So I happen to be one of those crazies who loooves her animals. I figured I can't possibly be alone (and here come the crickets). 

I have a full 20 gallon fish tank with a betta, 2 platys, 3 corydoras, and a loach happily coexisting. It's a full planted tank and its lovely to watch. I am crazy about fish. If I could, my whole house would be one big aquarium, but my electricity bill and lifestyle doesn't quite allow the time to do that (booooo. :c) 

In addition to that, I also have a frilled dragon. He's a handsome little devil, but a total sass-pot (kinda like is owner...) 

So, ladies of PUG, what little loves do you own? 

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Here are my snuggle buddies, Luna (Burmese) and Sophie (Ragdoll).  They are best friends.

Sophie has nose freckles!!

And my heart, Moonie.  He will be 18 in February, and I've had him since he was only a few weeks old.  

Oh, I wish mine would all cuddle each other!

I have 5 cats- 2 are 5 month old kittens and the other 3 are full grown. All adopted from various animal shelters (except 1 that was inherited through my grandmother's boss who got her when her uncle died).

This is Bandit and he loves my wardrobe as much as I do. I have a full room of various things and every time I open the door, he runs from his current spot in the house to go in. :)

This dark cutie is Isis. :)

I also have 2 dogs: a cocker spaniel and my grandmother's jack russell.

My husband and I currently have a brother and sister pair of American Bulldogs, Bubba (almost all white) and Maddy, which was supposed to be short for Matilda, but the boys keep calling her Madilyn (white with brown spots)

This is them when they were about 8 weeks old and had just been brought home for the first time

This is them about 18 months later LOL .. they got big! Maddy is very high strung and high maintenance .. and she'll give you a whole rash of shit until she gets her way, she pouts when you tell her to "Zip It!" and will stick out her bottom lip until she gets some loves and everything is right in her world again. Bubba is very laid back, he likes to chill out in the shade outside or sneak up onto the couch and chew the yellow fuzz off any unsuspecting tennis balls he comes across.  They're best friends and worst enemies like any brothers and sisters are.

This is my husband holding Damian, he's a red-tailed boa constrictor who's been with my husband longer than I have, I am not a huge fan of snakes, but I figure he was there first LOL, he's extremely 'friendly' as far as snakes go, meaning he's been handled lots and is content to 'cuddle' .. he particularly loves it when my husband wears his cowboy hat and he'll coil up there around the brim and just 'chill out'

This is Whiskey, he's a red and orange corn snake that my husband inherited from a family member that was going into the service and was unable to find a home for his pet.  Whiskey is young yet and not yet accustomed to being handled as much as our other snake, but my husband is showing him that people can be trusted and they're great big warm things to curl up on and warm your body with. 

Well that's our current pet population, though our 8 year old daughter is pushing for a pair of red-bellied toads to name Singer and Freddy for her 9th birthday and our 7 year old son is asking if he can get an iguana.  I'm hoping to limit some of their requests and compromise with a fish tank as I don't relish the idea of trying to find caretakers for this crew whenever we head up North to visit my family! It's great to see the variety of pets that everyone has (I apologize my pictures are so large and space consuming)

I don't know what it is about 7 cats, but that's 3 of us that have a baker's half dozen LOL. It seems like you get to 4 or 5 and it's kind of like "one or two more won't make a difference", so you take a few more.

The first time my hubby came here (he lives overseas) he wasn't used to so many cats in the house. They came running like a pack of dogs and surrounded him, checking him out. They were worse than the dogs LOL. They loved him though, so he got to stay ;)

I wonder why there's always animal hair on my food ...

Liam LOVES boxes, so...we always have at least 2 boxes in the house for him to take over.

Liam and Alfie also LOVE  bottle 3AM it's murder! ugh! just when you think you've thrown out all bottle caps...nope. 

we've got a king size bed (with so many have too) and I absolutely love lazing about on the bedwith my cat clan :)

oh! that would be absolute hell. I was mildly allergic, but found having so many and getting used to their dander I became accustomed and no longer have issues, though my eyes will itch whenever Watson, Finlay or Alfie come up and give me cat-tail mustachio and it'll poke my eyes.

Aw, yes, mustachio. Such a fun time. I am quite familiar, lol.

Mine are crazy about that little strip of plastic you get from opening the lid on the milk jugs, That and plastic bags. I'm sleeping on a twin bed in my office/bedroom, and sometimes all 7 lay on the bed with me. It's awesome as long as I don't try to move LOL.

How adorable!  :)

I'm also allergic to cats. usually, I'm ok most of the time, but if I get scratched I almost always have a very bad reaction, and if the hair or dander gets in my eyes they swell up quite badly. I always have anti-histamines on hand just in case. I have to agree with Sandy, I'm pretty sure having so many cats around has helped me build up a tolerance.

currently we have a dog, a parrot, and a pair of rats.  My sweet Dallas boy is a Border Collie, he is hilarious and the most athletic dog i've ever seen.  He is the biggest lap dog too :)   We have a blue fronted amazon parrot, my daughters named her Ariel after the Little Mermaid.  I think its a good name, it fits her well.  She is about to try to bite the camera in this picture

For my birthday this year, my hubby got my rats for me.  I had been wanting some for a long time, since probably late elementary school! Sweetest present ever.  The white and brown one is Remy, named after the movie Ratatouille, and the all brown one is Princess Leia, because I'm a nerd :)

So these are my current animal babies, I enjoy having a menagerie at my house.

So cute.... and Duke is as big a lapdog as your Dallas, but for him, that means the upper body and his front paws go across my lap while he's standing, lol. It's hilarious... and it so pisses Coco off, which is exactly why he does it.




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