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I am new to this community and my first big question is how do you get the everyday porcelain skin look? I have tried many cosmetic brands in the past and have not had great success. Any tips?

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I always use a face moisturiser with SPF in to protect my skin. I then use a primer for my make up base. Finding the right colour foundation is hard as I have such light skin, I use the lighest colour clarins matt foundation. Sometimes some of the boiing benefit concealer. My weapon is Laura Mercier Translucent power pressed into the skin. This mattifies my skin and keeps the lighter look. I dont like to get a tan...and lucky for me I live in England so not much chance either!! But I always put on sun screen if it is warm out and usually keep covered up. My skin doesnt tan very easily even if I am out in the sun.

Hi there -

I actually have the opposite problem from Leanna - I walk EVERYWHERE (I have no car, and the bus system in my part of the valley here in LA is not feasible for my needs), so I actually get a ton of sun. An spf helps, but I also have Cherokee in my bloodline, so I think that's part of the reason why I tan so much. I try not to lighten my skin to a porcelain doll finish because then I would have a serious discrepancy in my face color vs. my chest color. So I go for the matte effect that you have in a porcelain finish. Lately, I've got this going for my routine:

Wash with simple products (love that they are not chemically based - great for my sensitive skin, but I still have a ton of adult acne, which (@ 35) really pisses me off!)

I use eb5 as my moisturizer, then use Garnier's bb cream for Light/Medium. For finish, I use Wet n Wild (yep, the "cheap" brand!) naturals face pressed powder. If I am going for a light coverage - just evening out the look - then I use a brush to sweep it on. If I'm going for full coverage, I use the pad that it comes with and wipe it on (for lack of prettier terms) and make sure it's blended well.

Hope that helps!!

PS: don't find a set of "rules" and force them to work for what your natural look is - adapt them to you; if it works for you, and you like it, great, but if not, maybe take a part of that rule and work it into your routine. PUG beauty is completely subjective and individual.... Don't force yourself into a little box and certain look - work with what you've got and make it PUG for you!! =)

Without sounding like a total brat....
I get complements about my white skin all the time.
For me Its all about NOT using much on my skin.
I can't use much or else ill break out.
Just warm soap and a baby face towel.
I use body shop chamomile makeup remover. 
As for makeup I use cover girl trublend #1 405 Ivory
loreal true match. warm porcelain (has a spf)
and to add some extra camouflage
Loreal visible lift cream concealer stick.
again spf 20 

It all depends what works best for your skin to achieve that look! Products are going to be different on everyone.

I achieve it by first washing my face with a Dove Beauty Bar. They're super cheap at drug stores. Then tone with toner. I also use whatever cheap toner I can find.

If I'm washing my face right before bed I used Benefit's Total Moisture moisturizer. If I'm about to do my make up I use their Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Moisturizer. 
For primers I use Benefit's Dr. Feelgood which is a mattefying balm or their POREfessional which also mattefies skin but leaves it feeling much more velvety.

I use their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation in Honey and then finish with some pressed powder, currently using powder from The Body Shop. Then as needed I apply a tiny bit of POREfessional to shiny areas throughout the day for a touch us that remattifies my skin!

Thank you so much for the information. I am alreay loving this PUG community....definately gonna be on here over facebook now! I am going to try out some over your tips/ find whats right for me. Gonna post a picture eventually:)


The lightest foundation I have ever found is Illuminare (mineral liquid that comes in three finishes including matte) in the amalfi alabaster.  http://www.illuminarecosmetics.com/product_p/d-473.htm

My skin is too pale for almost all big makeup brands even in their palest shade.  Amalfi alabaster is so pale that it is even too pale for me.  It's almost white.  Even if it is too pale for your skin, it is perfect for mixing with darker shades to lighten them a bit. :)

Hope that helps.

Maybe this is going to sound really stupid... but don't you just have to have really pale skin naturally? Maybe I'm ignorant of the make-up tricks out there to achieve a "porcelain look." I feel like if you put white powder and too-light foundation all over your face that you're just going to end up looking like a 90s Goth kid. I dunno, maybe I'm just not getting it. I'm just kind of perplexed because I'm super pale naturally and have no ability to tan at all, and I didn't realize people were trying to look this way.

I was not asking so much of the color but the shear,smooth, and healthy porcelain glow. Basically skin routines. I am very fair also but have many freckles and oily skin that eats up the light powders.

Thats me all over Olivia...I have oily skin too which is a nightmare! Luckily for me I am naturally pale and don't tan very easily. Just a good face wash...estee lauder oil to combination foaming skin cleanser I find amazing but expensive...if I can't afford I go for a garnier one. A loose powder is key. I use my translucent powder once a day in the morning when I do my make up. I dont carry around the big tub of it with me just the powder puff...it still seems to have a tiny bit on it which is great to dab on t-zone areas during the day if you find you need to. Pressed powders I will use all the time and just dont seem to cut it, moving too loose has made a big difference. You can get great mineral ones, I use Laura Merciers, its expensive but the one I've got I bought in April and it's still going strong.

I tend to stay out of the sun (not keen on getting wrinkles/sun spots/skin cancer) and am quite pale. I've been using Revlon's Ivory Colorstay for about 7 years, and am quite happy with the product in terms of its price tag. People are always telling me to get some sun, but the porcelain look is one I love and would not change for anything in the world. :-)




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