New here and still working out how it all works. So sorry if I've asked this question in the wrong spot. Have always adored the pin up style and have only just started getting in to it. Would really like to come up with a pin up name and have got nothing! Keep hearing a lot of really fabulous names and still coming up blank. Don't have a good pinup photo of me yet but I have red hair and even if the colour changes red is my favorite colour so would like to somehow include - Red, Cherry or Ruby. My real name is short for Sheridan and I always tell people to think of the drink - sherry. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any tips on how best to use this site would also be great. Thanks

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I'm New at this too. I think the name Ruby is lovely!
Are we supposed to choose a pin up name?
I am wanting to know where to get started in general. I haven't found any groups/enthusiasts in my area. I need to have a good sit down and delve into the site. Once my daughter gets off the laptop. I love my phone, but it is still easier to read on there.
Good luck finding your pinup name.
Thanks Willow. I don't think you have to have a pinup name. I just hear so many fabulous ones around that I decided I'd like one too. I think if you are going to enter pin up competitions is when having a name really comes in handy. I'm not quite there yet. I need to do the same thing and delve into this site to learn more. Again though, on the phone - not the best! Thanks for responding.
I had read that a lot of girls chose at least part of their name based on something that had meaning to them. My mother (who passed away about four years ago) loved iris', so I wanted to incorporate that somehow into my name. And my part of my first name is Mae, after my grandmother and great grandmother. Thus, Miss Iris Mae was born!!

I just suggest making a little list of things you love, which it seems you've already done with Ruby, Cherry, and Red. Then try mixing and matching until you find something you adore!!

Now I have a question regarding name etiquette.  I have just started Roller Derby and have been trying to come up with a name that will work there as well as transfer over into the PinUp world.  I finally came up with one that is my absolute favourite which is not already used by another derby player.  I thought I was all set but decided to do a quick search of the name on the internet to see what comes up.  There is a very prominent burlesque dancer and pinup model in San Diego and Chicago that goes by exactly the same name, same spelling and everything. I'm in Far North Queensland, Australia.  The name would primarily be for roller derby and sites like these.  Am I also to also use that name if I'm in a different country?  Many thanks.

When you mentioned telling people to think of the sherry liquor in regards to your name, I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite drinks. And I honestly think it's a cute stage/performance name. Sherri Splash

But that could just be me though lol. My friends essentially picked mine for me. Korynn LeAnne is my full first and middle name, and a girl I've known for years just shortened the two and slapped on a "Miss".

Do we have to earn our pin up name or is this something that we decide on our own? In the derby world we have to earn it but it seems like we make ours up in the pin up world. I guess I should start to think of mine! Oh the possibilities..... :)

My name is Cindy Rae. I got my middle name from a character that Susan Hayward played in the 1944 movie BACKSTREET, and she signed her name RAE. Seemed only fitting that now after 45 years of hating my middle name, that I embrace it with this culture i have grown to love. And of course I took on VinTageous for my love of vintage things.  My husband calls me kitten so I was going to go with Kitty Rae which i thought was absolutely adorable, until I googled it (something everyone should do when choosing a name) and I discovered its a porn star! oops. lol  So Rae it is!!  I have dresses for sale on depop under @rae4




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