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Two of my favorite topics here on PUG Lifestyle have been the ones in which people talk about the type of work they do and the one in which people relate funny on interesting compliments they've gotten while wearing PUG. What I especially love about these two topics is that are ongoing. There are always new people joining to tell us about their careers or PUG veterans telling us about new career choices. And when we wear pinup/retro clothing it is almost inevitable that we get comments from complete strangers. It is always fun to hear about them.

The board here has been a little quiet of late. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the end of summer doldrums. But this is my attempt to get things going again. We all know that we love the pin up look, how it celebrates femininity and makes us look so darned sexy. But all of us share an affinity for activities that celebrate the pin up lifestyle. Be it music, cars, old movies, dancing, crafting, cooking, etc, we all enjoy doing things that celebrate the golden age of female beauty. Why don't we share with each other things that we have done? Wouldn't it be fun to read about things that your sisters have been up to recently? Of course we all have "real life" activities which may not be all that related to our retro world. But it would be so interesting to know about what we are all up to, what kind of fun we have had recently. It could be something as exciting as a photo shoot or as regular as watching an old classic movie on Netflix. But why not share this info?

Of course, I would love to start the ball rolling. Last weekend it was the Labor Day three day weekend here in the USA. There are usually lots of festivals and special events on long weekends. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one day of the Cinecon Film Festival in Hollywood. I saw a couple of interesting silent films, a weird roller skating/cowboyish/Old South movie and most importantly a Forties screwball film called Suddenly It's Spring starring Fred MacMurray and Paulette Goddard. It was so funny! And the clothing that the characters wore, especially the women, were amazing looking. Cinecon was held at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Even though I have lived in So Cal virtually all my life, it is a very weird experience to walk down Hollywood Boulevard. It is a teeming mass of humanity and a very strange mix. But it is indeed interesting!

One more thing to tell you about last night my spouse and I were joined by another couple at the Cicada Club in Downtown Los Angeles for a performance by Jennifer Keith. I must admit that I had never come across this amazing singer before. But she is a total embodiment of all of the female torch singers of the past. And she is just so glamorous looking. Her band is exceptional. And they are great to dance to. The Cicada Club is in a building built in the 1930s. It is just so beautiful to look at. The food that is served is not retro at all. It is a bit expensive but is extremely delicious. The drinks can be very retro if one likes. Most everybody who goes to the club dresses up in vintage of vintage repro clothing. The women are so beautiful. And it is so nice to see men that are really dressed up and looking so handsome. If you live in LA or if you will be visiting I highly recommend a visit. It is rather expensive, especially if yo go for dinner. But it is worth every penny that you pay. Here is a link to the Cicada Club:

And here is a link to Jennifer Keith:

OK everybody, now it is your turn. Tell us what you have been up to. And drop by regularly and keep us updated about what you have been doing.

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It has been little more than a week since I first posted this topic and I am so happy that it has gotten such wonderful responses. One of the things that this post has helped bring to the front is that most of us cannot live pinup on a 24/7 basis. We have responsibilities that prevent that from happening. But I think that we all try to bring a bit of  pin up to everything that we do.

I was in San Diego the past few days to celebrate my honey's birthday. We had a really nice time there. And I did get to visit a few vintage stores. I also bought a couple things for future PUG Pal gift packages. (BTW, if you don't know what I am talking about, check out the PUG Pal group. It is a great group and a good way to connect with sister PUGsters).

Anyway, I posted on the Ladies of Los Angeles group about a free festival that took place this weekend. It was called Ticket To The Twenties and featured vintage bands,dancing performances, silent films, and fashion shows. I thought that due to being down in San Diego, we'd not be able to make it to the festival. Well we got home early this afternoon and we were able to make most of the festival today. There were two bands that played today: Jane Klein and Her Parlor Boys and Dean Mora and His Modern Rhythmists. Both of these bands will be playing at the Cicada Club in the next two weeks. I have been going to hear Janet Klein for quite a number of years. She specializes in music of the late Twenties and early Thirties. Her band is full of fabulous and fun musicians. I did manage to get a few photos of Ms Klein. Here is the best:

And you must check out her website:




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