I've noticed that everyone (mostly) has a cute/beautiful Pin-Up Name associated with them. How did you come up with the name? I would love to create one, but I would love to know how everyone came up with theirs (and taking suggestions for mine!)! Please share and discuss!!!

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I just use my derby name for stuff like this. Like Billie said, I'd rather not have my roller derby or fashion stuff (photos, Twitter accounts) connected too closely with my professional stuff.

Even though I'm in the design field and most designers tend to be pretty open to unique styles and hobbies, when I'm working with someone, I want them to think of me as a designer first and as a derby referee or rockabilly girl second, if at all.

At derby, of course, I go by Amelie Ju-on because I want people to think of me first as deceptively adorable and kind of terrifying.


how long have you been doing derby? a couple of girls here in my town just started a team, I'm hesitant about joining it because i cant come to work with bruises and scrapes everywhere....and the other part is I'm super clumsy and get hurt often all on my own, so having 10 or so girls coming at me specifically to knock me down wont help. lol...  any advice?

Dear Cindy,

I have never done derby. My body is too precious to be banged around like that. I am a dancer so I have to keep dancing for as long as time will allow. So maybe you should find another activity with a pin up feel... burlesque perhaps?

I always tend to say 'Miss' a lot, and my middle name is Leighann. The line from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes always stuck with me "I'm Lorelei Lee" so I put 'Miss' and 'Lei" together =]

Anyone can help me out with a drby name?

There are actually lots of interesting historical connections to different forms of the name Pascale (e.g.: Blaise Pascal & Pascal's Law.) Using a famous figure (or one of their theories) as a reference-point could be fun, maybe? But, then again!- how do you pronounce your name?  Is it French?  Because:

Depending on your focus, you could also have fun playing with the word/rhyme-sound of RASCAL!  (I'm a total wordplay nerd- just a nerd, in general, really- in case you can't tell!)  ...You Pascaley Rascal, you!  ...Okay, heh, that's obviously just a potential starting-point; but it's a fun rhyme you've got going for ya!

When I was more full-time active, in a specific sort of pin-up girl culture, (websites & magazines, modeling & writing, etc.) I had so much nerdy fun, helping friends come up with their model names!  And I've definitely noticed that sassy pin-up girl names often sound similar to derby names.  Some girls (like me) played with their given name or a nickname; some referenced a literary character or band or just something they loved.  In my humble opinion, the best names have a sharp sound, but also have some meaning to *YOU*!  Hope this helped a little- have fun!— Bird

Thanks bird pascal's law is fun, rascal aswell. I'm freshmeat at derby so have to kick some ass ( with a name)

I just so happen to be blessed with two lovely middle names of Spencer Marie... My mother has always called me spencer and when I was doing some singing gigs Miss Spencer Marie sounded cute. 

Well inspiration really can come from anywhere. I was having trouble coming up with a name to use as a burlesque performer you see. I'd tried one or two names already but they weren't really working out for me, they didn't sound quite right. One night I went to go see a friend perform at a Christmas burlesque show, and in between performances my friend came over to say hello, and I took a minute to show her an idea for a routine I was working on, a Tahitian Dancing routine.

She loved it right away, and told me then and there that I should call myself Tahitia Belle Fille. The second she said it I fell in love with it, and haven't looked back since :)

I'm trying to come up with a PUG name too - mostly for fun.   I was throwing around names with my friend at work - she said she liked the last name Gimlet (I like a gimlet!).  My cousin emailed me the other day and said "What do you say, Faye?" so then I thought "Hmmm, Faye."  Gah.  I can't decide.  Faye la Fever?  Not sure what I would pair with gimlet.  Any ideas ladies?

Hey!! I really want a PUG name but never know what it could be! Any ideas people?




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