A couple of girls from my town just created a roller derby team here in my town, I've been super interested for as long as I can remember about joining roller derby, but I have so many doubts as well. 

For example, I'm super clumsy and usually trip myself, so if I'm in the rink with 10 or so more girls that their sole purpose is to knock me down as well then I'm just gonna be helping them.

The other problem is: I cant show up to work with bruises and marks everywhere, it states on my job that I must stay professional looking at all times.

any suggestions?

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your right, its a very dangerous contact sport. But like they say: no guts no glory!

You should give it a try too Auburn!

I did derby for about six months and LOVE LOVE LOVED it! I don't do derby any more because I fell down wrong and totally screwed up my knee and it hurts every time I skate.

I would say give it a try. But keep in mind it is a FULL contact sport. People are gunning to push you down and the fact that your on roller skates makes it that much harder. Most of the bruises are on your lower body from falling on your bum or falling on another player, but I have seen girls fall wrong and cut their lip or something like that. Its also a big time commitment as well, not to mention the money you have to spend on getting the gear and keeping your gear in good shape.

But your will never meet a group of nicer women and the roller derby community is amazing. I say give it a try!

thanks Amber, I think I will!

I've noticed that somehow girls that like PUG or vintage inspired clothing tend to like derby too (not all, but most) so it kind of ties together. Plus I would really like to meet like-minded ladies!

I'm so happy to say they are starting a derby camp instead, it removes the "full contact", and potential kick-my-booty out of the sport that i admire.

Yeah! I am so glad you decided to give it a go! Let us know how it goes!

Without giving it a try, you may not know.

For example I thought pole dancing lessons would be fun and I decided I would never do it again after trying it out.

I, for example, am a hard core workout gal, but would never do anything that would bruise me, crush any part of my tissue or run under a risk to break my bones. My skin is very precious and that's another reason I'd never do pole or get tattoos.

But everyone is different... You got to find it on your own terms and good luck ;)

Go for it!  I have been wanting to try rollerderby for a few years now, but I just don't have the time right now to make that kind of commitment :( FYI if you do get visible bruises, you can always cover it with makeup

I started off as a skater but due to two injuries requiring surgery, i stepped back and am now a ref with my league.  It's definitely an INCREDIBLY fun sport, but it is full contact and there is always a risk of serious injury, not to mention scrapes, bruises, etc.  i'm glad you were able to go with a camp style program because at the very least, it's still fun to get to skate and get into the fitness aspect of the whole thing.  i'm so glad to see so many derby girls here!  the derby community is such a big family and makes the world an even smaller place.  where are you all from??  i'm in l.a. (LA Derby Dolls is my league)

I joined my league after attending their roller girl boot camp in 2010. Boot camps are definitely a good way to introduce yourself to the skate skills needed to play roller derby with out the pressure of, well, actually being good enough on quads to bout, and without the time commitment. Boot camp is where you can be clumsy and awkward and it's totally expected of you.

The legal target zone (the parts of the body that can be hit) would all be hidden by clothing; most people get bruises on their thighs, hips, and bum (what you'll fall on).

If  you decide to join a competitive league, you'll improve your skate skills and learn how to take and receive hits. I can't tell you not to be worried about getting knocked down all the time, but just know eventually it will be pretty damn hard for someone to knock you down.

While it seems as if more and more women with athletic backgrounds are entering the sport, there's plenty enough room for we clumsy folk. I had never played a sport, lack coordination, and am an all around klutz, but I'm still rolling along.

And one last note, don't play roller derby if you don't have health insurance. I know some people take that risk, but unless you have emergency broken bone savings lying around... don't chance it. I don't mean to frighten you, but the reality of the sport is a serious injury could happen.




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