I've been noticing that a lot of people have been saying that they can not or have a hard time mastering the winged eyeliner. So i wanted anyone who feels this way to vent about the problem. What goes wrong? What are you having issues with? Or just give the whole play by play. I am curious to understand this frustration and hope to be able to help. :)

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That's my problem. One side is perfect and the other is a lopsided Amy Winehouse on a bender looking mess. Getting them even (both in thickness and in level) is hard. 

Also I feel like it's harder for me to get them even because the skin around my eyes is getting a bit loose. 

I hear ya, SenJo. Try the scotch tape tip, it helps heaps to get them in the right place. The thickness issue is then up to you!

I plan on it. I watched that video after I posted and I'm going to give it a shot. I like my wings a bit more on the curved side but maybe that way will look better on me.. or I can figure out a way to work the tape evenly to give me a bit more curve... hmmm. 

I just tried this today.  And as strange as it felt, it turned out WONDERFULLY!

I had a go at this the other day and I am no expert.  I was pretty impressed how easy it was.  I would definitely recommend this tutorial for anyone wanting to put on eye makeup like this.  Especially if you are really nervous.  The finished product made it look like I actually knew what I was doing.

Oh Wow!! I think she just changed my life forever!!

I can do them, but my problem is that I have hooded eyelinds - so the skin above my lid sits on the lid and you can't really see them at all!

I have the same problem!   I finally got the technique down, but with hooded eyes, it really is a pain in the butt.  Plus, depending on how far the hood extends down your eye, it makes the wings look very awkward and uneven.  

I prefer a brush because it gives a softer look that I like better for everyday wear... but, I struggled with getting well-defined lines until I started using it wet. Use warm water, and swipe the wet brush against your hand to get rid of excess water and smooth the bristles. I use a pressed shadow, so you can just swipe the wet brush across it a few times almost like those little watercolor sets you use in grade school. A wet brush is almost as good as a pen/liquid liner for making a clean line, but it dries with a softer powder finish instead of the glossy, wet look of liquid or gel liners (which, on the other hand, really works for some people).

If you do use a brush instead of a pencil/liquid, make sure to keep it neat and trimmed. If you start getting bent or frayed bristles, that'll make a mess of your eyes real quick. Either use a sharp scissors to reshape the brush, or buy a new one.

I also keep a pair of vintage horn-rim glasses without lenses handy for "bad eye days" ;)

i use liquid liner just cant get the tips even ever, lol


try the scotch tape!!

Great advice and tips!! Gotta work on my technique more! XD

I came across a picture with a variety of eyeliner (winged) looks, from the simple to more extreme:




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