100 + (extra for shipping because most sellers are in the US/UK) paying to get something altered is really irritating.

And even then, the item that has cost over $100 has been worn many times and ect. I could get something brand new for just as much or less.

I like for my look to be modern with a vintage touch, going for period accuracy isn't my thing.

The reason I've felt like writing this is because the other day I was browsing in an antique store and the owner complimented me on the dress I was wearing. I was wearing this dress:http://suburbanretro.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/bush-picnic.html and a cardigan and heels.

She asked if it was vintage and I said that no, it was repro, and that I don't wear vintage. At which point, she looked at me like I was a dog turd! Now, the vintage that this woman was selling were moth eaten/dirty 50s & 60s dresses for $200 - $250! Just think how much PUG that is!

So really, with the quality of the vintage on the market and the price that is being asked for it, why shouldn't I want to wear repro? And what right do these people have to turn their nose up anyway?

Have any of you girls encountered such behaviour before?

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I have yet to have THAT happen, but I completely agree with you! I haven't tried to look, but I'd imagine with me being a plus size it would be next to impossible to find something that would fit me. Older accessories, I can work with :) But as far as clothes, I love vintage inspired done with modern well fitting fabrics.

I hear this happens a lot. I haven't experienced it or maybe I just haven't noticed. I used to wear a lot of vintage when I was younger and smaller but the prices have gone up and up. I wear a mix of repro, vintage and clothes I sew from vintage patterns. The best fit I get is from the things I've made my self. I have had many a dissapointment from vintage, especially buying on line. Buying repro is hard for me as well. I love seeing anyone with similar style to mine weather it's vintage or repro because so few people dress that way.

Just checked out your blog, you look most beauteous in your Zoey by the way :) Should post those on here.

Haven't experienced that personnaly but I feel your pain girl...
I do love vintage... I like the fact that it makes you feel kinda unique & "authentic" but I'd never spend 200$ for a piece of moth eaten fabric ! no matter how old or rare it is... 
I also hate having to do alterations & I'll never buy a dress that doesn't fit (maybe only if it's my dream dress & it needs to be trimmed or taken in at the waist then...). 
As for the condition I'll never understand People who buy clothing in a bad state... I'm always looking for near mint or at least very good condition without any stains or holes. A very light "wear" doesn't bother me but just if the price is good...
And let's face it...wether it's vintage or not... a pretty dress IS a pretty dresss... nothing more, nothing less :).

That has been going on forever.  I remember when repro brands were just getting popular 10-12 years ago and a lot of girls would state they only wore vintage as if that made them more true to the scene or cooler than everyone.  People are always going to find something to try and set them apart.  Just don't worry about what they do or don't do.  I myself prefer vintage clothing when I can find it.  The metal zippers, thicker fabric and attention to detail is a lot different than repro clothing but as you stated before it is hard to find.

I don't wear vintage clothing because I don't think they are as beautiful as vintage repro! I don't tend to look though because I doubt anything will be in my size and I also hate trawling through stores where each and every single garment is different. It's so hard to find a single gem amongst that.

Too true with this post. I've had the same thing happen to me. Especially since vintage clothing is so 'in' these days. People squint at your for wearing a new dress, when it looks old as if it's some kind of insult to vintage.

Vintage repro is not an insult to true vintage. I have a few vintage pieces but each time I wear them, I am afraid I might ruin them. Vintage repro brands like PUG and Bettie Page make strong, sturdy clothing, that we can wear in today's modern world. 

No-one should be turning their noses up at you, but that is in a perfect world. We just have to accept these people, and people who don't like the vintage 'granny' look, or people who don't understand. People are ignorant, and we just have to keep flaunting our stuff, and looking our best in our vintage or repro and these people wont get the satisfaction of making us doubt ourselves.




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