So I'm from a city where every weekend they throw backyard shows a place where people can chill and listen to punk ska or psychobilly music . I don't consider myself a pug but I was wondering if there's a certain kind of genre pug chicks listen to is it any type of genre or?
I know not every pug girl listens to the same thing I'm just curious as to what people here like to listen to ! I love music and I love to talk about it!

I'm really into psychobilly rockabilly and ska music ! Bunch of old school stuff is the best! I think what genre you listen to best describes who you are :D

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I love a bit of everything. I used to be a bit of a goth and i do still love heavy metal. My favourite bands are My Ruin, Outkast , bat for lashes and many others.I fail at listening to new music. Which i need to rectify
Heavy metal is siick! Do you like black metal? There's a psychobilly/black metal band that's pretty good maybe you"ll like it =]
I haven't really listened to any. But i generally like most music. My little brothers in a thrash metal band called Rager. I haven't gone to see them yet. I do like arch enemy, killswitch engage and a few others. I need to dabble a bit more in other genres

everything from
Patrick Wolf to Dion and the Belmonts
Descendants to Gaga.

I'm mostly into alternative/rock, but I love other genres like 90s brit-pop, classical music and loads more.

Some artists I most listen to:

Muse, Artcic Monkeys, Queen, Florence & the Machine, Pulp, Franz Ferdinand,The Black Keys, Radiohead, The Fratellis, The Vaccines, and I really should stop there or I'll take up the whole thread x

First off it sounds like you come from a very awesome city if there are backyard shows every weekend :) Second, I can honestly dance to everything from psychobilly, 90'd dance, brit-pop, doo-wop, 70's rock, glam rock, euro-dance, latin pop, R&B, hip hop, disco, and everything in-between.

For me it's really a case of being addicted to dancing, and you have to try really hard to find music that I can't dance to. As for what genre best suits me, I'd say any genre that can give me an awesome beat and rythym that I can move to. :)

Hell yeah were punk city =] lp is the place to be

I like a little bit of everything - for instance, my Pandora playlist goes as follows:

JD McPherson Radio, Classical, Beirut Radio, Jem Radio, Of Monsters & Men Radio, Swing Radio, Kimbra Radio, Class of the 90's, Indie Dance Radio, Ska Radio, Jack Johnson Radio, Frank Sinatra Radio, Indie Pop Radio, Rockabilly Radio, 50's Rock n Roll, Bubblegum Oldies and 60's Oldies.  


I listen to ska, punk, classical, rockabilly(sometimes) and classic rock, oh and a lot of old school metal. but what it is that i think we all enjoy are the sounds of the retro.vintage americana like etta james, duke ellington, Rosemary clooney, and newer artista with the same vibe like Caro Emerald or Amy Winehouse.

Punk, Ska, psychobilly, rockabilly, a little alternative (the older stuff, alternative is getting a little to "alternative" for me now a days). I am a Amy Winehouse fan. I love 60's music like The Supremes and Temptations.




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