So has anyone else had any trouble with purchasing items from the PUG website? I have been waiting for over a YEAR to purchase the Haunted Mansion Girl Necklace. I have been on their waiting list since around April of this year, I have emailed the company directly about 3-5 times regarding when this necklace will come back into stock and have been told "a few months" then "we don't know" then "we are having a issue with getting the glass that covers the necklace because the supplier does not make them anymore" so I thought okay that's reasonable and continued to wait for even more months. I FINALLY get an email today that they are in shortly after 3pm. I tried to order one right after 4pm and the were SOLD OUT!!! I am so angry/frustrated I could scream. Why would you send out emails to the list of people who have been waiting for this item to come back into stock and then not hold enough stock or have enough stock to cover THOSE orders before you put it up on the website? How is that possibly even fair or right? If it were not for the fact that I LOVE that necklace and have been trying to get it for over a year I would just give up and never try to buy stuff from there again....So I just wanted to know if anyone else has had experience with this sort of thing with the PUG store and if so, how was it handled, was it ever resolved to your satisfaction, did you ever end up getting the item? Also, does anyone have the necklace in good condition that they would be willing to sell? Thanks for listening and helping. 

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I have never been able to find the necklace anywhere else so I am pretty sure no one else carries it. How do you sign up for the newsletter? Thanks by the way.

thanks, I do have the account, but I will check the setting. :)

Yes, I've had trouble purchasing from the site in the past. I was trying to use a discount code and the site kept freezing on me. I chatted with a customer service rep who got back to me several days later...but by that time the code had expired and the item I wanted was out of stock. The good news is, I've since been able to successfully place orders on PUG. :D

I was mostly frustrated because I'm a User Experience developer, so it's pretty much my job to make sure website/checkouts work properly. ;)

ohh that must make it even more annoying!! hee hee. 

It sure does! I try to turn a blind eye to it on smaller sites. But I cringe when I'm on sites (like PUG) and I see the code malfunctioning and I know exactly why hehe. ;)

EXACTLY. If they said "we got 2 of this item in" and they immediately disappeared it would totally make sense then. 

Odette, have you tried going on ebay, or amazon for the necklace? Anytime something runs out on PUG's site, and it's something I've waited for for a long time - I just google it. There's always someone or some shop somewhere in this world that has it. I'm sure you can find it in the PUG swap/sell. :) 

Hope that helps (and if someone already suggested it, sorry!) 

Hi Bonnie, I have checked before and have never been able to locate it, but I am going to double check them all on a regular basis now. Thanks so much!

Here's a link where they might have it? You could call and ask? Hope the helps :)




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