Pin Up LIfestyle Activities... clue us into what you've been up to

Two of my favorite topics here on PUG Lifestyle have been the ones in which people talk about the type of work they do and the one in which people relate funny on interesting compliments they've gotten while wearing PUG. What I especially love about these two topics is that are ongoing. There are always new people joining to tell us about their careers or PUG veterans telling us about new career choices. And when we wear pinup/retro clothing it is almost inevitable that we get comments from complete strangers. It is always fun to hear about them.

The board here has been a little quiet of late. I am not sure why. Maybe it is the end of summer doldrums. But this is my attempt to get things going again. We all know that we love the pin up look, how it celebrates femininity and makes us look so darned sexy. But all of us share an affinity for activities that celebrate the pin up lifestyle. Be it music, cars, old movies, dancing, crafting, cooking, etc, we all enjoy doing things that celebrate the golden age of female beauty. Why don't we share with each other things that we have done? Wouldn't it be fun to read about things that your sisters have been up to recently? Of course we all have "real life" activities which may not be all that related to our retro world. But it would be so interesting to know about what we are all up to, what kind of fun we have had recently. It could be something as exciting as a photo shoot or as regular as watching an old classic movie on Netflix. But why not share this info?

Of course, I would love to start the ball rolling. Last weekend it was the Labor Day three day weekend here in the USA. There are usually lots of festivals and special events on long weekends. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one day of the Cinecon Film Festival in Hollywood. I saw a couple of interesting silent films, a weird roller skating/cowboyish/Old South movie and most importantly a Forties screwball film called Suddenly It's Spring starring Fred MacMurray and Paulette Goddard. It was so funny! And the clothing that the characters wore, especially the women, were amazing looking. Cinecon was held at the Egyptian Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Even though I have lived in So Cal virtually all my life, it is a very weird experience to walk down Hollywood Boulevard. It is a teeming mass of humanity and a very strange mix. But it is indeed interesting!

One more thing to tell you about last night my spouse and I were joined by another couple at the Cicada Club in Downtown Los Angeles for a performance by Jennifer Keith. I must admit that I had never come across this amazing singer before. But she is a total embodiment of all of the female torch singers of the past. And she is just so glamorous looking. Her band is exceptional. And they are great to dance to. The Cicada Club is in a building built in the 1930s. It is just so beautiful to look at. The food that is served is not retro at all. It is a bit expensive but is extremely delicious. The drinks can be very retro if one likes. Most everybody who goes to the club dresses up in vintage of vintage repro clothing. The women are so beautiful. And it is so nice to see men that are really dressed up and looking so handsome. If you live in LA or if you will be visiting I highly recommend a visit. It is rather expensive, especially if yo go for dinner. But it is worth every penny that you pay. Here is a link to the Cicada Club:

And here is a link to Jennifer Keith:

OK everybody, now it is your turn. Tell us what you have been up to. And drop by regularly and keep us updated about what you have been doing.

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Hi Shyanne. Heartbreaker seems to have just released a black cardigan. Have you seen that?

No I haven't, but I'll certainly go looking :) 

I actually just got a cute plain black cardigan from Target!

no targets here I'm afraid

 and the Heartbreaker one looks like it's got 3/4 sleeves which isn't going to cut it for winter here 

Jessica, I LLOOVVEE this post! To me a few of the attributes of a modern pin up woman are strength, power and intelligence. I know that we also care about looking our best. But your post proves how important it is to be smart and pretty! This post has made my day. Now I just have one more thing to say. YOU GO GIRL!

Great thread Aoife - and I'm insanely jealous of your trip to the Cicada Club! It is on my must do list when I ever get to California. So glamorous! I love hearing what everyone else has been doing too.

Our summer has been very quiet. My hubby has been working weekends (which is good for the Viva Las Vegas fund but bad for our social life haha). We've gotten out to do a few things though.

Here is a blog post (that you commented on - thank you!) about a recent weekend out involving antiques (I found the prettiest sequin skirt and awesome basket purse) and a night at the theater to see Vincent Kartheiser (who plays Pete Campbell on Mad Men) - he's from Minneapolis and came "home" to act in a play for 6 weeks.

I'm also trying to start up my own "Vintage Mafia" - I blogged about that here: We (3-4 of us) are scheduled to have tea as our inaugural get together in October. I'm on the look out for a hat!

And I'm not on the countdown to Halloween! Fall is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the smells, the flavors, the sights and of course the holiday! We're hosting a dinner party for about 15 - the theme is "The Movies" and I'm going as Miss Scarlett O'Hara. :-D

Oh, I wish I didn't  live so far from Minneapolis! I would join your vintage mafia, what a good idea! I also love your idea for your Halloween dinner party, how fun!

OH wow - I love the idea of a vintage mafia.  I just found out earlier today that there is a gothic Women's Institute (WI) in London.  Everything awesome always happens miles away from me :( boo lol

I just went through the photos I have from the Jennifer Keith performance at the Cicada Club. So I thought I might share one pretty good pic of her that I took that night.

Isn't her dress fabulous looking? Well, she is just as fabulous as her dress is.

And for those of you contemplating going to the Cicada Club. It is an absolute must see if you get to LA. Or if you live in LA and you've never been, you must go. When they have performers, the cover charge is usually about fifteen or twenty dollars. If you don't go for dinner, you won't have guaranteed seating. But there are two levels and usually there is plenty of room. It is not a rock and roll or rockabilly vibe. It is a supper club vibe. Think Forties or Fifties nightclubs in movies. Oh, most of their shows are on Sunday nights. But they also occasionally have shows on Fridays and Saturdays. Just check out their website.

Wonderful post Aoife. Here in NZ we are coming out of an unseasonably warm winter but it has been winter nonetheless. I did have last week off work as my son came home from university so I used it to also catch up on my life. i baked Xmas cakes, went to the gym, tried hot yoga and when our paths crossed - chatted to my son. I am starting to think about summer clothes though - yay- and yesterday got a Heartbreaker dress and skirt that look great and can't wait for weather to wear them. I also got a bit overexcited and have ordered the Bettie Page KiKi and Serene in blue polka dots in their sale. So nothing much from me other than enjoying the days becoming longer even if they aren't also warmer yet.

I just listened to Jennifer Keith and she is wonderful! She has such an "old fashioned" voice, like a Rosemary Clooney!

I just checked out her calendar and she is going to be performing in Las Vegas the weekend I will be there, so I will for sure go to her show!!!

Wow... everyone sounds like they've been living interesting and extraordinary lives lately, which is absolutely wonderful (not to mention inspiring!)... Thank you - AS ALWAYS! - Aoife: you always know how to get the conversation started and get us worked up and talking again, when we're all busy as can be, but really needing to touch each other's lives, even just a little!

Ok, so I started blogging again: It is about me fumbling through life, and nothing is off-limits (as of yet!) - including online dating (not doing that again, going to "organically date" as hipster-ish as that sounds), and the current post I am writing comes out of Sammi's blog, which touches on the issues A LOT of us girls here face with our families and friends... and it has taken me two weeks thus far, and I am still not sure where/how I want to continue it, so I may post it as it is...

I also started a new job - THANKFULLY. Sears was slowly sucking the soul out of my life, and what was supposed to be an easy breezy job that would allow me to go back to school was so not. The politics were insane (and yes, I do know everywhere has politics, but this makes Wash D.C. look like a preschool) and the management was in dire need of help (they still are; sadly, my prediction for the Sears Holdings Corporation is that it will be dissolved within the next 10 years; more likely less than that. It is sad - many of us here in the US grew up in Sears stores and clothes, and our fathers/g-fathers used their tools, and our moms their layaway for Christmas... And not to mention, it's been in existence for over 100 years. It will be a sad day...). I now work for (of all places, lol) 7-Eleven. Yep, the corner store. Literally - my house is a three minute slow walk commute every day. I have been going to the same 7/11 for over 30years (yep, my family has lived in the same places for over 50 now), minus the time I lived in Fresno. It has the same owners I grew up with and the family/owners are awesomely good people and generous as well. I have a minimum of 30hrs a week, plus they are paying me more than I would ever have gotten paid at Sears; add all that to the commute, and it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Literally. And I really actually enjoy my job - some regulars of course, but always different people coming in...

I have been collecting and collecting and collecting for PUGPals, and now that I can, I am going to be putting packages together to be sending out... just the thought of how much fun this is makes me giggle!!

And I also heard a "new" band called Phat Cat Swinger. Saw them at a concert in the park and it was a fantastic show; I would have loved to go see them at Dapper Day at the Disney Walk, but no dice. But I "friended" them on FB, as well as the lead singer (*wink wink*) so I will be able to see them again soon, hopefully. Definitely going to check out Jennifer Keith now as well.

Other than that, it had been a pretty mild summer here in SoCal, but lately it has been worse than Hell on Earth... Which makes for not wanting to go out and do anything but those things that I have to do... I cannot wait for fall to truly begin!! Oh, and I am planning a trip up to Oregon before the holidays to go and visit my son, especially since now I can afford to!

Thanks for sharing everyone!!!




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